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From Ecowatch, one of the many notices that local ‘authorities,’ which is to say protofascist thugs of energy billionaires, have issued an arrest warrant against Amy Goodman, progenitor of Democracy Now! whose passionate reporting on last week’s vicious attacks on protesters–using dogs and gas and more–went viral among monopoly media outlets; news of an attempt to ‘teach a lesson’ that will serve to work as effectively as ‘prior restraint’ in permitting information and reporting about profiteering realities to reach the public, and, as such, a dire development indeed for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who remain committed to deeper dialog about the kind of society and world that we hope to manifest.

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Today in the United States, for those who want to indulge whimsy, is National Chocolate Milkshake Day, while for those who subscribe to more New Agey sorts of sensibilities, this date marks National Encouragement Day, as, around the world, the United Nations commemorates South-South Cooperation Day; on the Grecian Peninsula, amid its fractious internecine clans, two thousand five hundred and six years ago according to current tradition, the Battle of Marathon took place, and the Athenians and their allies emerged triumphant over the first ancient Persian incursion; seventeen hundred and three years subsequently, in 1213, the Albigensian Crusade continued as Simon de Montfort defeated Peter II of Aragon at the Battle of Muret; ninety-six years after that, in 1309, a somewhat related conflict unfolded in the context of the Spanish Reconquista as the forces of Castile of Spain defeated the caliphate’s troops in the battle for Gibraltar; MORE HERE

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The aptitude to see clearly how things operate represents plus or minus half of thriving, and perhaps survival, in these daunting times, with the other fifty percent of what is essential residing in the capacity to build relationships with others of one’s class and station, connections that serve to foster mutual engagement and joint action, without which all the awareness in the world of how everything fits together leads nowhere; at the same time, downplaying consciousness is worse than absurd inasmuch as figuring out when and how to act so as to benefit oneself and one’s fellows is more or less impossible without a high level of insight indeed.

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“On a Winter day some years ago, coming out of Pittsburgh on one of the expresses of the Pennsylvania Railroad, I rolled eastward for an hour through the coal and steel towns of Westmoreland county.  It was familiar ground; boy and man, I had been through it often before.  But somehow I had never quite sensed its appalling desolation.  Here was the very heart of industrial America, the center of its most lucrative and characteristic activity, the boast and pride of the richest and grandest nation ever seen on earth–and here was a scene so dreadfully hideous, so intolerably bleak and forlorn that it reduced the whole aspiration of man to a macabre and depressing joke.  Here was wealth beyond computation, almost beyond imagination–and here were human habitations so abominable that they would have disgraced a race of alley cats. MORE HERE

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In the context of likely countless disquisitions about 9/11 a decade and a half ago—perspectives as varied as the authors, about ‘falling dominoes;’ as a ‘catastrophic legacy;’ as an exercise in secret cover ups ; as a series of blatant lies ; as a reason for ‘patriotism’ andprotest ; as multiple assessments of fifteen years of war and examinations  of purported involvement by ‘allies ‘ such as Saudi Arabia; including litany  after litany that either call into question the standard narrative  or repeats the party line that we’ve got to stop Al Qaeda and its brethren; or as the occasional note  about how all the fighting against ‘terror’ hasn’t done much good, or the random kudos to the rare politician who calls for reopening the investigative floodgates, or even serving notice that fictionalizing the events of that long ago later Summer day have proven difficult to carry off— MORE HERE

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"Adderallrx" by FtWashGuy
“Adderallrx” by FtWashGuy

An astounding narrative, down to earth and powerful, about the fatuous cocktail of self-serving nonsense that passes for much of ‘psychiatric medical practice,’ from one of the world’s acknowledged authorities on these matters, Peter Gotzsche, who dismantles and destroys the foundations, both theoretical and practical, of the now ‘establishment’ view–which is to say the pharmaceutical perspective, which has made, in aggregate some plus or minus trillion dollars of profits in this arena in the past six decades or so; a presentation that dovetails perfectly with the lyrical talk that Robert Whitaker provides, in which he addresses the fifty-fold increase in psychiatric drug expenditures since roughly 1960, to the point that one of five citizens are taking psychotropic ‘medicines’ today, an eventuality with easy-to-document toxicity and morbidity and mortality that would, but for the profit motive, almost certainly have led to caution in prescriptive behavior, which instead around the world has caused a tripling in the numbers of scrips over the last two decades, a terrifying occurrence, given the real harms involved, that Whitaker makes plain and digestible for any scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen who would prefer a human existence to the ‘brave new world’ that is unfolding all too tangibly and horribly all round about us now.


