9.11.2017 Daily Links

  A Thought for the Day   

Whether one marks the tragic human panoply with general reflection, as often transpires in daily Thoughts of one sort and another, or with specific recollection, as of the events of a particular day that proffers provocative numerals in its normal manifestation, one cannot avoid the duty, unless one’s purpose in life is to sow confusion and chaos and bullshit, to contextualize things in a way that accounts for all the key information that surrounds a specific eventuality and that does not just cherry-pick selected facts that support a given observer’s ideological inclinations and agendas, to wit, as just a single tiny example in relation to “Nine Eleven,” one cannot escape the label of either dire idiot or evil thug if one fails to note the horrors in Chile that occurred on this date, at the behest of the Central Intelligence Agency and corporate America, in 1973, twenty-eight years prior to the catastrophic occurrences of sixteen years back, when one cannot help but imagining that something akin to karma or payback was operating in one way or another, in a fashion more or less horrific and insidious and altogether conspiratorial all at the same time.

  Quote of the Day  
“Every work of art is an uncommitted crime. …(Along similar lines), (a)rt is magic delivered from the lie of being truth. …(just as) (f)or a man who no longer has a homeland, writing becomes a place to live. …(In this context), (f)reedom would be not to choose between black and white but to abjure such prescribed choices.”  Theodore Adorno

 This Day in History  

Today is Teacher’s Day in Argentina and Patriot Day in the United Statesseven hundred twenty years ago, Scot forces under the joint command of William Wallace and Andrew Moray defeated a British Army at Stirling Bridge; ninety-three years later, in 1390, Teutonic Knights initiated a five-week siege of Vilnius, Lithuania; MORE HERE

 four hundred seventy-six years prior to the present pass, Mapuche indigenous fighters destroyed Spanish fortifications in Santiago, Chile; Ottoman forces retreated from the Siege of Malta not quite a quarter century afterward, in 1565; Spain began the final phase of its persecution and expulsion of Islamic Moriscos from the Iberian Peninsula forty-four years subsequently, in 1609, and Henry Hudson first parlayed with indigenous Americans on what we now call Manhattan Island; a Serbian surprise attack three hundred eighteen years back at the Battle of Zenta laid the basis for driving Ottoman rule out of most of Central Europe; two hundred twenty-eight years before the here-and-now, Alexander Hamilton became the first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; British forces fought Marathas armies fourteen years hence, in 1803, at the Battle of Delhi, seizing control of the great city shortly thereafter for the imperial representatives of the East India Company; a decade after that, in 1813, around the world in a different sort of imperial venture, English soldiers decamped at Mount Vernon in preparation for invading the District of Columbia; eight years past that conjunction, in 1821, across the Atlantic, English philosopher and economist David Ricardo died; another eight years henceforth, in 1829,a Spanish contingent sent to stop the Mexican independence movement instead surrendered to rebels; twenty-two years further along time’s pathway, in 1851, escaped slaves in Pennsylvania fought back against their pursuers, an act of resistance that inspired the Abolition Movement with the so-called Christiana Riots; eleven years nearer to now, in 1862,the boy baby who grew up to become a financial schemer and criminal and famed author O. Henry was born; one hundred thirty-two years before this juncture, the male infant who became D.H. Lawrence came into the world; eight years further along, in 1893 at the Congress of World Religions in Chicago, Swami Vivekinanda delivered a renowned speech on fanaticism and intolerance and inherent, ubiquitous religious truth; four years more proximate to now, in 1897, over 75,000 coal miners ended their Pennsylvania fields strike when they won the eight hour day, the elimination of ‘company stores’ and twice-monthly pay; six years beyond that moment in time, in 1903, the baby who turned into Frankfurt School theorist and author Theodore Adorno gave his first cry; U.S. Marines invaded Honduras; a dozen years hence, in 1915, Emily Post took a month to ‘motor’ cross-country and attained more or less instant celebrity for the work that predated her oeuvre on etiquette; four years subsequent to that point, in 1919, in order to protect the landed interests of corporate and wealthy planters; the Jewish National Fund seven hundred thirty-one days afterward, in 1921, oversaw the opening of one of its first settlements in the plan to create a Jewish State; almost but not quite a decade still closer to the current context, in 1930, Katherine Ann Porter’s Flowering Judas and Other Stories hit American bookshelves with some of the deconstructive author’s renowned work; exactly ten years thereafter, in 1940, an Italian American baby boy came along who would mature as the filmmaker and screenwriter, Brian de Palma; another year yet nearer to today’s light, in 1941, workers broke ground for the construction of the Pentagon; fifty-nine years back, author and poet Robert Service lived out his final stanza; Ukrainian-born premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev died thirteen years later, in 1971, and the baby-boy came into the world who became blogger and Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas; two years even more proximate to today, in 1973,CIA-recruited, trained, and financed murderers killed elected President Salvador Allende in Chile, initiating fifteen years of terror that resulted in the deaths, disappearance, or flight of tens of thousands of Chileans; twenty years ago, NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor landed on the surface of the ‘Red Planet;’ four years hence, in 2001, planes crashed into New York’s Twin Towers, and the present moment began; eight years subsequent to that juncture, in 2009, the real life ‘Norma Rae,’ organizer and union stalwart Crystal Lee Sutton, breathed her last; three years after that, in 2012, hundreds of workers died in Pakistani garment factory fires.

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 Interesting People Places Things of Note 

Dazed Profile of Rejuvenated Bjork

A Dazed look at the new work of the renowned artist: “Björk Guðmundsdóttir is DJing at Barcelona’s Fira Montjuïc, and the room is sweating. She’s playing a special four-hour set to open Sónar Festival, and over the course of the night the music has been oscillating between aggressive and sensual sounds – a neck-snapping polyrhythm might mutate into a Rihanna vocal, a guttural bassline into ecstatic R&B. The crowd, a mixture of both 20-something clubbers and older fans, are transfixed as they watch the Icelandic pop icon make her selections from a stage made to resemble a hothouse, densely packed with potted plants.”


 General Media & ‘Intellectual Property’ Issues 

Photo Competition

A Dazed photo competition that can bring opportunities to media folks whose work intersects with community: “The communities that photographers are invested in often become integral to their work. When you really care about the people, places or things you photograph, that authenticity bleeds into the picture. You’ll see it in a smile captured from an intimate angle, the glint of honest familiarity in a gaze, or the access given to a private space.”


 General Past & Present Issues 

LSD’s Therapeutic Benefits

A Dazed piece that highlights the benefits of pursuing psychedelics in a therapeutic setting: ” Jack* has been self-medicating with psychedelics after a six-year battle with anxiety and clinical depression. Spending many of his days watching waves crash on the crumbling cliffs below him, Jack was introduced to the drugs through a friend. While it hasn’t completely eliminated his depression, Jack quickly noticed potential for growth and therapeutic healing. “Psychedelics have reminded me to enjoy the present, have gifted me visions of myself from other people’s perspective, completely eliminated my fear of death and have broken bad habits,” Jack said.”