9.15.2016 Daily Links

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http://www.opednews.com/articles/Pardon-Edward-Snowden-now-by-Jill-Stein-Edward-Snowden_Pardons_Privacy_Surveillance-160914-989.html – As the opening of the biopic, Snowden, draws nigh, evidence that among thoughtful actors on life’s main stage that Edward himself should receive a pardon, so as to make him mobile again and fully accessible as a participant in the attempts to reformulate the reform sthat his whistleblowing aimed to achieve, in the event, an essay on OpEdNews from Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein eliciting clemency in the case from Barack Obama–a fantasy, for sure–and indicating that she would straightaway take the necessary procedural steps to guarantee that he never faced prosecution, a perspective that, at least among those who call themselves ‘progressive,’ is currently snowballing, as an update  on the story in TruthDig makes clear, something that ought to appeal to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens with as much sense as they have compassion for the noisome nonsense of the present pass and that, whatever the case may be, dovetails quite interestingly with the House of Representative’s Intelligence Committee’s meeting just now about a “classifed report on Snowden,” according to new reportage from the intrepid annalists at The Intercept.

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Today is Knowledge Day in Azerbaijan, and around the world, people celebrate World Lymphoma Awareness Day, an International Day of Democracy, and, so as not to forget monopoly money’s scandals and crises, Free Money Day; in one example of the eternal contradiction between filial relations and power, one thousand ninety-one years behind us, Saint Ludmilla was murdered at the commend of her own daughter-in-law; one thousand twenty-two years ago, Fatamid forces emerged victorious at the battle of Orontes over Byzantine imperial legions; seven hundred sixty-two years back, the baby boy who would grow up to be the iconic explorer Marco Polo first drew breath; MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day              

In the context of rapacious lotteries that fleece their dragooned participants, ubiquitous hypersexualized advertising and marketing that assists in selling inanity on all sides, and a trillion dollar ‘medicine’ industry whose profits often come down to selling toxic cocktails of psychoactive poisons in order to pacify and befuddle masses of ‘patients’ whose primary affliction is that they long for human contact and play and altered consciousness, again, in such environs, that vice squads label gambling and sexual contact and imbibing ‘controlled substances’ crimes would be farcical but for the actual tragedies of mayhem and murder that result from this double-dealing, profiteering, moralistic claptrap that governs this ludicrous excuse for a human social order in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

                  Quote of the Day                       
“During my last year at Cambridge, I read with care and
profound interest Humboldt’s Personal Narrative. This work,
and Sir J. Herschel’s Introduction to the Study of Natural
Philosophy, stirred up in me a burning zeal to add even the most
humble contribution to the noble structure of Natural Science.
No one or a dozen other books influenced me nearly so much as
these two. I copied out from Humboldt long passages about
Teneriffe, and read them aloud on one of the above-mentioned
excursions, to (I think) Henslow, Ramsay, and Dawes, for on a
previous occasion I had talked about the glories of Teneriffe, and
some of the party declared they would endeavour to go there; but
I think that they were only half in earnest. I was, however, quite
in earnest, and got an introduction to a merchant in London to
enquire about ships; but the scheme was, of course, knocked On
the head by the voyage of the Beagle.” MORE HERE FROM Charles Darwin, from an Autobiography that he prepared for his children and never intended for publication

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SEARCHDAYracketeering OR profiteering OR conspiracy OR chicanery OR intrigue OR plot "key events" OR "turning points" OR "central development" OR "major factors" OR "sea change" OR benchmark OR essence OR "main point" OR "key point" OR "essential element" crime OR "criminal activity" "cover up" OR coverup OR secrecy agenda = 1,980,000 Citations.

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

http://www.activistpost.com/2016/09/911-suspects-dancing-israelis.html – More of James Corbett’s estimable reportage in regard to “9/11 Suspects,” in the event the so-called “dancing Israelis” whom Jersey police apprehended in the afternoon of that fateful day, turned over to Federal authorities, and then deported back to Jerusalem late in November, an account that Corbett demonstrates with irresistible logic is a complete dodge for a much larger narrative of Israeli intelligence’s work in the U.S. prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center, a large scale effort that almost certainly revealed, but never shared, the plans for what transpired fifteen years ago in New York City, details of secrecy and cover-up that any scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen who cares about thriving and survival ought to attend carefully and wholeheartedly in the here and now.



