Understanding’s Core Component: Honest Reporting

Gaia’s environs have become increasingly easy, even salubrious, for humans to maneuver at exactly the moment that mass collective suicide threatens to erupt along multiple fronts, thermonuclear, ecological, political economic. The defining characteristic of such contradiction–opportunity and danger combined–will ever remain complexity.

How can one navigate such treacherous straits? One could easily write forever in response to this query, but even a few paragraphs is way too much for way too many readers.

Therefore, perhaps an interlocutor such as I might just note that the only way that regular people can play roles in their own attempts to thrive and survive is by organizing themselves to seek clear awareness of the ‘facts at hand,’ as if we were a huge jury that would render a verdict on what’s happening, who’s to blame, etc. In this context of constituting ourselves as a giant ‘trier of fact,’ where we’re all jurors on a citizen’s panel so to speak, one primary job that we have is to find honest reporting of what actually constitutes the realm of the real.

Here is a link to one of the top exemplars of this potential alive today, one James Corbett: https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-what-no-one-saying-about-lockdowns/5733741. While he and I have tons about which we disagree, we both absolutely affirm the absolute necessity of clear and, as comprehensively as possible, truthful reportage.

The embedded clip is a dandy case of such journalism. I encourage anyone who reads this to watch it.

Not paying very close attention, not trying deeply to delve what underpins the present pass, not ‘putting our heads together,’ not to mention our hearts and hands, to act on what we’ve discerned represents at best delusional insanity. So here I am, a Marshall Artist, guaranteeing a ‘kick in the aesthetic,’ bearing witness to the sort of human possibility on which survival hinges. Anyone also interested in the continuation of our kind might consider being in touch and loads more in addition.