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http://www.mintpressnews.com/prison-strike-organizer-melvin-ray-international-human-rights-issues-prisons-embarrass-us/220349/ –  From Mint Press News, a critically important profile and essay that results from interviews and reporting about one of Alabama’s inmate organizers of the nationwide strike against slave labor among the incarcerated in the nauseatingly named ‘land of the free and home of the brave,’ an absolutely must-learn lesson in political education and crucial activism for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who reject further increases in police-state fascism, a developing story that all who love freedom and justice need to follow, one that fits perfectly too with a more retrospective examination of such matters, a contextualization of the nightmare that took place at the Attica prison more or less forty-five years ago today.

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Today, as a continuing part of an ongoing Food for the Day streak, today is the National Hoagie Day; and, back in antiquity, a thousand six hundred and ninety years ago,more or less to the day, the iconic Helena of Constantinople asserted her ‘discovery’ of the ‘True Cross’ at the site which supposedly contained the remains of Jesus of Nazareth; exactly three centuries and three years hence, in 629, the Eastern Roman Empire’s forces returned to Constantinople from their defeat of Persian imperial threats to Heraclius’ reign; MORE HERE

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All of us accumulate so many debts in the course of infancy and childhood—a time which all passes in a seamless flash to launch us into an entirely different set of exigencies—that we could not possibly remunerate, except in two ways, what our parents and teachers and siblings and others have freely given to help us along life’s pathways: the first method for making good on our accounts with the past, to assist others in need at every turn and in any way that is possible, comes readily to most people; the second means for paying back the countless cases of succor and generosity, not nearly so obvious or easy to carry out, involves paying attention and then acting on what we discover, for only in this manner, by increasing our awareness, may we manage, on average, to contribute to the creation of improvements to and beneficence in the world that flows by around us, full of other sojourners whose needs and hopes and responsibilities more or less exactly parallel our own.

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“Mr. Chairman, Mr. Speaker, and ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Russell and I seem to agree on some of the points of this argument at least, but as usual with most of the opponents of birth control, they have absolutely no intelligent argument. (Laughter.) They always barricade themselves behind the Bible or the terrible vengeance of an offended nature. That is exactly what Mr. Russell is doing now.” MORE HERE from Margaret Sanger’s First Speech in response to her opponent, a New York lawyer, in a 1921 Debate on Birth Control

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SEARCHDAYconsciousness OR awareness OR "deep insight" OR wisdom OR "deep knowledge" OR "in depth knowledge" necessity OR requisite OR requirement OR "sine qua non" OR inherent "social improvement" OR "social advance" OR "social justice" analysis OR explication OR deconstruction radical OR marxist OR socialist = 5,750,000 Hits.

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A brief set of excerpts from conversations with the monumental Paulo Freire, whosePedagogy of the Oppressed has helped to revolutionize educational practice and to provide a template for truly popular education for “the struggle against injustice,” a profferal that matches perfectly with the thinking of Herbert Marcuse about injustice, inequality, and philosophy’s essential task to examine such matters, access to a portal of presentations that in turn can lead a scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen to consider the ideas about democracy and justice in a multicultural world that Jurgen Habermas delivers at a forum in Norway about Europe and its place in the wider global struggle for empowerment and progress.



Watering Hole Poetry Residency

Santee, South Carolina
Event Date: December 26, 2016
Application Deadline: August 1, 2016
E-mail address: twhpoetry@gmail.com

The 2016 Watering Hole Poetry Residency is offered from December 26 to December 30 at Santee State Park in in Santee, South Carolina. Residents are provided with a private or shared cabin that includes a full kitchen, and access to the Watering Hole Poetry Retreat’s daily craft talks, readings, and group gatherings. The cost of the residency is $400 for a shared cabin, and $700 for a private cabin. Writers are responsible for their own transportation and meals. Using the online submission manager, submit a cover letter and project description between 800 and 1,000 words, a poetry sample between 15 and 20 pages, and a $25 application fee by August 1. Visit the website for complete guidelines.


