9.04.2017 Daily Links

  A Thought for the Day   

In a typical expression of the excrescence of the ‘American way,’ labor, even as its bounty has creates all aspects of the cultural existence that count for civilization over the plus or minus hundred thousand years of human life, receives a single day of recognition, while the clever exploitation and emiseration of actual workers represents the only true art of Yankee society, in sum a horrific indictment that a careful reading of purported Labor Day oration and exposition would demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt, thereby simultaneously proving that only fundamental reformulation of the otherwise indispensable U.S.A. can salvage anything other than dross from the current wreckage that the plutocrats in Washington and New York and other bastions of capital manage as an ongoing experiment in eternal and lucrative chaos, the planned prospects for a forever concentration camp of cataclysm if we don’t completely destroy complex life on Earth first.

  Celebrating Labor Day