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Identity politics serves as the ideal form—from a bourgeois perspective—of the primacy of fetishization in all erstwhile advanced capitalist societies’ stages of cultural operation, as crisis and collapse threaten ever more hideous and lethal forms of dissolution and despond: such a systematic and publicly related methodology results in people who swear that their coloration or ‘spiritual’ affiliations or any number of decontextualized and inconsequential opinions separate and distinguish them from their cousins and would-be comrades, thus guaranteeing that solidarity and mutuality and all other organized manifestations of creating civilized existence become highly unlikely if not outright impossible, altogether a toxic dynamic on the deconstruction and transformation of which depend the continued viability, from thriving to survival, of anything worthy of the name of common humanity.

  Quote of the Day  
The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’
Maria Montessori

 This Day in History  

Mining Bituminous Coal in Pennsylvania about 1900
Mining Bituminous Coal in Pennsylvania about 1900

Today in labor history commemorates both the outbreak of miner’s struggles at Blair Mountain in 1921 and the formation in 1919 of the Communist Labor Party in Chicago under the leadership of John Reed; in Byzantium nine hundred sixty-one years ago, the Macedonian Empress Theodora on this day died without issue, leading to a regime change that corresponded with imperial decline; six hundred thirty-nine years subsequently, in 1795, another imperial snafu took place as the English took over present day Sri Lanka from Dutch control, in the War of the First Coalition, to forestall its falling to French forces; MORE HERE

 three years subsequently, in 1798, French conspirators returned the favor, very briefly, in the establishment of the Connacht Republic during the Irish Rebellion of 1798; half a decade later, in 1803, Lewis and Clark’s expedition started out for the Pacific Northwest from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then near the Western frontier of U.S. settlement; a century and a half and three year backs, Union troops began their final assault on Atlanta, sealing the Confederacy’s fate and establishing the basis for the ravages of Sherman’s March to the Sea; three years beyond that point, in 1867, the acclaimed French writer and poet, Charles Baudelaire, breathed out his final verse; three years thereafter, in 1870, to the South in Italy, the baby girl came into the world who would mature as the renowned

"Heiwa elementary school 18" by ajari from Japan - cc 2.0
“Heiwa elementary school 18” by ajari from Japan – cc 2.0

educator Maria Montessori; fifteen years henceforth, in 1885, the baby boy was born in Charleston who would grow up as the writer and poet and lyricist, DuBose Heyward; twelve years still further along time’s trek, in 1897, Thomas Edison perfected his patent for a first moving film projector, the Kinetoscope; a decade after that juncture, in 1907, England and Russia signed the St. Petersburg Convention and thereby cemented the Triple Entente that would find cause to go to war seven years afterward; three hundred sixty-six days after that moment, in 1908, a male child entered our midst whose fate was to write about and dramatize the world as William Saroyan; five years hence, in 1913, a police attack on workers in the Dublin Lockout killed two strikers and further undermined chances of a union victory; three years nearer to now, in 1916, a boy child took his first breath who would operate in the realm of television journalism as Daniel Schorr; four years more beyond that conjunction, in 1920, the world’s first radio broadcast emanated from Station 8MK Detroit Radio; yet another decade and a half onward, in 1935, the United States passed an initial Neutrality Act, evincing an erstwhile determination to avoid the pending European and Asian wars that loomed just ahead, and the baby gave a first shout who would rise in the world as the militant thinker and activist, Eldridge Cleaver; four years subsequent to those happenings, in 1939, across the Atlantic on the Polish-German border, Nazi operatives faked an attack on a German radio outpost that the fascist government used the next day to justify its planned invasion of Poland; two years even closer to the present pass, in 1941, the iconic and beloved Russian poet, Marina Tvsetsaeva, took her own life after the execution of her husband; half a decade forward toward now, in 1946, John Hersey published his account of surviving the incineration of Hiroshima, filling the entire issue of New Yorker magazine; exactly another five years en route to the present context, in 1951, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas called for U.S. recognition of the People’s Republic of China, a bow to real-politick that, after fierce and vitriolic ‘debate’ about evil commies, America’s ‘established’ leadership managed to avoid for over twenty more years; six decades and a pair of years before the here and now, the male child was born who would write fiery reportage as the investigative stalwart, Gary Webb, while John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State and puppeteer in chief, ‘approved’ Ngo Dinh Diem’s refusal to honor the agreement to hold elections, which, in spite of Dulles’ brother Allen’s CIA trickery, the U.S. puppets would certainly lose, at the very same time that automotive engineer William Cobb

"Solar panels in Ogiinuur" by Chinneeb - Own work.
“Solar panels in Ogiinuur” by Chinneeb – Own work.

demonstrated the first solar-powered automobile, a tiny model no larger than a big toy, which nonetheless tolled the eventual end of petrochemical-powered vehicles; another dozen years past that point in time’s arc, in 1967, the prolific and admired Russian writer and thinker Ilya Ehrenburg took a final bow; thirteen years more proximate still to today, in 1980, labor and national activists in the Polish area of Gdansk succeeded in gaining recognition of their union, Solidarity, from the governmental authorities; just a year more than a quarter century afterward, in 2006, a Norwegian police contingent conducted a raid that recovered The Scream, the stolen painting by National hero and icon, Edvard Munch.

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 Interesting People Places Things of Note 

Talking Bullshit to Impoverished People

A Naked Capitalism post by a forthright writer who expresses a lot of the lies of the ideology of up-by-the-bootstraps mentality that is prevalent in some circles that seek to address themselves to the poor: “Earlier this year, an infographic circled around which underscored this fact. Created by a company called InvestmentZen, the infographic showed how to “build wealth on the minimum wage.”

Aside from the fact that it contained numerous logistical issues – it used the federal minimum wage, which isn’t accurate in most states, either because their wage is higher or lower due to tip-crediting – the graphic also seemed to be concerned about moralizing the decisions of poor people and less about actually helping anyone.”


 General Media & ‘Intellectual Property’ Issues 

Google’s Mockingbird Moment

A Monday Note post that brings to our attention to recent developments in Google: “The so-called “anti-diversity” memo leaked from Google this week has tech commentators (and beyond) in an uproar. One view is Google’s reaction puts it in a no-win situation. Another, more hopeful, is the commotion will force the company to reexamine its ideas and practices.”

 Recent Events 

Releasing Deep State Memos

A Blacklisted News look at deep state memos that has recently been released: ““The administration has been maneuvered into a constant back-pedal by relentless political warfare attacks structured to force him to assume a reactive posture that assures inadequate responses,” the memo stated.

“Having become the dominant cultural meme, some benefit from it while others are captured by it; including ‘deep state’ actors, globalists, bankers, Islamists, and establishment Republicans,” the document reads.”