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"SIG Pro by Augustas Didzgalvis"
“SIG Pro by Augustas Didzgalvis”


A story from Democracy Now! about a fourteen year old girl who shot her father in the head with a gun that testimony suggests he had used to threaten the family, killing him and announcing words to the effect of ‘you’re free now, mama,’ the upshot of which has been murder charges against her, as an adult, that could lead to a sentence of life in prison, a context of vile violence and mutual viciousness that has polarized onlookers between those who want to hammer the girl and those who say she was, in essence, acting in self defense against an abusive man, all of which intersects with the militarization of society and the ubiquity of international horror in such a fashion as to sober even the merriest scrappy scribe, in such a way as to enervate even the staunchest stalwart citizen, as stories are also breaking about the potential pendency of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, about the resurgence of the Taliban to such an extent in Afghanistan that regional capitals are under threat of takeover by offshoots of what the U.S. started there lo these thirty-seven years ago to undermine the Soviets, at exactly the same time that, just in the past few days, Russian fighter interceptors engaged and drove off  U.S. spy planes over the Black Sea, meaning in essence that the nuclear eagle and the atomic-armed bear are preparing a thermonuclear death dance in the skies of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

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Today is California’s Statehood Celebration and a Commemoration in Slovakia of Holocaust and racial-violence victims; fourteen hundred eighty-three years ago, a 15,000 man Byzantine army invaded Tunisia and marched on Carthage; nine hundred twenty-nine years prior to the present pass, William the Conquerer died; Croatian martial power gave way to Ottoman invaders in the Balkans five hundred twenty-three years in advance of today at the Battle of Krbava Field; the in-the-end fruitless Poissy Colloquy to reconcile French Catholics and Protestants began sixty-eight years subsequently, in 1561; a further seventy-eight years later, in 1739, slaves in and around Charleston rose up in the Stono Rebellion; two hundred forty years back, the Continental Congress officially named the United States; one hundred eighty-eight years prior to this point-in-time, the infant who would write War & Peace, as Leo Tolstoy, was born; MORE HERE

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pfunked Deviant Art
pfunked Deviant Art

Storytellers and performers and cultural creators of every sort can dream of the big score—why not?—yet, the reality of such fantasies is all too easy to express as the outcome of a dialectical dance in which scrappy scribes and their ilk among the circus tents and theater stages and gallery spaces and open mics and so on and so forth have basically two likely options that are polar opposites of each other: either working class producers will take command of the protocols and perquisites of output, and truly revolutionary developments will expand the creative spheres of life, or smaller and smaller numbers of thespians and directors and playwrights and such—and then almost always those to the manor born or who otherwise worm their way close to the powers-that-be—will have even the most meager options to make a pittance, let alone a living, in the realm of their muses’ calling, a stark opposition that only does anyone any good if the workers who labor at art recognize that these diametrically antithetical developments will result from the choices of either the current ruling classes or yet-to-manifest collectives of the inspired and inventive laborers themselves.

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“The justification of all persons who have freed themselves
from toil is now founded on experimental, positive science.  The
scientific theory is as follows:-‘For the study of the laws of life of human societies, there exists
but one indubitable method,–the positive, experimental, critical
method… .Only sociology, founded on biology, founded on all the positive
sciences, can give us the laws of humanity.  Humanity, or human
communities, are the organisms already prepared, or still in process of formation, and which are subservient to all the laws of the evolution of organisms. MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


From the ineffable geniuses at Storm Clouds Gathering, an as-usual incisive and potent and richly contextualized account of the origins of scientific principles of mass manipulation, a narrative that in turn details the twists and turns and interconnections that have led to the deployment of ever-more refined techniques of these powerful protocols of popular persuasion, moreover, of especial interest to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, an effort at documentation that moves beyond merely showing and telling to issues of engagement, agency, and turning these tools to the use of the people whom they now oppress and emasculate.




A Conference To Clear The Mind Of The 9/11 Brainwashing

A 2-Day Symposium | Sept. 10-11, 2016 | Cooper Union New York City

Fifteen years after the events of 9/11, wars and cultural conflicts caused by the U.S. response and questionable alliances continue to create global tensions. Furthermore, questions of how the attacks took place continue to surface. For these reasons, a historic event highlighting the blatant discrepancies of the official narrative will be held to critique science-based evidence of the most consequential event of our time. A stellar lineup of credentialed experts will also review new evidence of a cover up such as is revealed in the declassification of the 28 pages, and raise the bar – literally, with an unprecedented level of legal analysis.  As you’ll see, this event has an international component, since 9/11 was such a world-changing event.  Full details and tickets are atwww.911justiceinfocus.org.


