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Cafe Coffee Day
The Starbucks of India

In a favorite observance of many scrappy writers, today is International Coffee Day, and for the World Heart Federation, the 28th is World Heart Day; in Persia twenty five hundred thirty-five years ago, in a sign of the longstanding depth of conflict in the region, a ‘Great’ Darius led troops that killed the then usurper of imperial leadership, Gaumata; two thousand seventy-seven years before today, Pompey the Great celebrated his third triumph for victories over the pirates and the end of the Mithridatic Wars on his 45th birthday; seven hundred eighty-nine years ahead of now, the Roman Pope excommunicated the Holy Roman Emperor for refusing to play a part in crusading; four hundred seventy-five years prior to the present pass, 1541 a boy child came into the world in standard fashion en route to the life of magisterial painter and artist, Caravaggio; the baby boy who would have such a life of adventures that he would conceive Don Quixote six years later, in 1547, first came into the world, with the name Miguel Cervantes; three decades and a year hence, in 1578, marauding Spaniards claimed Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras; Henry Robinson, a crusader for access to information and communications channels, one hundred two years subsequently, in 1650, opened his Office of Addresses and Encounters in London; two hundred twenty-seven years in advance of today, 1789 the United States’ honestly named Department of War first established a regular army that consisted of under a thousand troops, and Congress first adjourned; forty years further onward, in 1829, London first established a police force along modern lines for the entire city; for the first time in over two centuries, a hundred sixty-six years prior to the present pass, 1850 the Catholic Church reestablished its official presence in England; four years onward, in 1864, in Spain, the male child came along who would mature as the renowned philosopher, Miguel Unamuno; twenty-one years hence, in 1885, the world’s first economically viable electric trolley opened in Blackpool, England; a hundred eighteen years back, 1898 the Ukrainian baby who would grow up to become the tricky and false biologist, Trofim Lysenko, was born; three hundred sixty-five days closer to the here and now, in 1899, the Malolos Congress ratified the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain, and back in Eastern Europe, the baby boy destined to grow up to be the proud inventor of the ballpoint pen, László Bíró, drew Pixabay Image 816188his first breath; two years later, in 1901, the Italian baby who became the monumental scientific thinker Enrico Fermi first took an independent breath; a year beyond that conjunction, in 1902, the estimable French writer and thinker, Emile Zola, drew his final breath; a year still further down the line, in 1903, the baby girl destined to grow up to be Diana Vreeland was born; nine years henceforth, in 1911, Italy declared war on Ottoman Turkey; another year onward in Italy, in 1912, a male infant entered the world who would rise as the masterful filmmaker and screenwriter, Michelangelo Antonioni; yet another year into the future from that point on, in 1913, the brilliant Gernam engineer Rudolf Diesel whom invented the diesel engine breathed his last; two years on the dot subsequent to that, across the Atlantic in 1915, the male infant who became the renowned historian, Oscar Handlin, was born; eight years thereafter, in 1923, the British Mandate for Palestine came into force, and across the Atlantic, the baby boy first opened his eyes on his way to becoming Stan Berenstain, the American author and illustrator of the beloved Berenstain Bears children’s series; another eight years hence, in 1931, police forces in Canada murdered three miners by firing indiscriminately into a crowd of strikers; the Munich accords that allowed German occupation of Czechoslovakia took effect seven years past that point, in 1938, though neither Czechs nor Soviets could attend the conference that issued the ‘agreement;’ three years beyond that juncture, in 1941, the Babi Yar massacre started in Ukraine; two years afterward, in 1943, the boy child who became Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa was born; six years subsequent to that moment, in 1949, halfway round the world, the Communist Party of China composed the Common Programme for the Peoples Republic of China; three hundred sixty-five days even closer to today’s light and air, in 1950, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 87 relating to Taiwan was adopted; two years hence in 1951, Duke played

"Arizona Football - Nick Foles" by Wcarlisle4
“Arizona Football – Nick Foles” by Wcarlisle4

University of Pittsburg on national TV in the first such game; three years still later on, in 1954, the European Organization for Nuclear Research formed, which we know by the acronym CERN; fifty-nine years ago, a Soviet explosion at the nuclear plant at Chelyabinsk released twenty Mci of radiactive material into the atmosphere; half a dozen years nearer to now, in 1960, Soviet Premiere Khruschev angrily interjected comments when he visited the United Nations in New York; two years later, in 1962, Canada launched its first satellite, and the average weekly manufacturing wage in the U.S., adjusted for inflation, was just a few percent less than it is in 2015; fifty-one years before today, Mafalda, the iconic Latin comic strip was published for the first time; three years still more proximate to the present day, in 1967, the lyrical storyteller Carson McCullers died; twenty-three years after China became communist, five years after McCullers’ demise, in 1972, Japan established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic; three hundred sixty-five days after that, in 1973, poet W.H. Auden breathed his last; another two years further along time’s path, in 1975, Detroit’s WGPR became America’s first Black-owned television outlet; seventeen years later, in 1992, Brazilian President Fernando Collor de Mello was impeached; nineteen years before this point, modern artist Roy Liechtenstein died; ten years subsequently, in 2007, England demolished the world’s first commercial nuclear power station at Calder Hall in a ‘controlled’ demolition; exactly a year hence, in 2008, Lehman and Washington Mutual went belly up and the stock market lost plus-or-minus ten percent of its value in a single day, and three years ago, over 42 people were killed by members of the Boko Haram in Nigeria.