Sanibel Island Writers Conference

Type: Conference
Location: Sanibel Island, Florida
Event Date: November 3, 2016
Application Deadline: September 30, 2016
E-mail address: tdemarch@fgcu.edu

The 11th annual Sanibel Island Writers Conference, sponsored by Florida Gulf Coast University, will be held from November 3 to November 6 at the BIG ARTS center and the Sanibel Public Library on Sanibel Island, Florida. The conference features workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as manuscript consultations, readings, panels, concerts, and book signings.


Composers, writers and performers are invited to break creative barriers and push artistic boundaries at the Composer-Librettist studio at Nautilus Studio LA.

Each winner receives $500, publication of her/his perfect-bound chapbook with ISBN, and 10 contributor copies. Gold Line Press sends out 30 copies on behalf of winners to respected literary venues for review.


Senior Copywriter (Seattle) hide this posting

compensation: DOE
employment type: full-time

Our Central Marketing team is seeking an experienced Senior Copywriter to develop compelling materials to drive our growing firm’s marketing and sales initiatives. Advertising, marketing collateral, articles, Web content–the ideal candidate will have the ability and flexibility to work in all these mediums and to switch between writing new content and copyediting others’ content according to our brand guidelines and editorial standards.

Part-Time Office/Clerical/Writing (Clovis, CA) hide this posting

compensation: $12/hour. Flexible hours.
employment type: part-time

Responsible for performing clerical and administrative duties in a home office setting. Familiarity with MS Office products (MS Word, MS Excel) and Internet researching required. Organizational skills a must, as is a positive attitude and strong attention to detail. Strong writing/typing skills and an interest in learning to write small grants preferred.


Working Man Snapshot 

A World Socialist Web Site film review that extols the virtues of a recent slice-of-life film while at the same time calling out where it could have gone further: “Scottish director David Mackenzie’s ninth feature film, Hell or High Water, a Western-influenced, “buddy”-chase movie with a social conscience and superb performances, has been highly praised.

This reviewer endorses the praise with a minor but necessary qualification. The director’s decision to follow a little too closely the “buddy”-chase plot pattern diminishes Hell and High Water’s most vital feature: a critical look at American finance capitalism’s brutal machinations.”


History Accessible

A discussion that reframes an issue that’s pertinent to most folks who wish to impart historical knowledge: Most historians would love for their work to reach a wide, non-academic audience. But how does one break into the world “popular” history and publish a successful book with a trade press? The American Historian invited three participants—a tenured professor, an editor, and an author—to discuss their experiences with writing books geared more towards a popular audience and how to navigate the unfamiliar terrain of trade presses.”


A Home for Indy Media

A Poynter look at the website that is allowing small, indy media that would otherwise be swallowed up by the inevitable problems of publishing on the web  a new home: “In doing so, Miller joined a small but growing group of independent publishers who’ve seen their websites become revitalized by joining Medium. In recent months, as the company shed its publishing ambitions, Medium has launched a series of products aimed at luring news organizations away from industry-standard platforms such as WordPress with clean design, free hosting, no-hassle tech support and opportunities to monetize their audiences.”


Corporate Interest in State Goverment

A Guardian article that looks at recent conflicts of interest and dirty money in politics, viewed through the prism of what is occuring in Wisconsin with its tragically reactionary and thuggishn politicos: “The pervasive influence of corporate cash in the democratic process, and the extraordinary lengths to which politicians, lobbyists and even judges go to solicit money, are laid bare in sealed court documents leaked to the Guardian.

The John Doe files amount to 1,500 pages of largely unseen material gathered in evidence by prosecutors investigating alleged irregularities in political fundraising. Last year the Wisconsin supreme court ordered that all the documents should be destroyed, though a set survived that has now been obtained by the news organisation.”

GENISSReconciling Seemingly Irreconciliable Conflicts

A surprisingly accessible Aeon essay into the nature of quantum physics, the developments and ideas that led up to it, the inherent conflicts and contradictions therein, and the murky way forward from all that: “Newton once remarked that if he’d seen further than his predecessors, it was because he stood on the shoulders of giants. For the would-be Newtons of the present century, replicating that feat has become newly challenging. It is not just that you need to be a genius to scale such heights. With Newton, Einstein and Schrödinger huddled on one side, and Bell on the other, the shoulders of the giants now seem seriously out of line.”