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In a development of arguably profound significance for how agriculture happens, and hence of equally momentous occasion to scrappy scribes & stalwart citizens who at least occasionally like to eat, the merger of the storied evil behemoth Monsanto with the even larger German gargantuan, Bayer, here in the form of a report and overview from Activist Post about the nature of this ‘marriage’ and the issues that surround it that ought to inspire close attention from anyone who cares about, to mention just a handful of the matters to which this conjunction of agribusiness giants clearly pertains, decent food, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

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CC BY by Coco Mault
CC BY by Coco Mault

Today in Mexico, as Grito de Dolores, commemorates the country’s independence from Spain, and around the world advance ecology in an International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, and Ukraine today celebrates the liberation in 1943 of the community of Likhachevo in the Kharkiv Oblast by Red Army and Ukrainian Communist partisans; in Italy, more or less one thousand seven hundred nine years ago, the emperor Severus died by assassins or forced suicide as Roman imperial infighting claimed his untitled life a day’s ride from Rome;thirteen hundred thirteen years henceforth, in 1620, Pilgrim migrants left England aboard the Mayflower; two years beyond half a century after, in 1672, the American poet Anne Bradstreet lived her last stanza; two hundred eighty years before the present day, the Polish-Dutch inventor Daniel Fahrenheit died at age fifty; MORE HERE

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With their eyes and their data and their dollars, people pay, every day, for a manipulated mediation of social and political and economic relationships, for fatuous and stupid characterizations of the past, for purposefully distorted and divisive ‘reporting’ about current events, so that more or less rational actors on life’s mainstage might ponder the ultimate necessity of participating in creating ‘peoples information networks’ that could deliver stories and narratives and ideas and dramas that served our own interests instead of profiting only those who would set us up and use us up and suck us dry and have their way with us time and time again.

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“My father’s father, Edward St. Lawrence Gates—known to his children and his grandchildren as Pop—had two hobbies.  He was renowned for one of them in and around his home town of Cumberland, Maryland: he grew tulips, ‘like a Dutchman,’ people said.  He looked like a Dutchman, too—’light and bright and damned near white,’ as my father used to say.  I learned about my grandfather’s second hobby only after his death, in 1960, when he was eighty-one and I was nine.

Pop Gates was buried at the Rose Hill Cemetery, where our forebears were among the very few Negroes allowed to disturb the eternal sleep of Cumberland’s élite white Episcopal citizenry. The town’s Episcopal churches had been segregated at least since the black St. Philips offered its first Communion, on June 19, 1910. That day, the church’s records show, Pop, his mother, Maud, his wife, Gertrude Helen Redman, and about half a dozen other Gateses took the Sacrament, which was offered by the Diocese of Maryland’s white bishop. ” More from  Henry Louis Gates, “Personal History: Family Matters;” New Yorker HERE

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SEARCHDAY"mainstream media" OR "corporate media" OR "monopoly media" "ruling class" OR "serve power" OR "serving power" OR hegemony OR "maintaining power" machination OR stratagem OR "sine qua non" history OR origins OR evolution OR development analysis OR explication OR delineation OR assessment critique OR refutation OR criticism radical OR marxist OR socialist = 41,100 Intersections.

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Another incisive and hard-hitting podcast from the intrepid folks at 21st Century Wire, in this case a half hour interview with a Liverpool correspondent whose marriage to a Syrian has resulted in his providing eyes in the field in the Levant, where, instead of reporting CIA-planted nonsense and disinformation, he actually conveys the sights and sounds and events that are unfolding in front of him, which is crucial for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who would like views and excerpts about this key arena that truthfully pertain to reality, a grounding in the real that is more or less altogether lacking from the intelligence assets and hack who ‘report’ what their handlers and overlords tell them to say.





Chicken Soup for the Soul

We have many Chicken Soup for the Soul books in development and we frequently add new titles. If you have a great story or poem you want to submit but it doesn’t fit with any of the topics below, please save it and check this page again in the future to see if we have added a topic that’s a better match. The deadline date for story and poem submissions has been extended to SEPTEMBER 30, 2016. The book will be published in May or June 2017, in time for Canada Day 2017!


