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From The Hill, a remarkable admission of how little differentiates the ReDemoPubliCratiCan candidates, Hillary and Donald, both of whom agree that militarism is an end all and be all of America’s prosperity and power and viability as a national project, even as those slight divergences are the basis for all sorts of attempts to engineer mountains from mole hills, this at one and the same time as Salon is obviously only one of many outlets to denote that Jill Stein now has an official arrest warrant against her for standing up for Sioux and human rights in relations to carbon transport in the Dakotas, a contextualization of our present political process that ought to matter both to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, all of which are aspects of the present pass that receive short shrift all too often.

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Today, apropos scrappy scribes, is International Literacy Day, while in Canada and Estonia, today is the first day that Grandparents Day can fall, and in 1966, the first UNESCO International Literacy Day is celebrated; in ancient Palestine more or less precisely nineteen hundred forty-six years ago, Roman legions under the leadership of Titus sacked Jerusalem and effectively eliminated Jewish rule in the region; three years less than five and a half centuries hence, in 617, Sui Dynasty fighters in China suffered a crushing defeat by forces under the command of Li Yuan, which soon enough led to the establishment of the Tang Dynasty; seven hundred fifty-two years prior to the present pass, Polish nobles declared ‘greater Poland’ a place where Jewish people could live freely and safely; six hundred thirty-six years before this moment,Russian fighting forces halted the advance of a Tatar/Mongol invasion at the Battle Kulikovo; MORE HERE

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death skull-Santa-muerte-nlaredo2As much as, day by day and in the standard scheme of things, we must decry death and delay its doomed deletion of all that we’ve seen and felt and recorded and planned as a procession forward in time, without its pitiless and yet also often enough merciful intervention, those of us here and now, not even mentioning those who are to follow along after, would exist in such a quagmire of crowded filth that we would ultimately beg for an exit, or even for the grace never to have had a mother who bore us into the messy morass in the first place, so that, in a tempered and rational view of things, the grim reaper is as necessary to life as are the sun and air and glorious waters of this fair planet that we are so wont to foul with our greedy grasping after ever more, ever more, and evermore.

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My aim in this essay is to raise the question ‘Is there such a thing as mental illness?’ and to argue that there is not.  Since the notion of mental illness is extremely widely used nowadays, inquiry into the ways in which this term is employed would seem to be especially indicated.  Mental illness, of course, is not literally a ‘thing’ — or physical object — and hence it can ‘exist’ only in the same sort of way in which other theoretical concepts exist. Yet, familiar theories are in the habit of posing, sooner or later — at least to those who come to believe in them — as ‘objective truths’ (or ‘facts’). During certain historical periods, explanatory conceptions such as deities, witches, and microorganisms appeared not only as theories but as self-evident causes of a vast number of events.  I submit that today mental illness is widely regarded in a somewhat similar fashion, that is, as the cause of innumerable diverse happenings.  As an antidote to the complacent use of the notion of mental illness — whether as a self-evident phenomenon, theory, or cause–let us ask this question: What is meant when it is asserted that someone is mentally ill? MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


Another centrally relevant series of revelations about how the bankers and lawyers and ruling-class scions who stand behind, organize, and lead the Central Intelligence Agency have for seven decades–and additional research would demonstrate from the inception of the modern American State as far back as Taft and Wilson–infiltrated, manipulated, and treated as ‘intelligence assets’ and ‘propaganda purveyors’ the ‘A-List’ participants in media and culture and Hollywood and such whose so-called ‘fourth-estate’ status stems from their ‘watchdog’ role in relation to the sorts of skullduggery for which they are serving as attack animals instead, in the event an interview on RT, by extremely knowledgeable journalists instead of the facile presenters who read teleprompters for Fox News or CNN, with Nick Schou, whose monograph, Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media & Hoodwinks Hollywood, another of those investigatory tour de forces that all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who care about thriving, or even survival, ought to follow very carefully indeed.


