9.20.2016 Daily Links

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From the ‘paper of record’ yesterday a warning from Vladimir Putin that matters will now likely cycle explosively out of control in Syria on the heels of a supposedly ‘unintentional’ bombing of government troop positions–a bombing that killed scores and following which Daesh butchers immediately occupied the decimated entrenchments–by U.S. jets, a prediction that RT has since confirmed and about which Juan Cole, in his Informed Comment blog, has proffered motivational insights, and that both Atlantic Magazine  and The Free Thought Project further contextualize by noting that few if any credible defenses of U.S. actions are possible given the total circumstances, a conclusion, moreover, that a U.N. supported excursion of American citizens to Damascus and environs further solidifies, as a video excerpt  from Forbidden Knowledge TV clarifies powerfully for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who prefer honesty and reality to butchery and bullshit.

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Today, because of the leap year and the cosmic turnings, is not the Equinox, as Germany celebrates Universal Children’s Day; in the arid reaches of the Arabian Peninsula, thirteen hundred and ninety-four years ago, Muhammad and his loyal collaborator and father in law Abu Bakr reached Medina in their flight from Mecca in the early days of Islam;five hundred sixty-five years further along time’s path, in 1187, the military genius Saladin led his forces in a siege of Jerusalem that was a direct result, in part, of Muhamad and Abu Bakr’s earlier work; seven hundred fifty-six years ahead of today, Prussian gentry and other fighters initiated their ultimately successful uprising against the Teutonic Knights; a single year shy of twenty-six decades later, in 1519, Ferdinand Magellan and his more than 250 collaborators set sail in six ships for what would become the first successful circumnavigation of our fair orb; MORE HERE

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CC BY by Matthew Murdoch
CC BY by Matthew Murdoch

The most likely mechanism to eliminate human beings from the glorious orb where we’ve all evolved, which is to say thermonuclear weaponry, remains a primary machination of the plans and projections of the ‘aristocratic’ pirates and plunderers whose families and networks have ruled the roost, as it were, for at least the last five centuries or so: in fact, from the incarnation of ordnance to the rise of ‘enlightened’ natural philosophy out of the need to be able to have cannon volleys land where ‘engineers’ wanted them to hit to the delving of the electromagnetic spectrum for a big enough boom to make plutocratic preeminence permanent, these opportunistic speculators have played the game of divide and rule and profiteered at the expense of their slaves and proles and other minions till they have, despite their furious insistence on an ideology of endless expansion, reached a terminal point of their potential to actuate their “five percent growth solution,” the arrival of which conjunction presents the underlings of the Earth with their final option at taking command, overturning their masters, and achieving a set of relationships that emphasize mutuality and compassion rather than crushing all opposition and eliminating all one’s competitors.

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The first half of this book tells a personal story: the story
of one man’s experiences with American Journalism. This
personal feature is not pleasant, but it is unavoidable. If I
were taking the witness-chair in a court of justice, the jury
would not ask for my general sentiments and philosophic
opinions; they would not ask what other people had told me,
or what was common report; the thing they would wish to
know — the only thing they would be allowed to know — is
what I had personally seen and experienced. So now, taking
the witness-stand in the case of the American public versus
Journalism, I tell what I have personally seen and experienced. ‘
I take the oath of a witness: the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth, so help me God. After this pledge,
earnestly given and earnestly meant, the reader must either
believe me, or he must exclude me from the company of
civilized men. MORE HERE from Upton Sinclair The Brass Check 

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SEARCHDAY"natural philosophy" OR "history of science" OR "evolution of science" OR "origins of the scientific method" dominance OR control OR militarism OR "martial arts" bourgeoisie OR capitalism OR "free enterprise" profits OR profiteering necessity OR inescapable OR "sine qua non" analysis OR explication radical = 787,000 Citations.

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


A ten minute or so ‘teaser’ from a ‘middle class’ documentarian who has thrown in his lot with working people and common folks everywhere, via the brilliant thinking behind Forbidden Knowledge TV, in the event excerpts from the newly-completed film, American Autumn, that show the dynamics of contradiction and conflict that must either elicit community and compassion in favor of overturning the present mechanisms of manipulation and rule or yield futility and fear on the way toward a downward spiral that will be most merciful if it ends in a heated flash, a nexus of choice that the filmmaker and all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens can only hope will produce the commitment and organizational acuity to achieve the former before the latter becomes an inescapable fact.


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Forensic Analysis of Bernie Campaign

A Tikkun article by a very insightful progressive commentator who analyses the fatal flaws that killed one of the most promising political campaigns in generations: “I find it heartbreaking how close we came to having Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee and eventual president of the United States. What a different convention, summer, election, country, and future we would have had! But, alas, my progressive hopes were sadly dashed – yet again. Somehow the candidate with the highest net favorability ratings – largely due to his honesty, kindness, consistency, integrity, and progressive populism – lost to the candidate with the highest unfavorability ratings.”

WRISSA Novelist’s Mental Homeland

A Paris Review reposting of an essay by an iconic writer who documents her process of geographically orienting her creative process: “Much as I loved my studies, their purpose was to make me able to earn a living as a teacher, so I could go on writing. And I worked hard at writing short stories. But here my European orientation was a problem. I wasn’t drawn to the topics and aims of contemporary American realism. I didn’t admire Ernest Hemingway, James Jones, Norman Mailer, or Edna Ferber. I did admire John Steinbeck, but knew I couldn’t write that way. In The New Yorker, I loved Thurber, but skipped over John O’Hara to read the Englishwoman Sylvia Townsend Warner. Most of the people I really wished I could write like were foreign, or dead, or both. Most of what I read drew me to write about Europe; but I knew it was foolhardy to write fiction set in Europe if I’d never been there. “


Ethics and Data and Journalism

An Editor & Publisher piece that examines the possible ethical quandaries and grey areas and potential problems when it comes to the new marriage between data gathering, interactive articles, and the new direction of journalism: “I’ve worked on stories that ask about readers’ experiences with abortion and seen others that ask about trust levels with law enforcement. These are worthwhile pieces of journalism and a format that we should keep experimenting with. But with platforms hosting the story code, could answers of “I am pro-life” or “I don’t trust the police” be sold to a political campaign or collected by law enforcement and added to an individual’s predictive “threat score” that jurisdiction is using?

Red flags should go up any time one creates structured data around what people believe or value.”


NATO’s Ally Funding ISIS

An Information Clearing House post that contextualizes the ins and outs of the explosive situation in the Middle East: “A former senior counter-terrorism official in Turkey has blown the whistle on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s deliberate sponsorship of the Islamic State (ISIS) as a geopolitical tool to expand Turkey’s regional influence and sideline his political opponents at home.”

GENISSSociaeconomic and Ethical Implications of Life Extension Science

A Pacific Standard article that looks at the elitist and proto-fascistic nature of spending inordiate amount of resources on life extending for the few who can afford it: “In the First World, prosthetic limbs and mechanical hearts are standard. This year, doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital, which has a research budget of more than $750 million per year, performed the first penis transplant. Scientists working to win the Palo Alto Longevity Prize believe they’ll soon push the human lifespan past 120 years by growing artificial organs, tinkering with DNA, cloning, working with stem cells, and putting nanotechnology in our bloodstream.

The life expectancy gap between America’s richest 1 percent and its poorest 1 percent is currently slightly over 14 years. Advances in biotechnology may only widen that gap.”