9.19.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Henry Louis Gates on His Ancestry
wind power renewable energySouthern Offshore Wind Data
A Prison Strike Update
Superbug Death Threats
French Workers’ Recent Amplification of Action
TPP: Corporate Heft Versus People Power
Big Bucks For Ruling Class Speeches
Making a Conversation Out of Journalism
A Philippines Overview From Latin America
U.S. Athletes & Their ‘Medicines’
Vice‘s Fall From Integrity
Monsanto-Bayer Merger’s Potential for Mayhem
Netflix & ‘White Helmets’
A Women’s Studies BDS Target
Ukraine’s Current Pass
As Predicted, Going Ahead With Hinckley Point
Historiography, Law, & Sex
Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis
A Tinfoil Shakedown
Handling Duterte
Standing With Syria
A Call to Reject Special Jurisdiction Corporate Courts
fire, catastrophe, holocaust, nuclear, nukeSouth Asian Nuclear Conundrums
Interim Nuclear Waste Storage Assessments
Creating Commons Alliances
‘Dr. Orgasm’s’ Work
Monopoly Media’s Loss of All Credibility
A Look @ Librarians of Congress
The Strong Mandate to Tax Corporate Income & Wealth
Platforms, Publishers, Ethics
A Resource Guide About Trigger Warnings, Free Speech, & College
An Establishment Big-Business View of the Federal Communications Commission
‘Life Extension’ As Class War
How Prescription Heroin Could Save Lives
A Novelist’s Mental Homeland
Ecstatic Translations
A CIA-Inspired U.N. Essay Contest
An Insider’s View of ‘the Left’ After Brexit
Police Murder of a Boy in Columbus
F. Scott’s ‘New Work’
An Expose on Turkey’s Role in ISIS
A ‘Po-Mo’ Lens on Alt & New ‘Right’
An Indian Court’s Rejection of Too Much Copyright on Campus
A Political Economic Deconstruction of Migration
Transnational Commons Administrative Options
9/11 Buildings, According to Science
The American Legion’s Call for Legal Pot
Obama’s Choices in Relations to Victims Vis-a-Vis the Saudis
A Noisome Neocon Renaissance
Copyright Fascism on Parade in U.S. Universities
Upper Class Trade Pushes Despite Overwhelming Opposition From Below
Incarceration’s Massive Hidden Costs
Cataloging IDF Murders
Pixabay Image 294154Epic Deception, According to Oliver Stone
Examining Snowden’s Status, Spy Or Whistleblower
A Libertarian & Progressive Discussion of ‘Reason’
A Snowden Review Essay
Intellectual Idiocy
A ‘Big-Science’ View in Favor of GMO Foods
Early Predictions of GMO Ecological ‘Blowback’
When Satchemo Cancelled His Soviet Tour to Protest Bigotry at Home
A WSWS Snowden Review-Essay
U.S. Special Forces on the Run From ‘Moderates’
Imperial & Global History This Week
Okinawa’s Imperial History
Monopoly Media’s Public Opinion Freefall
The Critical Factor of Native Leadership @ Standing Rock
Silicon Moneybags