VFW Magazine is the magazine for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or VFW. They have a very large circulation, with many readers. Their primary interest is recognizing veterans and military service. They do not publish memoirs, first person accounts, or personality profiles. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.


Writers with summer camp experience needed hide this posting

compensation: $60-80/post
employment type: contract
telecommuting okay

Experiencing life at camp is said to have a profound positive effect on children; spending time being physically active, meeting new people and experiencing the outdoors. In a time where the internet, TV and video games often encompass so much of children’s time, camp becomes an opportunity for children to see there is plenty of other activities to do.


Mindful Heroin

A powerful piece by an insightful and courageous thinker who dares to look at the current trend of spiritual band aids that everyone from ashram dwellers to corporate motivational speakers extol: “Here we are, in the ruins of modernity. Fascism’s rising while the global economy’s stagnating. That means very real pain for millions, billions, of real humans. And we’re…meditating?

If the Buddha were alive today, he probably wouldn’t say: go meditate. He’d say: go fix your societies so there’s less suffering in them.”

WRISSRich and Evocative Poetry

An American Scholar look into the work of an iconic, celebrated poet whose words marked a new direction in literature: “Adrienne Rich was, without question, the unofficial poet laureate of 20th-century American feminism. Over the years, as she evolved from a stereotypical “daddy’s girl” and a precocious disciple of W. B. Yeats and Wallace Stevens into an aesthetic, critical, and political pioneer, she became a prophet for both the women whose causes she championed and the country whose flaws she lamented and whose transformation she envisioned. Many critics thought her crotchety or, worse, “strident,” while she herself sometimes said that she spoke from a marginalized perspective.”


Publishing World and Sustainable Development

A Scholarly Kitchen article that examines the UN’s tackling the establishment of media developments in the publishing world in hopes of addressing the world’s intractable social and environmental problems: “Working with publishers we’ve enabled around four million students and researchers to access the journals and books they need, and helped to strengthen university libraries, and build stronger national systems to sustain this into the future. The flow of the latest scholarly information through the labs, libraries and lecture halls of hundreds and hundreds of universities and research centers is a triumph of partnership and of commitment. These are partnerships that we want to continue, and which will play an important part in delivering our new strategy.”


For Profit College Bites the Dust

A Pacific Standard post that analyses some next steps for those concerned and “The announcement has elicited mixed reactions. Opponents of the for-profit education industry have cheered the government’s recent aggressive action against the schools. But experts also point out that the closure of one school doesn’t solve the industry’s larger problems. Former students, for example, are not eligible for loan discharge (unless they can prove they were defrauded) and many will still struggle to pay large debts on limited incomes. And current ITT students desperate to find an institution willing to accept their transfer credits may now be vulnerable to the outsized promises of other sub-par schools.”

GENISSMental Illness as Myth

An academic essay that dares question the legitimacy of mental disorders as being an actual illness: “My aim in this essay is to raise the question “Is there such a thing as mental illness?” and to argue that there is not. Since the notion of mental illness is extremely widely used nowadays, inquiry into the ways in which this term is employed would seem to be especially indicated.  Mental illness, of course, is not literally a “thing” — or physical object — and hence it can “exist” only in the same sort of way in which other theoretical concepts exist. Yet, familiar theories are in the habit of posing, sooner or later — at least to those who come to believe in them — as “objective truths” (or “facts”).  During certain historical periods, explanatory conceptions such as deities, witches, and microorganisms appeared not only as theories but as self-evident causes of a vast number of events.  I submit that today mental illness is widely regarded in a somewhat similar fashion, that is, as the cause of innumerable diverse happenings.  As an antidote to the complacent use of the notion of mental illness — whether as a self-evident phenomenon, theory, or cause–let us ask this question: What is meant when it is asserted that someone is mentally ill?”