Powerful Frontline Testimonials

Hi again!

I’m just finishing burning the text into the twenty-sixth piece of the first Marshall Arts COVID tranche. One of the messages points out, more or less, how good policy, practice, and conceptualization is possible if one starts with false constructs. Here’s a clue: all highly mediated, prepackaged corporate presentations, without discernible exceptions, propound, or at least contain such false constructs, meaning that caveat emptor ought to remain at the front and center of one’s awareness, when one is contemplating such messages, or propaganda might be a more apt term.

Do folks keep that ‘critical distance’ and remain skeptical? Inquiring minds should want to know. In seeking to attain such a capacity to keep things in perspective, evidence, especially compelling expert eyewitness testimony, can be helpful. I’ve been sending such materials along to all and sundry who might have an interest.

Here are three more. The first is a WebMD interview with a soulful New York City critical care physician who returned to the emergency room instead, because he couldn’t continue to intubate patients who may have had COVID infections, seventy percent of whom were dying in the process. The second is a social media brief from a NYC nurse who notes, more generally, horrifying patterns of sloppy, shoddy, lethal care. The third is from a virologist, microbiologist who testifies to the fraudulence of contemporary research and policy in the biomedical arena.

I could go on, talking about facts and credibility and different world views. But I’ll save that for an instance when I know that folks are paying careful attention. Solidarity Forever.