Blue River Poetry Contest

Blue River is a non-profit literary journal produced by Creighton University’s MFA program. We seek to build a new tradition: to foster and celebrate contemporary graduate-level creative writers by publishing their fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. In that spirit, we provide our own MFA students with experience in literary editing and production as a preparation for work in the publishing industry.

Third Street Writers

Be a renegade. Submit your Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, or Personal Essay to our inaugural literary review, Beach Reads, Volume 1. The theme of this edition is “Here Comes the Sun.” Think ocean breezes, BBQ’s, summer love, road trips… sunny and not-so-sunny.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Social Media Manager

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s largest news organization, is seeking a social media manager to grow and guide the newspaper’s social presence. The Review-Journal is investing heavily in its newsroom. News organizations everywhere are cutting back, but we’re hiring. We’re committed to building a regional journalism powerhouse, attracting top-notch talent and helping journalists grow.

Nashville Public Radio is hiring a reporter focused on growing pains.

The recent boom in Nashville and Middle Tennessee has created friction — transit, preservation, gentrification, rising rents, crowded schools, changing neighborhoods. WPLN needs a reporter who has a sharp eye and can observe trends and note changes, and then find the voices who can tell that story on the radio and online.


Filmmaking Duo Breaking Truths

A Poynter look at a courageous and dynamic media duo who broke an amazing story through the magic of film and reporting: “When they teamed up, they found a way to offer breadth and depth to a complicated and contentious issue.

“Sentencing Children,” a multi-part digital series, combines the documentary skills of USC Annenberg professor Daniel Birman with the reporting muscle of The Tennessean’s Anita Wadhwani, an investigative reporter.

The result: several short films focusing on one young woman and a wider look at the system she’s a part of.”

WRISSWho Needs a Stinkin’ Residency, Anyway

A great ideas post from Brevity that shares with writers an idea whose time has come – setting up your own writers’ residency, thanks to the cheap travelling opportunities that American life, the sharing economy, and general diminished expectations brings: “Now, I’m a freelancer with no kids, I live in a country where I don’t have a work permit so I don’t have to hustle back for a job, and my husband is deeply supportive and understanding, so it’s possible for me to say, sure, I’ll randomly take a few more days for myself! which is not everyone’s experience. But if you have a couple of days, consider a self-made mini-residency. You don’t have to pass an application process or bother your references or agonize over which pieces to put in a work sample or guess which dates you’ll be available 18 months from applying. Doing your own can cost less than flying to an established residency.”


For Profit Fiasco as Monopoly Media’s Darling

A Counter Punch critique of monopoly media’s bafflingly uninformed support of the ailing, fraudulent for-profit college recently felled by prosecutors, all as a reflection of ideological perspectives: “What is particularly bizarre is the complete refusal of the Wall Street Journal to discuss any of the specific problems that have been well documented regarding ITT and other for-profit’s practices. The paper condemns the DOE for its “lawless” attack on ITT, independent of any effort to address why the school is under attack. Sadly, the Journalappears willfully blind to the realities of higher education. For one, a court conviction has never been necessary to pull accreditation from a learning institution with a troubled background, and it is certainly unrelated to states’ choice to investigate predatory lending in higher education. ITT will have its day in court, but this doesn’t mean it can or should avoid public scrutiny in the meantime, or avoid government regulations aimed at protecting taxpayers from the college’s looming bankruptcy.”


Black Ops Against Palestinians

An Electronic Intifada look at ongoing, state-sanctioned terror and disorder in Palestine: “A veteran Israeli intelligence analyst is linking recent attacks and harassment campaigns against Palestinian activists and human rights organizations to so-called “black ops” by Israel’s intelligence agencies.

Writing in the Maariv newspaper on Sunday, Yossi Melman, who has covered Israel’s spy agencies for decades, reveals telling details about Israel’s ramped up fight against the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.”

GENISSPrison Profits

A New Yorker look at the companies that benefit off the prison industry, considerable and unsavoury in spite of recent legislation meant to stamp out for-profit prison companies: “A part of that industry was much discussed earlier this month, when the Department of Justice announced it would phase out its use of private prisons. Private prisons—both state and federal—represent just a small slice of the eighty billion dollars spent yearly on corrections, and they housed only about a hundred and thirty-one thousand inmates in 2014, compared with the 1.4 million inmates locked up in government-run facilities. But, because private prison companies routinely lobby Congress for lengthier prison sentences, the federal government’s announcement was seen as a modest victory for criminal-justice-reform advocates, whose long-term goal is to end mass incarceration.

But the country’s historic incarceration boom has given rise to companies that provide services and products to government prisons. Many of these provide necessary equipment and services, of course, but some do so in rather unsavory ways.”