9.26.2016 Nearly Naked Links

An Exchange/Presentation About ‘Leftist’ Info & Disinfo


A Look @ Imperial Murder in Bosnia
An Admission Against Interest on Brazil
National Geographic‘s First Issue
Slate‘s Long-View Model for Journalism & Publishing
Fukushima & the Fate of Cows
Wall Street, Innovation, Collapse, Trust
The Gig Economy as a ‘Screw-the-Worker’ App
Demilitarizing Police White Paper Press Release
Balfour, Palestine, Empire, & Apologies
Puerto Rican Activist’s 11-Year Old Murder by FBI
Taking a Stand & Moral Courage
A Conversation With a Cop
Syrian Background
Billionaires’ Theft of Jobs
Poles Fight Fascist Abortion Changes
Thieving Police Thugs on the Loose
Publicizing the Police State
Jefferson’s Library
Grad School Applicants’ Guidelines & Checklists
Approaches to Journalism in New Media
The Dangers of Rejecting ‘No-First-Use’
The Apparent Pointlessness of Protesting Nukes
Celebrating Afghan Collaboration With ‘Warlords’
Globalized Inequality
Human Subject Horrors Against Black People
Coding’s Ethical & Technical Complexities
Narcos Producer on Drugs & Escobar’s Son
Police Violence & Robots
A Woman’s Literary Adventures With Desire
Teaching People to Ape ‘Mental Illness’
Avoiding Campus ‘Race Traps’
The Issues of Thermonuclear Cyberspace Arenas
Past Ghosts’ Haunting of Migration
Commodifying the Past, Ruining History
Pragmatic Approaches to Avoiding WWIII With Russia
Sans Media Notice, a Prison Strike Continues
Insuring Continued Addiction
Escapist Liberalism
A Doctor’s Lies for a ‘Fellow Professional’
A Palast Review-Essay
Arguable Irrelevance of New Atheism
JFK Murder Police & CIA Coverup
Politico Acknowledgment of CIA Involvement in JFK Killing Lies
Big Pharma + Big Ag = Big Gulp
A Colonial Pipeline Fact Sheet
Revelations About Southern Plutocracy From FEC Litigation
William Barber: Charlotte Drowns in Injustice
Financially Induced Ruination
The Serendipity & Barbarity of African American History
Tennessee VW & Labor’s Future
A Noam Interview With an Overview of Biolinguistics
Israel’s Amplified Attack on Free Speech
The Selling ADHD Racket
How & Why a ‘No-Fly’ Zone Means War
America’s Standing Among ‘Civilized’ Top-30—Number 28
Readers’ Desire for Substance Over Fluff
Ethics, Intuition, & Philosophical Argumentation
‘White Helmets’ As Terror Adjuncts
Additional Insights on the ‘White Helmets’ Hoax
Ukraine & War Update
Another Kerry ‘Rush to Judgment;’ or Perhaps Something Else
Turkey’s Kurdish Quandary
The Western Press’ Imperial Propaganda Role in Relation to Syria
A “Mind Your Own Business’ Foreign Policy Brief
A Facebook Post’s Six Month Jail Term
Literary ‘Success’ Algorithms Under the Microscope
The Limits of Protest in Political Transformation
A Florida Sinkhole Update
A Further Deconstruction of Toxic Trade Deals
Analyzing the Acceptance of Inequality
New Godzilla & New Japanese Foreign Policies
Viewing Fascism As a Bogeyman
A Global Food Price & Profit Conspiracy
Kareem’s Take on ‘Race;’ a Review
An Appeal for a Jill Vote
A Military Review of Militaristic Strategy & Militarism
Heating Up Cold War Leftovers
Drowning Economies in Debt
Economics As Evolutionary Science
Chilean Water Dilemmas
A Black Scholar’s Absolutely Critical Analysis of Police Violence & ‘Race’
Nuclear Madness As SOP