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What are the Daily Links?  The Daily Links are a five times a week aggregation that the WORLD ORGANIZATION OF WRITERS (WOW) provides to members as well as to writers and citizens generally.

Each day, followers or random readers receive multiple categories of ideas, information, and links to articles, jobs, and events.  These Daily Link slots include the following.

  • Breaking News, Right Now, consisting of a link or links to something of import and focus on the day in question.
  • A selection of events and noteworthy happenings from the past of the particular day of the links, in the form of a Day in History presentation.
  • A Thought for the Day—a complex idea for complicated times.
  • A Quote of the Day: something that someone from the Day in History log said.
  • A Search of the Day that presents, in relation to something pertinent and interesting, a string of operators and the number of hits that they yield from a Google search.
  • The Top of the Fold, a link or links about a more general topic of interest and import, along with quotations from the cited materials.
  • The Heart and Soul Awareness Video provides a portal to one, or occasionally a couple, of recent videos, or sometimes podcasts, that deal with important topics.
  • In addition to job leads, upcoming events, and union news, connections to articles in five categories are available each day: Organizational Links that present groups or movements or developments with which progressive thinkers might want to network; Writers Issues that deal with craft or business or other aspects of writing professionally and passionately; General Media Issues that concern mediation generally, monopoly and alternative outlets, history and philosophy and more; Recent Events that offer article leads that deal with what’s happening now in the news; General Past Issues and Events that give readers the opportunity to peruse material from historians or other chroniclers of past events that are causally related to what is ongoing and central to our lives today.

This is a lot every day, but followers and readers can pick and choose or do a quick scan and orient themselves to the world as it is evolving around us now, in exceedingly interesting times, when knowledge is at a premium.



While the connections and facts and ideas that one gets from the Daily Links ought to be interesting in and of themselves, they also solve definite problems for different sorts of readers.  For example, teachers, tutors, or any adults who want to provide a historical background for students, youngsters, or citizens will find each weekday a rich vein of materials—the writers, thinkers, scientists, organizers, and events of past empires, rebellions, campaigns, and more that happened or manifested on the day in question.

In addition, various tidbits to tittilate followers show up regularly.  On the one hand, ideas, quotations, and audio-video links appear that are brief and pointed.  On the other hand, links to some especially critical area of current events show up that provide a bit more depth, anything from contemporary Cuban or Syrian or similarly central geopolitical or imperial issues to analyses of the War on Drugs, women’s rights, computerization, the environment, or one of many other categories that define the here and now.

Third, those who might be looking for writing gigs, steady employment in the media, grant opportunities, contests, or chances to propose presentations to conferences and seminars will find multiple listings every day that represent real current chances to apply, to participate, to ‘throw a hat in the ring,’ as it were.  Also in this vein, readings, events, and planned appearances, at various locations, are part of the regular roster.

Finally, for writers and citizens and readers who consider themselves ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’ or ‘leftist’ or anything vaguely similar, fifteen or more categorized citations from widely varied, authoritative sources make the list every day.  They offer perspectives, news analysis, scientific and philosophical assessments, or arguments about the key occurences and situations that define contemporary reality.

Essentially these materials will serve anyone who wants to have discussions, to teach, or to provide guidance or leadership about citizenship or current events, about historical awareness, or about interesting opinions that deal with important arenas of contemporary life.  Of course, just staying informed is also a useful attribute of consistent Daily Linking, but the entire project solves myriad problems for teachers, non-profit administrators, community organizers, labor leaders or all those who need knowledge and insight in order to do their work in the world in a powerful way.

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In general, the possibilities all come down to common sense, a combination of what a particular reader wants or enjoys and when a specific follower encounters situations where study, discussion, or communication are part of that individual’s job description or daily routine.  Just a couple of examples of how someone might employ Daily Links regularly should be suggestive.

History and English and Social Studies teachers at the middle school level through at least community college classes have a goldmine in the Daily Links.  Every edition facilitates class discussion, prompts for rapid-response and essay writing, textual analysis, and more.

Community organizers or organizational leaders—whose areas of interest and focus involve media, civil rights, criminal justice, immigration, Latin America, the Middle East, and plenty of other topics—also will find multiple helpful links and data each installment of Daily Links.  The materials will assist in presentations, conversations, press releases, briefings, and other standard aspects of outreach and operations for such individuals.

Each linked element of the day’s offerings provides instant access to the original source.  At the same time, a digest of each title is also accessible, so that one can bookmark lower priority materials, or simply skim them, while being able immediately to gain entry to the publisher or platform when an item is especially crucial.

Anyone who follows this WordPress enterprise will have ample options, as well, to be in communication with Alicia and Jim, with suggestions, queries, outreach, or any other issue that comes up.  This little missive will close in the way that the great union leader Harry Bridges stated was most vital for anyone who wanted to build unions or grassroots organizations, with an enthusiastic “Solidarity Forever!”

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