Writer’s Assistant (Apex) 

employment type: part-time
telecommuting okay

Writer seeks assistant or assistants to assist in all non-creative aspects of writer’s life so that writer can minimize the frequency of the creative process required to demonstrate consistent excellence. Skills that would be required- computers and software, so MSWord, Excel, PPT, Magento, ConstantContact, Keynote are icing on the cake. Any marketing and creative promotional experience also a bonus. If Im expecting too much than the primary goals would be to help free up my time and handle maintenance, phone calls, hobby management, property management, scheduling and email communication, database management, travel and lodging arrangements, paperwork.

Proposal Coordinator (Charlotte) hide this posting

employment type: full-time
Woolpert, Inc, a top design, engineering, and geospatial firm seeks an experienced Proposal Coordinator to become a member of our dynamic Proposal Team. Woolpert’s Proposal Coordinators work collectively with the Proposal Managers to support the process of creating cohesive proposals.The Proposal Coordinator is responsible for supporting the proposal process to include the creation, organization, development and production of proposals and other formally requested customer and/or market-initiated information to professionally position Woolpert. They will not only support but be included in the creation of winning proposals.


Unusual Relationship Arrangements

A Fusion story that looks at those who would dance to a different drummer in terms of romantic, interpersonal, and sexual relationships, which can be as daunting in terms of current morality as queer and transgender politics were in the past: “Not long ago, I found myself chatting with a friend about the logistics of coming out to one’s coworkers. Given that I’m queer, and he’s a straight, cisgender man, it’d be reasonable to expect that it was my coming out that happened to be up for discussion. Reasonable, but in this case wrong: The coming out in question involved my friend opening up to coworkers about being one-third of a polyamorous triad.”

WRISSTravel Diaries 

A London Review of Books posting that looks at literary diaries over the past thirty years, a record that provides interesting reading:  “The first LRB Diary – A.J.P. Taylor on nuclear disarmament – was published on 4 March 1982. It ‘inaugurates a regular feature of the paper’, Taylor’s contributor’s note explained. ‘The Diaries will be by various hands. Clive James’s will scan.’ Since then there have been more than 800 Diaries on close to 800 subjects, many of them reporting from different parts of the world (few have scanned). Clicking on the image above will take you to an interactive map on which you can explore 100 of them.”


Complicit Media and Political Farce

A Smirking Chimp post that provides a concrete example of a recent media loss of opportunity to actually fulfill “the third estate’s” function: “But people who watched Kudlow’s segment on “Morning Joe” wouldn’t know that because reporters don’t challenge hucksters like Kudlow on TV anymore.

When the hosts of “Morning Joe” don’t push back against Kudlow’s fantasies, the viewers may never learn that Kudlow is wrong, just like when Lauer refuses to push back against Trump for lying about his position on the Iraq War.”


Resource Extraction 

A Naked Capitalism look at the current conflict erupting over the Dakota pipeline, which becomes another example of capital needs bulldozing over the sustainability of life: “Advocates arguing against this pipeline’s construction have found these claims to be unfounded. Energy Transfer bases its statement that the Dakota Access Pipeline is necessary on the business opportunity to get more Bakken oil to market sooner, and not on any public need that would be served by a greater flow of oil from the Dakotas to Illinois. The company’s claim that farmers need the pipeline to open up space to ship grain on trains that currently transport oil was soundly debunked by expert witnesses and even by Iowa’s Utility Board in issuing its approval of the project. There is no reason to believe either that Midwest grain shipments will be curtailed in the future or that building the pipeline would reduce any rail shipping constraints should they arise.

And while the private benefits of building the Dakota Access Pipeline are clear, any benefit to the public is harder to discern.”

GENISSFailed Utopias

An Atlas Obscura look into the perplexing and tragic world of different American groups’ desire to forge a perfect society with good intentions, idiosyncratic values, and ingenuity: “Yet, as quickly as leaders eagerly build utopias, they often crumble in a glorious heaping mess. Some fall to sex scandals, others toil in hunger, while many are struck with bad luck. From nudist colonies to bioterrorist cults, we map and explore six of the most disappointing and unfortunate utopias in the United States.”