9.22.2016 Nearly Naked Links

CC BY-NC-ND by Bread for the World
CC BY-NC-ND by Bread for the World
Vicious Abuse of Hispanic ‘Temps’
Temp Discrimination, Despair, Depredation, Death
Margaret Cavendish’s The Blazing World, Perhaps Europe’s First Sci-Fi
A Jimmy Carter Plea, & Lightning-Quick Accusations Against Russia
Commodifying Spycraft, Since WWII
Two From Evonomics on Inequality’s Roots
A TeleSur Duo’s Letellier Tango
chile pinochet-Victor_Jara_NichaA New Documentary About the First 9/11
Syria, the United Nations, & War Crimes
Public Opinion Favors Alternatives to Israeli’s $38 Billion in Weapona’ Credits
Aleppo’s Documented Reality, Replete With Fascist Comments
Monthly Review Outreach
The Republic of Fear
Snowden, the Sioux, & the CIA
Networking Our Polities
Obama’s U.N. Finale: Hidden Agendas, Mixed Messages
The Letelier Case: State-Sponsored Terror
Polarized Potentials of a ‘World Without Work’
Overthrowing the ‘Deep State’ Via Non-Violent Guerilla Actions
‘Rending’ to Prove Medieval Rape
India’s Objectives Today
Allegations of a Blatant DoD Policy Coup in Syria
"Pickering - Greatbatch - Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice - She then told him what Mr. Darcy had voluntarily done for Lydia"
“Pickering – Greatbatch – Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice – She then told him what Mr. Darcy had voluntarily done for Lydia”

Learning Tension From Jane Austen

A Joyce Carol Oates Literary Interview
Coming of Age in an Iowan Utopian Collective
A Moynihan Letter on Pardoning a Whistleblower
Oliver Stone on Snowden & Official Dishonesty
A Statistician & Iconoclastically Disbelieving Smoker
Journalistic Lie Detecting Responsibilities, Big & Little
Infrastructure Dialog Protocols
Pixabay Image 294154Snowden’s Warning Against Google ‘Allo’
South African University Students’ Outrage
A Call to Reform the House Intelligence Committee
A New Black Elk Narrative & Thoughts About That
Arguments That Immigration Causes Economic Harm
These Five Volumes, Every Year?
The Highest Wage Gap Ever Separates White & Black
Homepage Importance & Execution
Phosphate Mining’s High Ecological Toll
South Asian Brink of War
Russian-U.S. Conflict Intensifies
Germany’s Leading Banker As a Model for Imperial Profiteer
Another Profiteering ‘Higher Ed’ Collapse