9.20.2016 Nearly Naked Links

CC BY-NC-ND by izahorsky
CC BY-NC-ND by izahorsky


Learning From Fidel
Evidence of a Centrally Important Union Movement Split
Loose Cannons, Loaded Guns, & War Economies
On the Cusp of a Blockchain Sea Change
An Assessment of Conservative & Reactionary Views on Technology
A Critically Important GMO Study
Indian Students’ Victory Over Copyright
A Free Essay Contest for All & Sundry
David Foster Wallace’s Last, & Possibly Now Posthumous, Narrative
New Techniques Such As Television & Their Potential to Cannibalize Predecessors
queue workers DEPRESSION BREAD LINEDepression Era Art & ‘Politics’
Omnipresent Central American Drug War Fraud
The Incompatibility of Inequality & Democracy
An Overview of ‘Art That Follows Tragedy’
Sophisticated Carceral State Victim Blaming
America’s ‘Fourth Reich’ Mantle
Sage Advice for Completing Writing Projects
Dag’s Death Fifty-Three Years Back
A ‘Learning Cursive’ Conflict
‘Learning’ Methodologies Have Their Limits
Discipline, Writing, & Avoiding ‘Approval Traps’
A ‘How to Think’ Primer
Three Thinking Filters
How the Kochs Are Targeting Texas
Leonard Peltier on Solidarity With Standing Rock
How to Avoid Treating Democracy Like a Horse Race
Turkey’s Provision of ISIS Protection
Nefarious U.S. Skullduggery in Syria
Capital’s Revolutionary & Counter-Revolutionary Intellectual Inceptions
Happiness As a Purposefully Oppressive Curse
White Supremacy & ‘Western’ Representations of Africa
Journalism, Ruling Classes, Deep Politics: an Interview With Russ Baker
A Former Insider’s Call for a New 9/11 Investigation
paulo-freirePaulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Chapter Two
Criminal Financial Enterprise
Upbraiding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Protocols
A Women’s Rights Initial Manifesto
Stopping Two-Party Engagement Monopolies
’60’s Radicals As Role Models for Today’s Prison Strikers
Bankers’ Criminality & Unemployment & Engagement
The Undermining of Russia & Issues of Its Self-Defense
Monsanto, Bayer, Militarism, Empire
Snowden & the Intersection of Knowledge & Consciousness
Not Knowing Versus Choosing Not To See
Adopting Fascist Principles
Robert Parry On Syria Bombing Impunity
gmail, email computerAn E-Mail Subscription Model to Examine
A Depth-Reporting, Multidisciplinary, Non-Profit, Nautilus Model
A Portal to & Overview of Prison Resistance
Appalachian Educational Hispanic Outreach
‘Recovery’ Has Not Rejuvenated State Support for Higher Education
The Stupidity of Wars on Guns & Drugs
The Sunni-Shia Split Myth
Libertarian Predictions of Disaster Instead of ‘Recovery’
Native American Uranium Cleanup
Monetary & Currency Contradictions & Developments
A Writer’s ‘Success’ & the Collapse That Ensued
The United Nations’ Urban Agenda
An Ethics for Robots
Key New Clinical Trial Protocols
Chronicling the Death of Liberalism
Low Power FM Numbers on the Rise
Multiple Approaches to Defending Snowden
Erstwhile Congressional Oversight of Spooks
Another Hillbilly Elegy Review
How Grad Unions Help Professors
Tyrants & Sycopants & Flacks
U.S. Prisons & Their Fundamental Violations of Human Rights
Restraining Radical Opinions, Even When Accurate & Necessary
A Blogger’s Interesting Political Perspectives
Complex Insanity Between Washington & Manila
Indo-Pakistani War Preparations
War Clouds Gathering
Pro Publica Police State & Drug War Briefs