9.16.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Lionel Shriver’s Controversial Thoughts on ‘Appropriation’
money fundsLiz Warren’s Sally Against Banksters
When ‘Pregnancy Counseling’ = Anti-Abortion Fraud
Ali & Journalism
Lessons in Political Economic Comparison
A Journalism 360 Profile
Berkeley’s ‘Prior Restraint’ in Palestinian Class Cancellation
Getting Rid of DEA & DHS
A Swiss Trade Union View of Brexit & Migration
CC BY-NC by Inventorchris
CC BY-NC by Inventorchris

Fascist Thieving Coppers Caught on Camera

Terror’s Origins in Terror
Rising Tuition’s Real Sources
A Standing Rock Backgrounder
Teachers & Students in Chile
An FBI Fake Journalist Protocol
A Capitalist Necessity: Subverting Democracy
An Indian Demand That Imperial Plunderers Return Some of What They’ve Thieved
Martial Arts’ Verifiable Underpinnings
U.S. Peace Counsel’s Syria Report @ United Nations
The Real Deal in Syria
A Surprising Contention From Candidate Trump
America’s New Inequality
typewriter writer writeA Writer’s Views on Wealth & Community & Such
The Death of the ‘Invisible Hand’
Banksters With Impunity
The Breakdown of ‘Accomodation’ As the Headwaters of Fascism
The Pentagon’s Subversion of Russian-Syrian Deal
Socialism, Capitalism, War