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Today in the United States is National Siblings Day; in Novara, five hundred seventeen years ago, Swiss forces captured Ludovico Sforza, who was active in fifteenth and sixteenth century Italian wars, and handed him over to the French; four hundred thirty-four years before the here-and-now, a baby boy kicked into the world on his way to becoming the famed Dutch legal thinker and philosopher, MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

What shall we say at the end of the day to guide us along a halcyon way?
Some believe that such a reprieve is more than we shall ever receive;
Still, at the heart of where we may start if we search for such a typecast part
Remain amendments to sacred commandments that merely ask our attention:

To wit,
1. The Golden Rule Reigns Supreme.
2. All Children Receive Priority.
1. All Who Work Are Welcome.
4. All Who Work Are Equal.
5. All Who Work Have Responsibilities & Rights.
6. All Who Work Receive Benefits & Provide Support for Others.
7. All Who Work Own Everything That Labor Transforms.
8. All Who Work Are Family.
9. All Beliefs, Congruent with the Golden Rule, Are Welcome.
10. All Other Matters Are Negotiable.

We’d hardly need a gentler creed to assist us as we try not to bleed
Away all the joy that comes, bold or coy, if only we’ll make appropriate noise.

                   Doc of the Day                      
1. F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1925.
2. Robert Pollin, 2004.
3. Edward Journey, 2008.
4. Paul Theroux, 2014.
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Numero Uno“In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. MORE HERE

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"emiliano zapata" assassination "united states involvement" OR "united states interests" = 272,000 Citations.

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Boots on Ground in Syria – http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/176256/tomgram%3A_andrew_bacevich%2C_words_not_to_die_for/#more