9.30.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Black Cultural Festivities, Circa 1969
How Schools Can Nurture Our Radical Imaginations
Saudi Women’s Rising Up
A Rash of J.P. Morgan Deaths
A Medieval Jerusalem Account
Israeli Defense Force Redactions
Millionaires for Taxes
Surveillance Reform Requisites
A DNA & ‘Race’ Portal
Reporting a Chance for Colombian Peace
A Standing Rock Update
Why Charters Are Rotten for Citizens & Democracy
Fighting Neoliberalism From the Grassroots
A Monopoly Media Drive to Shorten Narrative
Westworld & Golem Stories
A Radical Conservative Look @ Pending Economic Crisis
Zola’s His Masterpiece
A 1949 Debate About Developing H-Bombs
The Implausible Official MH-17 Story
Uncle Sam’s Roles in Arming Jihadis
Leo Szilard’s Rejection of First Use
Peres’ Successful Bomb Acquisition Ploy
Fascistic Police State War-on-Drug ‘Operations’
Seoul & Its River
Genetics, Violence, Choice
Americans’ Divided Views on Gender
Trump Karma
Capital’s Pointless Jobs
Reviewing a Feminist Indian Film Manifesto Against Rape & Impunity
Ecology & Governance & Commons
Primate Proclivities for Violence
Paradoxes of Power
Deconstructing a Police Lawsuit Against Disciplining Officers for Shooting People
A Reparations Report
A $38 Billion Racket
America’s National Center = Bombing
Syria & Russia Up the Ante in Aleppo
Monopoly Media ‘Community Engagement’ in Los Angeles
Male & Female Divisions, an Analysis of ‘MGTOW’ Cases
Free Speech Heroics
An Audio & Video Narrative About Achieving Justice
Petty Bourgeois & Anti-Allende
Picking Up After the Rich
Speed As a Way of Life
Elon’s Audacity
Microsoft, Moscow, & Consequences, Intended or Otherwise
Trade’s Indicia of Trouble Dead Ahead
Enlightenment Automata As Omens
A Feminism of Bodies