Noteworthy COVIDified Exchange

One of my faithful correspondents just sent me this: <>. I’m creating a little tidbit out of this as part of my ‘Call Me Cassandra‘ process. Of course, I found Albom’s horseshit objectionable, even execrable, and said so in no uncertain terms, to wit this.

Oh my goodness!
So you find the time to imbibe Mitch’s nonsense, from the red herring at the start to the straw men, big lies, and non sequiturs with which he thereafter laces his narrative. It would be merely laughably pathetic but for the fact that so many poor souls, hapless suckers afraid of themselves and the natural world from which they’ve sprung, so willingly view such manure as sound reasoning.  It makes my skin crawl.  These same credulous sorts, as gullible as they are unwilling to grapple with actual discourse, debate, and a seeking of truth, often enough can’t seem to find the time to listen to the likes of Knut Willetsky, brave scientific warrior whose witness decimates Albom’s pablum.
Here’s another apt reply, arriving happenstantially adjacent to your forward: <>.  This is another profferral that any truth-seeker owes a perusal; ah, yes, truth seeking is so much more difficult than swallowing the cyanide laced propaganda that monopoly’s minions propagate to yield our very own fascist coup and its reliable, ‘Good German’ stalwart supporters..
Love and Solidarity Forever.

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