9.07.2017 Thought of the Day

Should anyone doubt the malleable plasticity that characterizes each personal specimen’s human form, that skeptic need only consider the infants from which every member of the Homo Sapiens species has derived, all of whom resembled each other much more closely—in behavior and functionalities—than do seemingly wildly differing adults, whose genders and backgrounds and shapes and sizes bring to the fore apparent particularities of singular existence that are actually nothing other than chimera, inasmuch as the ways that we mirror each other, even as fully actualized individuals, so far outnumber the expressions of supposed differences as to make the latter, at best, non sequiturs in any basically rational assessment of social functioning or society building; this aggregation of ideation finds a particularly powerful expression among athletes and other can-do competitors, who maintain that a combination of will and regimentation permits the manifestation of whatever body the specific jock in question wants to create—a critical assessment that must nonetheless recognize the clearly miraculous reinvention that such stars of stage and field can in fact bring to pass with their individualized discipline and training regimens.