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Verily Mag Internship 

Verily is a women’s fashion and lifestyle website that’s “less of who you should be, more of who you are.” Our mission is to empower and inspire women to be the best versions of themselves. If you’re interested in being an intern this fall, you’re in luck: we’re taking applications! This internship will run for approximately 10 weeks (dates dependent on your school schedule) and can be be based remotely.  We’re looking for sharp, forward-thinking interns to help us create our unique daily content. Our fall editorial interns will cover all of our departments, and we’ll also be taking an art intern.


pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is Western Pennsylvania’s largest newspaper and post-gazette.com is the region’s most visited news website, together reaching nearly 1 million people each week. The Post-Gazette provides award-winning local, national and international news coverage plus, unparalleled reporting and commentary on Pittsburgh’s sports teams.

WFMJ-TV (NBC/CW), Youngstown, Ohio has an immediate opening for a reporter/MMJ.  Candidates should have previous experience reporting, shoot, writing and editing news packages, sound news judgment and interview techniques as well as the ability to develop news stories and cultivate sources.   Strong performance skills a must.   Send resume, references and link to: Mona Alexander, WFMJ News Director. mona@wfmj.com No phone calls please. EOE.


Rekindling and Rethinking through Performance

A Red Wedge piece that interviews conceptual, radical, and provocative artists who seek to express realities whose fiery insights speak not just to an entire generation, but to the intractable ills that we as a society must overcome: “Jesa Dior Brooks is a musician and artist. Their work positions the individual experiences of anti-racist and anti-capitalist struggle in an art historical context. They are part of the AfroPunk duo Thee Mistakes and a member of the band Meathorse. Brooks will be performing and participating in the inaugural exhibition of the Dollar Art House, “The Hard Times Art Show,” on September 30 in St. Louis. I interviewed them in the lead-up to the event.”

WRISSPoetry in the Face of Horror

A Lit Hub posting of great power and importance of being a poet and a writer, and the importance of that vocation in a world that so often seems so devoid: “I’ve been trying to unravel what it means to be a poet in the face of violence. If poetry hasn’t always been, to some degree, a softening of the blow. A way to undo the narrative of the impossible—the violence of war, the death of children, the loss of limb or soul or possibility—and render it palatable, a distant memory, like a tree seen through a train window, passed by hours and landscapes ago. The way the Song of Roland, Beowulf, and Homer tell me of war—necessary, inevitable, romantic. Like that tree we passed so long ago. Somewhere in the horizon, a small dot, a reminder of the ugly parts of ourselves turned beautiful.”


Library Wars

A fascinating look from Atlas Obscura into the rivalries and passions incited by libraries in the ancient world, back when repositories of knowledge were valued and not diluted by media distractions: “Much like how athletes are drafted to rival teams in today’s sports, libraries “attracted scholars by offering one better wages than the other kings,” she says. The rivalry “probably stimulated the production of the scholars in both centers, but it was also quite unhealthy meaning that some scholars we know were imprisoned so they couldn’t leave to the other part of the world.”

It’s said that Ptolemy V threw Aristophanes of Byzantium, a grammarian and critic, into prison after hearing rumors that he may leave Alexandria to join the academics in Pergamum, wrote Casson.”


For Profit College Bites the Dust

A Think Progress tale of another so-called college that in the end collapsed under its own fraud, uselessness, and predatory acts, a fate that underscores the inevitable fate of for-profit education industry: “Last year, the department put ITT on the heightened cash monitoring list for filing its financial information late and the Securities and Exchange Commission announced fraud charges against two ITT executives. The SEC’s director of its division of enforcement, Andrew Ceresney, claimed that the executives “made numerous material misstatements and omissions in its disclosures to cover up the subpar performance of student loans programs that ITT created and guaranteed.””

GENISSImperialist Intelligence Training Jihadists

An Activist Post look at the way the CIA and other government operations have a finger in every pie in regards to political and social unrest, and how many times, and for grand chessboard reasons, their operatives even train those rebels: “Former Tajikistan Special Forces colonel, Gulmurod Khalimov, defected to the ranks of ISIS last year and publicly declared jihad against the West.  After being trained in the United States by private military contractor Blackwater, Khalimov has reportedly been promoted from within the Islamic State organization and has been named the new chief military commander for the global terror group.”