9.21.2016 Day in History

CC BY by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

In anticipation of tomorrow’s Equinox, Argentina celebrates Spring Day, Brazil Arbor Day, and Bolivia Students Day, and around the globe this twenty-four hour period is an International Day of Peace; in ancient Rome, more or less two thousand thirty-five years ago, the iconic poet and scribe Virgil breathed his last; in an early phase of European maneuvering in regard to how rule would work as Rome’s empire came closer to dissolution, almost but not quite four and three quarter centuries later, in 455, upper-class Senator, Avitus, entered Rome at the head of a Gallic army to consolidate a cosmopolitan imperial approach for a brief period; seven centuries and fifteen years subsequently, in 1170, English and Irish nobility led their forces successfully against the Norse-Gaelic rulers who had been occupying and administering the Emerald Isle from Dublin; five hundred six years hence, in 1776, English invaders burned part of the settled areas of Manhattan near the outset of the American Revolution; three years beyond that point in spacetime, in 1779, Spanish looters and adventurers captured the settlement that would eventually become Baton Rouge; thirteen years thereafter, in 1792, across the Atlantic in Paris, the French revolutionary notre dame church parisgovernment abolished absolute monarchy and proclaimed France to be a republic; four decades after that fact, in 1832, the beloved English poet Walter Scott experienced his final verse; eleven years henceforth, in 1843, shortly after what would become its Independence Day, Chilean authorities claimed suzerainty over the Magellan Strait; one hundred fifty-six years back, troops from England and France crushed Chinese forces at the end of the Second Opium War in the Battle of Palikao, and back in Europe philosopher and critic Arthur Schopenhauer died; half a dozen years after that conjunction, in 1866 eight thousand miles away in England, a child of privilege entered the world who would grow up as a voice of both reform and social democracy and fabulous fantasy, H.G. Wells; thirty-years even later, in 1896, the soon-to-be butchered Lord Kitchener led British imperial forces to a temporary victory in Sudan, and across the globe in the Rocky Mountains, officials in Colorado unleashed State Militia on striking miners in Leadville, Colorado; two years further ahead from that point in time, in 1898, in an imperial development in Chine, the Empress Cixi seized power and ended the Hundred Days’ Reform in China; one hundred twelve years prior to the present pass, the iconic Native American leader Chief Joseph breathed his last; eight years hence, in 1912, the ‘Miner’s Angel,’ Mary Harris (Mother) Jones led a march of colliers’ kids through the streets of Charleston, West Virginia to publicize their plight to the world; another six years subsequent to that point in time, in 1918, a male infant entered our midst who would both be a mighty mind for the exploration of atomic physics and a stalwart voice that critiqued the inherently deadly and duplicitous nature of nuclear industries; eighty-two years before the here and now, the male child cried out whose voice would move billions as Leonard Cohen; three years afterward, in 1937, J R R Tolkien first published his iconic story, The Hobbit; two years down the pike, in 1939, fascist paramilitary assassinated the Romanian Prime Minister; three years past that conjunction, in 1942, across Europe in Western Ukraine, Nazis condemned over 1,000 Jews to death on Yom Kippur, and further East, fascist forces slaughtered almost 3,000 Jews and communists;

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five years closer to the current context, in 1947, a male infant in Maine shouted out en route to life as the iconic and beloved Steven King, and further South and West of the Appalachian massif, the baby girl bounced into the world on her way to becoming Marsha Norman; two years later yet, in 1949, Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong, outlines the new Chinese government plan; an additional year after that instant, in 1950, a baby boy was born who would rise as the acclaimed performer and screenwriter, Bill Murray; seven years past that point in time, in 1957, the baby boy first cried out who would rise up as the acclaimed and frightfully powerful director and screenwriter Ethan Coen; four years subsequent to that, in 1961, the 5th Special Forces group is activated at Fort Bragg;  forty-four years ago, in an act of dictatorial overreaching, President Marcos placed the Phillippines under martial law; two years later on, in 1974, Jacqueline Susann lived through her final chapter; two years nearer to now, in 1976, Chilean refugee and scholar Orlando Letelier lost his life in an assassination carried out by Chilean fascist spies in Washington DC, a murder that also killed his just-married assistant Ronni Moffitt; the very next year, in 1977, in a much more positive expression of human proclivities, 15 nations signed an initial version of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty; four year ahead of that day, in 1981, the first female U.S. Supreme Court justice was unanimously approved; three hundred sixty-five years nearer to now, in 1982,the National Football League Players Association members began the first day of a nearly two month strike;

"Arizona Football - Nick Foles" by Wcarlisle4
“Arizona Football – Nick Foles” by Wcarlisle4

nine years past that point, in 1991, the soon-to-terminate Soviet Union granted Armenia independent status as a nation, and a five-union strike began against a major Las Vegas casino that would finally lead to victory only six and a half years later, with not a single striker’s having scabbed; twenty years before today, fascistic elements passed the Orwellian-named Defense of Marriage Act, which banned Federal recognition of Same Sex marriages while still allowing states to adopt any marital definition of their choosing; five years prior to the present pass, Georgia carried out its death sentence against the accused police killer Troy Davis, even though he was innocent; seven hundred thirty-one days further onward, in 2013, 7,000 miles away in East Africa, terrorists in Kenya orchestrated an attack on a popular mall that killed scores of people in the former British colony.