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CC BY-NC by niXerKG
CC BY-NC by niXerKG


In the gruesome context of yet another case of depredation against this entire continent’s original inhabitants, as carbon’s profiteering servants ram a pipeline through native lands without compunction, with the complete expectation of impunity, a report from TruthOut about a Presidential candidate of such ferocious courage and integrity that she has committed civil disobedience in opposing this attempt to hijack the land and lives of the Sioux another time, actions that growing hundreds–soon to be thousands–of protectors, not protesters, have decided to make a ‘no paseran’ moment, what TeleSur designates  as a resurfacing of ‘Manifest Destiny’ terror in the 21st century, what New Yorker contextualizes as a hearkening back to the darkest days of wanton death and destruction for profit in America’s past, all of which ought to at least merit sober attention and careful regard on the part of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens alike.

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beer, drink, alcohol,Today, in the United States, people celebrate both National Acorn Squash Day, National Salami Day, and National Beer Lover’s Day, simultaneously, as well, Brazil celebrates its Independence Day; in the land which is now Israel, one thousand nine hundred forty-six years ago, Titus led a Roman army to occupy and plunder Jerusalem; eight hundred twenty-five years ahead of today, Richard I of England defeated Saladin at Arsuf, during the time of the Third Crusade; thirty-seven years later, in 1228, the Holy Roman Emperor begun the Sixth Crusade when he landed in Acre, Palestine, seeking a peaceful restoration of the Kingdom of Jerusalem; four hundred twenty-four years further forward in time, in 1652, around 15,000 Chinese Han farmers and militia rebelled against Dutch rule on Taiwan; MORE HERE

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Perhaps the most compelling reason for the inevitability of death lies in the enthusiastic pursuit that humans indulge for what one might term procreative practice: the sex drive, both persistent and potent, guarantees that women will end up venturing to death’s door to bring forth new life, nascent human actors whose agency grows from their entering the birth canal and compels prioritizing their needs and demands, the result of which would cause society to discard the old and infirm in some fashion or other even if nature were friendlier in its arrangement of life’s disposal options, so to say, so that the views of so-called ‘transhumanists,’ if they fail to consider these matters—and of course they do ignore these issues—can only serve as an equivalent for justifying the continuing proto-existence of plunderers and plutocrats at the expense of what one can see with absolute clarity as a ‘new generation.’

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Such a belief about a man, and specifically about Stalin, was cultivated among us for many years. The objective of the present report is not a thorough evaluation of Stalin’s life and activity. Concerning Stalin’s merits, an entirely sufficient number of books, pamphlets and studies had already been written in his lifetime. Stalin’s role of Stalin in the preparation and execution of the Socialist Revolution, in the Civil War, and in the fight for the construction of socialism in our country, is universally known. Everyone knows it well. MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAYkinsey OR reich OR marcuse "scientific study of human sexuality" OR sexology OR "sexual behavior in the human male" OR "eros and civilization" OR "sexual repression" "human nature" OR anthropology OR "human behavior" OR "primate behavior" OR "animal needs" OR "erotic desire" history = 121,000 Results.

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One of those moments in which clarity emerges from a single story in dozens of other areas of inquiry and experience, in the event a powerful excerpt from a Radio Free America documentary on Henrik Krueger’s The Great Heroin Coup, beginning with the way that Uncle Sam’s Nationalist Chinese ‘friends’ set up a security apparatus indistinguishable from narcotics traffickers and how this led to contacts and context for a “criminal network of hitherto unimagined dimensions” in the takeover by direct U.S. intelligence assets of the world heroin and other contraband operations, all of which tied in with the failure of the French fifteen years before to maintain control of Indochina, a narrative explication that helps to make sense of the Vietnam War; the growth of the bureaucracy of drug war, including the carceral state and the Drug Enforcement Agency; the infiltration in the C.I.A. of former so-called Mafia members like Nixon buddy, Santo Trafficante; the development of rogue murder and sabotage ‘projects’ against Cuba, as well as the domestic origins of COINTELPRO, and the establishment of a CIA-Agent-led narcostate in Panama; and enough more to fill many additional pages that brief apparently anomalous, not to say ‘un-American,’ eventualities of American life, clearly a must listen for stalwart citizens and scrappy scribes.


