9.15.2016 Nearly Naked Links

"Arizona Football - Nick Foles" by Wcarlisle4
“Arizona Football – Nick Foles” by Wcarlisle4


Yemen, Saudi Arabia, & the International Criminal Court
The Cratering of Media Trust
Detroit Students’ Literacy Demands
Black Girls, Systemically Brutalized
Charting Popularity
Played for Fools Again
Police State Commanders in Chief
Rotten Student Loan Policies, Revivified
Abortion, Class, Caste, & Justice
Idle Chatter About Pending Israeli ‘Civil War’
Cheney’s 9/11 Skullduggery
Pot, Predation, Prostitution in California
university college classroom education teachFunding Charters, Fighting Exposes
How Netanyahu’s Gangsterism Endangers Israel
Epic & Iconic & Transgender in One Narrative
FOIA ‘Transparency’ Lies
A Very ‘Personal’ Take on ‘Depression’
The Fed’s Ongoing ‘Conspiracy’
Margaret Sanger on Sex & Feminism
-pro-choice women abortionSanger on Birth Control’s Morality
Monopoly Carbon Undercuts Electric Cars
U.S. Prisons a Crime Against Humanity
Recalling U.S. Butchery in Vietnam
When Fascism & Impunity Rise Together
An Attica Retrospective
Automatic Pennsylvania ‘Uberizing’
Palestinian Standing Rock Solidarity
Transition Town Overview
A Lawsuit Over a University’s Attack on a Prof’s Blog
Risks of Corporate ‘Sovereignty’
Putin’s Amazement over America’s Arrogant Ignorance
A Romanian Publishing Model
Ideology’s Mediation
Another 9/11 Trove
The Bullshit of ‘Balance’
Analyzing Changing Digital News Environs
An Upcoming Pentagon Protest
Why Lying ‘Think Tanks’ Don’t Receive Comeuppance
A Recipe to Tackle Inequality
University of Chicago Culture War Cashout
The Nazi Foreign Ministry Archiver
Education, Inspiration, Entertainment: the Only Reasons to Write
Trello from LifeHacker
Trello from LifeHacker

Mandating the Web As a Commons

Fetishizing Nature As ‘Capital’
A Review of Hell or High Water
Tripling Special Forces in Latin America
Ridding Ourselves of Wahabbism