9.28.2016 Nearly Naked Links

‘Inquisitional’ Roots of a War on Natural Medicine
A Rothschild Terror Warning
A Portal to NFL Controversies & Conundrums
The Treachery of Student Debt
Pot Policy Innovation
Shadows of Hiroshima Preface
Jill Stein’s Debate Rebuttals
Market Testing Headlines
Radical Female Raunch
Expanding African Organization
Police State Immigration Protocols
A Consequential Assessment of War
Job ‘Enrichment’ & Enslavement
A Case of Students Who Sit Down to Stand Up in Georgia
Syrian & Aleppo Realities, Part Two
Payday Loan Exploitation Research
An International Reporting Resource Guide
A Commodetized Superbug Solution
North Korea’s Video Blogging Scene
Contextualizing ‘Advice’
A Permaculture Co-Founder Obituary
El Buen Vivir & the Commons
Present-Day Publishing Paradigms
Profiting From & Promoting Winless Wars
Dien Bien Phu’s Portal to the Vietnam War
Duterte & the American Relationship With Manila
Supporting BDS, Honoring Edward Said
The Impetus to Create New Macroeconomic Conceptualization
Crying Out for Justice in Mexico
Promulgating Workplace Stupefaction
Professors’ Proclivities, Sans Tenure: Terrified Sheep
Possible Payoffs, Re the Clinton Foundation & More
Massively Dark Side Anime
Bizarre North Korean Narratives & a Film About All That
STS & Advance Education & Production
Women As Computers, Cyborgs, etc.
Machine Learning Enhancement Potential
A Half Century of Political Ads
An Artificially Intelligent Horror Trailer
Life’s Earliest Evolution
Film’s Reflections of Social Relations Now
A Deutschebank Lehman Moment