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The MacDowell Colony provides time, space, and an inspiring environment to artists of exceptional talent. A MacDowell Fellowship, or residency, consists of exclusive use of a studio, accommodations, and three prepared meals a day for up to eight weeks. There are no residency fees.

MacDowell Fellows are selected by our admissions panels, which are comprised of a revolving group of distinguished professionals in each artistic discipline who serve anonymously for three years.


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To be in residence at Le CouveNt means : to work collaboratively, to receive technical and artistic assistance and to be immersed in a outstanding environment, a 17th century convent 55 minutes flight away from Paris.
While in residence, the artists will benefit from an intense production time enhanced by the exchange of ideas and experiences with peers.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


EdSource Today, California’s pre-eminent source of news and analysis about public education, is seeking a fulltime reporter to cover major reforms being implemented in the state and nation.  The successful candidate will write and report on potentially the most significant changes occurring in public education in a generation and have the opportunity to be part of the emerging nonprofit journalism outlet that is considered a “must-read” by policymakers, influencers and a greater audience interested in staying abreast of the state of education.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is looking for a Deputy Features Editor to join our ambitious team and help redefine our coverage of the entertainment capital of the world.  Do you have a knack for kneading a so-so sentence until it sings? Can you spot the stories certain to get people talking and then wrangle the words until they are just right? Are you a highly organized team player who thrives in a fast-paced environment?


Blaming Unions

A Counter Punch post by an insightful cultural commentator who addresses some of the blind spots found in one of the only filmmakers who have ‘made it’ in the world at large: “Over the course of decades, UAW leadership has tried everything. They fought like hell, they charged, they attacked, they retreated, they tried end-runs, they compromised, they used terror of their own. They went on strike, they protested, they filed lawsuits; they used violence, they broke the law, they obeyed the law, they begged, they promised, they threatened; they played possum, and they played wolverine. For Moore to glibly suggest that the game was winnable is not just naïve, it’s insulting.”

WRISSAuthor Reminiscing

A Rumpus audio look at the first apartment of an iconic Latino writer, a post which might bring some nostalgia to all writers: “Rachel Martin, host of the NPR series Next Chapter, sits down with Sandra Cisneros, beloved author of The House on Mango Street, to reflect on Cisneros’s experience of moving into her first apartment. Cisneros speaks on the independence she found away from her “father’s roof,” and delivers brilliant wisdom on how to accept loneliness, how to own yourself, how to control your destino—by controlling your fertility and your money.”


Critics Fling Poo at Lit or Food

A Lit Hub article that looks at the role that critics provide as excoriating, and at times uncouth, gatekeepers to culture and quality – whether culinary or literary – and weighs in on which ones are the most hard-core: “Critics—those heartless pathologists of Great Art—are not unlike the Devil, or perhaps Dracula, in the sense that they can appear in many guises in order to seduce or eviscerate their vulnerable prey. Every discipline has its anointed wielders of the poison pen, cold-blooded ink slingers with the power to make or break the reputations of those bars, films, books or albums brave or foolish enough to exist. And though it may be petty, and cruel, and transparently motivated by schadenfreude, who amongst us doesn’t enjoy reading a good hatchet job from time to time?”


Extractive industries Abuse 

A Portside posting that looks at recent court proceedings against mining and extraction companies who are infamous not only for raping and plundering the Earth, but for abusing women: “For decades, the primary focus of anti-mining, logging and oil and gas activists has been on the environmental destruction left behind by the extractive industry. It is also a fact that Indigenous peoples worldwide are disproportionately impacted by environmental destruction in their territories caused by these companies with the approval of state governments. Environmental racism has put all the profits in the hands of corporations at the expense of the health of peoples, plants and animals.

What is less known by the general public are the very unique traumas experienced by Indigenous women when corporations invade their lands and their bodies..”

GENISSPolitical Denial

A Forward article that looks at the state of denial that is necessary in order for rogue abusive states to exist in spite of multiple human rights abuses and general global dislike, painting it with broad strokes as a religious problem and ignoring larger implications: “America and Israel have a lot in common. First of all, a strong political right tied to a fundamentalist religious establishment. Second, a highly polarized atmosphere in which each side sees the other as a deadly enemy. Third, a culture in which individuals increasingly side with their social-political-religious tribe rather than thinking independently — and mistrust anything coming from the other side and its so-called experts.”