9.05.2017 Thought of the Day

The ebb and flow of attraction and distance that rise and fall in every relation of amity and love and friendship, akin to the tides, in all likelihood dependent on or at least influenced by Luna’s face in our lives, now a glowing scintillating sidereal smile, soon enough a shadowy veil, resemble a tango or a game in which the players at first dance toward each other in a fiery rush of commingling and communion and then scurry apart to await the next incoming, onrushing impulsion toward embrace, a dynamic that lovers and friends and partners soon enough, if they don’t fly away in anguish and anger from the coming and going altogether, learn to recognize and appreciate as one key component of loving libations and frolicsome friendships in every circumstance of circumnavigating life’s inlets and harbors, where watery abundance juxtaposes daily with a tidal outflow that means not that aridity will reign as in a desert but that the next influxes of moisture and connection, promising swampy swims to sweet succor, are on the way.