9.21.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Reflections on Drama, Sexuality, Color, Creed, & Albee
A Power Critique of Leo Strauss
A Strauss Cabal on the Loose As an Updated ‘Murder, Inc.’
Explicating Why ‘Better Off’ Is Bullshit
Costs of War & Paying for Peace
Casting Ford As an Inequality ‘Good Guy’
Big Ag’s Political Economic ‘Double Edged Sword’
fire, catastrophe, holocaust, nuclear, nukeThe Chances That a New Cold War Could Generate Thermonuclear Heat
Berkeley Course Goes Ahead
Medicalizing ‘Race’ Problems
Radio Podcasting Models
An Underwriting Approach to Video Project
The Brass Check
Experts Versus Participation
Colombia’s ‘Freedom-Fighter’ Death Squads
A Must Read New Syria Report
Why the U.S. Had to Scuttle a Ceasefire
social media - jmarketing - flickr
social media – jmarketing – flickr

Facebook’s Peril to Journalism

The ‘Usual Suspects’ Behind ‘Aleppo Media Center’
Piracy & the Web’s Evolution
A Stark Choice: Sharing or Mass Collective Suicide
A Lure-of-Fame Review Essay
typewriter writer writeAlbee’s Writing Advice
Deconstructing ‘Show Don’t Tell’
Healing Warriors With Words
‘Humanitarian’ Imperialism
Protecting Children From the Police State & Its Ideology
Inequality’s Impact on Economics
Accusations of YouTube Political Censorship in France
A World War Two Continuing Secrecy Lawsuit
A Post, Post-Mortem for Gawker
Raphael's School of Athens.
Raphael’s School of Athens.

Socrates, Civic Duty, Free Speech

An SOP Plea for Quick Internet Governance Transition
A Proposal to Democratize European Mass-Layoff Protocols
Political Opportunities in Automation’s Destruction of Jobs
Defending Shriver’s Defense of ‘Appropriation’
A Review Essay of Oliver Stone’s Snowden
Bank for International Settlements’ Warnings About Central Banks
An Important Idea, Albeit a Fantasy, About Utilities’ ‘Commitment’ to Renewables
Reality-Based Examination of the Data That Shows Physical Sources of Depression