9.27.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Nuclear Madness SOP, Replete With Bullshit
A FARC Peace Deal Update
Thoughts About a ‘Liberal’ Supreme Court
Corporate Capital’s, & Hence Electoral Politics’, Addiction to Poverty
A Demand for Real Debate Instead of Nonsense

Covering the Opioid ‘Crisis’ Without Victim-Blaming
Berkman Center Digital Development Portal
Unity & Division Between Russia & Iran
Reichenbach’s From Copernicus to Einstein
A Mint Press Pair on Energy & Empire
‘Wasteful’ Government Spending = Militarism
Syrian Possession of U.S.-Daesh Audio Consulation Prior to ‘Accidental’ Bombing
Murdered for Mocking ISIS in Jordan
Cornering Russia
In Law, More Narrative Equates to Less Clarity at Times
Paradox, From Leibniz to Deleuze
Poland’s Selective Memory
‘Shooting’ Tupac
Russia’s Thermonuclear Preparations & Countermoves
Fearing RT
Undermining Soviet Possibility, Then & Now
A Russian Attack on a NATO-ISIS ‘Operations Center’
Robotics Fascination & Political Economic Fetishes
The Meaning & Danger of ‘Spice’
Monopoly Media’s RT War of Words
A Disingenuous Distortion From The Guardian on Syria
An SOP View: ‘Inevitable’ North Korea Confrontation
Incarceration, a Central Aspect of ‘the American Way’
Extraterrestrials As Convenient Distraction
America’s Pathological Warfare Politics
The Origins of Modern Spycraft in WWII
Disastrous Student Debt
A Reactionary Nuclear War Booster
Paul Craig Roberts on Russia’s Hesitation Blues
Nazi Germany’s Drug Habits
Libyan Lies, Syrian Echoes
Democracy’s American Collapse
Indian Women’s Progress & Plight
Another Take on Rebecca Gordon’s Examination of Prisons
VW’s Anti-Union Union on the Skids in Chattanooga
A Technocratic View of Globalization & Inequality
A Princeton Press Ethic Compilation Precis
A ‘Helicopter Money’ Promo
A Murderous Vote on Saudi Support
A Borges View of Time
Little Rock’s Central High, Circa 1957
Intellectual Yet Idiot
Differentiating Rationality & Intelligence
Mental Model Deep Fluency
A Meta-List of Transformative Books
Truths Stranger, & Deadlier, Than Fiction