Understanding’s Core Component: Honest Reporting, #2

In the course of a given day, I peruse plus or minus five hundred conduits to information and opinion, data and analysis. I do this, both because my existential duty as a human being requires me to do so, and because any glimmer of hope about being an effective citizen necessitates it.

One of our message-art inscriptions speaks to this point, in so doing establishing that item as one of my most favored pieces, admittedly along with several others. We’ve so far only sold one other version, so this is hardly a Marshall Arts ‘hot item,’ yet it will stay equal to anything else on top of the heap, for me, so long as I draw breath.

Here is what it says. “Like Infants to Maternal Milk, I Am Drawn to Those Who Seek the Truth, But in Noontime’s Glaring Glow & Midnight’s Silvered Sable, I Flee in Abject Horror From All Who Claim to Have Uncovered Its Everlasting Essence: Nothing So Eviscerates Or Extinguishes Any Search For Accurate Awareness As Does the Inherently Erroneous Notion That One Has Attained Complete Comprehension of Either the Universe As a Whole Or Any Intricate Piece of the Cosmos’ Inextricably Interconnected, Essentially Infinite, Puzzle.”

Now, without doubt, Jimbo has powerful ideological commitments—especially to Golden Ruled interaction, belief in Gaia-based ecology, and something akin to dialectical historical materialist thinking. These things are important to me because they seem most helpful in navigating the shoals and negotiating the thickets of life here on our fair Earth.

However, the absolute necessity of honest reporting doesn’t in turn mandate that the reporter in question agree with these world views. As I pointed out ten days ago, James Corbett and I would disagree on many things: I’d bet everything that I have that he’d accept ‘Do Unto Others’ as important guidance, but I’d also wager a smaller sum that he has no Wiccan or Marxist sensibilities.

Today, I’m introducing, or at least highlighting, for those already familiar with his work, Jeremy Hammond. I also would put all my money on his following the Golden Rule. I’d hazard more than I would about Mr. Corbett that Jeremy probably would never describe himself in terms of Goddess energy or Karl Marx.

I develop this line of thinking because almost all literate readers look askance on confirmation bias; I want to be very clear that such an error constitutes believing things because they fit one’s views, because they match one’s own conclusions, because they support the web of one’s overall point of view, but decidedly not because they fit one’s facts. Those are always non proprietary; they may be wrong or questionable, but their existence is not a matter of bias—either they are, or they are not.

Anyhow, no matter the gulf that separates Mr. Hammond from Mr. Hickey, Jeremy is a certifiable genius at unraveling complex reporting problems, at ‘getting to the bottom of things,’ at discovering the discoverable facts. In this interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is another interlocutor who will soon enough merit his own profile here, Hammond masterfully deconstructs much of the SOP presentation of ‘the Corona Crisis.’

Unless one is unconcerned about one’s livelihood, society, or life itself, one will pay very close attention to this interview. It is worth vastly more than an hour of one’s careful consideration. To make some sort of Auschwitz social future other than inevitable, attending and then deploying the knowledge and methodology of someone like Jeremy Hammond simply must transpire. Otherwise, elite schemers and their coteries of ‘expert minions,’ bought and paid for, will almost certainly set a course toward one version or other of Adolf’s ‘thousand year Reich.’

That is an ‘I told you so’ moment that I no more look forward to than I do to the mass collective suicide that is the only other credible, billionaire boosted future that can come to pass here in the Goddess’ green groves.