Radiation and The End

A collection of articles that discuss how close to a total human apocalypse we are all coming to, thanks to leaders’ blindness in regards to the pressing health and environmental issues that nukes bring about, and of course it is all results from capital’s relentless need for maximised profits from every item on earth:

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How much radiation is OK in an emergency?

A Santa Fe New Mexican look at the ongoing issue of radiation exposure, a circumstance that can only get worse:

New guidelines proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency would significantly increase the amount of radiation that people can ingest in the days and years following a radiological accident — levels far higher than existing limits set by the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974.

Watchdog groups, academics and even some EPA officials worry the change could severely compromise public health.

The new emergency guidelines are at least 25 times higher than the current guidelines, which cap public consumption of radiation at 4 millirems per year. Opponents of the proposal say it will allow radiation exposure equivalent to 250 chest X-rays each year without medical need or consent. Others, however, say the limits are conservative and far more restrictive than international standards.

The EPA says the limits won’t nullify those set under the Safe Drinking Water Act, but are only intended to help guide local communities and state and federal officials in the event of a disaster, citing the 2011 reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan following a massive tsunami caused by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake. Elevated radiation levels from the Fukushima disaster reached as far as Massachusetts.”


The Deadline Is Now

A Counter Currents article that deals with the very real and intractable problems that threaten humanity’s very existence, including the threat of nuclear meltdown:

“Zero Days, directed by Alex Gibney has attempted to reveal the harsh and exigent realities of the cyber warfare while focusing on the first Cyber Weapon allegedly developed and launched by the Secret Intelligence communities of the United States of America and Israel as part of their covert operations targeting the largest Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz, Isfahan Province, Iran.

The documentary has detailed the ‘Stuxnet, a piece of self-replicating computer malware (known as a “worm” for its ability to burrow from computer to computer on its own)’, and how the entire mission was sabotaged by intolerant behavior on the part of Israel’s intelligence MOSSAD resulting in the software ultimately ending up in the hands of Russians. Then the tit for tat attacks by the Iranian computer hackers started attacking the largest oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and several banks in the USA. Later this scenario led President Obama and his counterpart for USA to sign a deal with Iran.

It shows the threat is increasing, although some of the state parties are “diplomatically” talking, gathering, assessing and assuring the safety of the world. But, one small USB flash drive is more than enough to destroy all networked infrastructure facilities. Small code file can manipulate the nuclear facilities anywhere in the world. One sophisticated hacker could take control of all the nuclear facilities in one moment and it could cause millions of death.”

Breaking Into A Nuke Factory

A Lit Hub excerpt that relates the harrowing and exciting experience of breaking into a nuclear arms factory:

“They had paused in an avenue of small white rocks between the first and second fences. Michael had hung a cloth banner on the backside of the first fence. On it they’d painted a fat black bomb that looked like the one dropped on Nagasaki. It was falling into red flames. “NEVER AGAIN” was painted below it in small capital letters. Now Greg was facing the second fence, bolt cutters in hand, his heart sinking.

This is not going to work, he thought. We are not going to get through this.

As his hopes deflated, an inner voice piped up: “Well, you won’t know unless you try.”

Through the years, other activists had faced similar obstacles at weapons sites and had somehow made it through. Greg had been arrested more than 40 times for civil disobedience, and had seen some remarkable things in his previous five break-ins at weapon sites. So he started cutting with his $25 red-handled bolt cutters from True Value, making sure to avoid the sensor wiring that he could see. The cutters bit down on the metal, one link at a time.

Crack. Release.

Crack. Release.

Crack. Release.”


The Nuclear End

A YouTube denizen’s offering that recontextualizes The Door’s The End to fit an every-day-more-likely fiery nuclear end to humanity