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Conference on Copyright Reform  

Online conference on Monday Sept 12: “The question of copyright reform is already beginning to take center stage once again in the US and around the world — and, as always, entrenched companies in the entertainment industries, and other traditional advocates of stronger copyright, will spare no expense to be a driving force in the discussion. It’s time for those of us who understand what’s really at stake to start talking about real copyright reform: ways to fix this broken system so it not only stops interfering with digital innovation, but starts promoting it. We’re assembling a room full of people who understand that something serious needs to be done to fix copyright in the digital age, and we plan on leaving with real strategies to start promoting smarter, better copyright reform.”


Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship

Wyoming writers are reminded the deadline for Wyoming Arts Council 2017 Creative Writing fellowships applications is August 22.  The format of the 2017 fellowships is new: one fellowship will be awarded in each category of Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, and Fiction, for a total of three fellowships.

Houston Arts Alliance

Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is the local nonprofit arts and culture agency that enhances the city’s quality of life through advancing and investing in the arts and diverse cultural programming. The work of HAA encourages Houston’s development and shapes its global reputation by fostering tourism and supporting and promoting the city’s creative economy.


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Drug Abuse Abetting

A Salon piece by an insightful commentator who looks at the ways that current views and laws on addictive drugs perpetuate the problem, by using as an example a current pseudo drug that has created more strife than the drug it was designed to ‘cure’: “Prohibiting dangerous substances has not only clearly failed to keep people from using them, it has also made the use of those substances more dangerous. And it has incentivized the rise of more dangerous opiates, because drug traffickers benefit from packing the highest level of potency into the smallest shipment at the lowest cost possible. To the extent that people who take fentanyl largely would prefer heroin, access to regulated heroin used under medical supervision would keep many from dying by overdose, and would help drive more potent narcotic interlopers like fentanyl from the market.”


Yearning for Poetic Significance

A moving Common Dreams article that contextualizes the role that poetry and literature can have to portray social and political realities with soul, pointing to the traditionally purposeful use for poetry:  “I want a modern-day Walt Whitman to sing our body politic electric. I want a glorious six-foot Maya Angelou to awaken the mourning and yearning hiding in our souls. I want a Gary Snyder to hum an irreverent hymn of the broken American heart.  I want to hear from the poets, the ones who will speak our names, those who will cry over the lives shot dead in our streets. I want a poet to remember whom we are, to recall the painful past, to struggle through the present, to hold out the beacon toward our future. I want a poet to speak across our airwaves, a human shattered by compassion, committed to our fractured nation. I want a poet to believe in us again, so that we may climb out of the pit of our self-hatred, so that we might find our way to love.”


Copyright Trolls

A Tech Dirt look at a Swedish internet service provider who has, in an ironic twist, used its leverage to strike against the tiresome copyright trolls intent on harrassing internet users:  “Copyright trolls still plague the world, unfortunately. While many are the group and individuals that advocate against this form of legal extortion, nearly always built upon shaky evidence at best, too silent have been the ISPs that copyright trolls utilize to send out their settlement letters. For whatever reason, ISPs en masse have decided that it isn’t prudent to advocate for their clients. But not all ISPs behave this way. In Sweden, ISP Bahnhof, which we have written about previously for its client-friendly practices, is fighting back against one copyright troll on behalf of its customers in the best way possible: by turning the intellectual property tables back upon them.”


9/11 And the Warmongers Agenda

A Tom Dispatch article that analyses the legacy of war and imperialism that America has sowed in this, the anniversary of an event that some commentators say sparked it all: “If you really want to experience shock and awe, however, think about this: almost 15 years have passed and that air war has never ended.  In Afghanistan, for instance, in just the first four years of the Obama administration (2009-2012), more than 18,000 munitions were released over the country.  And this year, B-52s, those old Vietnam workhorses, retired for a decade in Afghanistan, took to the air again as U.S. air sorties there ramped up againstsurging Taliban and Islamic State militants. “

GENISSResisting Neoliberal Ideology

A Foreign Policy in Focus post that properly contextualizes the role that resistance and defiance can have in changing the dialogue in regards to negative cultural and economic forces that seem inevitable today: “True, neoliberalism continues to be the default discourse among many economists and technocrats. But even before the recent global financial collapse, it had already lost much of its credibility and legitimacy. What made the difference? Not so much research or debate, but action. It took the anti-globalization actions of masses of people in the streets of Seattle, which interacted in synergistic fashion with the resistance of developing country representatives in the Sheraton Convention Center, and a police riot, to bring about the spectacular collapse of a WTO ministerial meeting and translate those factoids into facts. And the intellectual debacle inflicted on globalization by Seattle had very real consequences. Today, the Economist, the prime avatar of neoliberal globalization, admits that the “integration of the world economy is in retreat on almost every front,” and a process of “deglobalization” that it once considered unthinkable is actually unfolding.”