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corcovado_rio_twilight_2 brazilTHE EMPIRE’S AGENDA, UNFOLDING IN BRASILIA

http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/51-of-54-Brazilian-Senators-Say-They-Will-Vote-to-Oust-Rousseff-20160824-0009.html  –   In a demonstration that ‘all the news that’s fit to print’ is bullshit at best, and that monopoly media just don’t pay much attention to the world beyond the fantasies of their owners, or their masters in government, an announcement and briefing from TeleSur that the Brazilian Senate, an almost wholly owned subsidiary of imperial predators and CIA handlers, is planning overwhelmingly to throw President Dilma Roussef out on her ear even though her ‘crime’ is, and has been for decades, budgetary standard operating procedure in the world’s fourth largest country, its sixth most populous country, and its ninth most productive country, not to mention the most recent site of the Summer Olympics, an elevation of fraud and chicanery and treachery–all in the service of banksters and spies–that ought to concern stalwart citizens and scrappy scribes around the globe.

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PARIS Eiffel towerToday, Paris and a significant swath of the rest of the world commemorate French citizens’ and allied soldiers’ liberation of the city from the Nazis; in Italy,one thousand, nine hundred and thirty-nine years back,Roman historian Pliny-the-elder died; four hundred seventy-three years behind us, the first Europeans, bearing firearma, arrived in Japan; four hundred seven years prior to the present pass, Galileo Galilei demonstrated his telescope for the first time to legislators in Venice;twenty-one years afterward, in 1630, around the world in what is now Sri Lanka, Portuguese forces experienced a setback in colonization plans with a defeat at the hands of fighters from the Kingdom of Kandy; MORE HERE

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Just as the notion of the ‘self-made-man,’ or woman of course, must appear nonsensical till we conceive, birth, and rear ourselves—sort of an amoebic theory of human evolution and existence—so too must ideas of ‘personal responsibility’—as if one’s capacity to ‘make oneself’ applies in this one special circumstance of avoiding blameworthiness—remain generally fatuous, at best a crazy construct, at least until collective engagement and mutual accountability become the norm.

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“This book is the result of an in depth study of human male sexual behavior.  It is divided into three parts.  Part one describes the history and methodology of the study, part two looks at the factors affecting sexual outlet, and part three delves into the sources of sexual outlets.  The book includes many detailed charts and graphs depicting the findings of the study. MORE HERE

book hor2

SEARCHDAYsubsistence OR "basic nutrition" OR "bread and butter" OR "essential food" agriculture OR farming "arable land" OR "fertile land" fertilizer OR pesticide versus OR "compared to" OR "contrasted with" OR "comparison and contrast" "organic methods" OR "organic agriculture" analysis OR description history OR origins = 7,580 Hits.

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http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/L-overclass.html – A question that an inquisitive observer might pose, to wit, ‘how in hell do the same individuals and groups continue to control the world, not to mention passing this capacity on to their heirs and designated agents?’ here in the form of an essay by the brilliant former military intelligence operative turned informal whistleblower and antagonist of the “overclass” about which he writes in this interlude, in so doing laying out ‘all the usual suspects’ for hegemony, one of which has certainly remained control, ownership, and manipulation of media, a perspective that the redoubtable and intrepid Cryptome.org investigators present in greater detail in the second installment  of their Origins of the Intelligence Establishmentseries, a must read for those who want to understand the context in which foreign relations, political economy, and the military industrial complex all develop, which is to say environs of disinformation, misinformation, manipulation, public relations, propaganda, and repeated and never-ending inculcation in trivia and bullshit and superficiality–Ron Paul was right when he noted, “In the empire of lies, to tell the truth is a revolutionary act”– a deeper and more nuanced interpretation of the substance of which appears in a sixteen year old article from Monthly Review that delves the cultural agendas of the agents of Langley in the Cold War, itineraries and machinations that were in use then, by the way, that are, incontrovertibly, still going on in myriad ways;

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On the one hand one of those almost geeky briefings about scale that chills and thrills as it plumbs the parameters of certain bedrock sorts of human knowledge of the material universe, from the proton to the outer boundaries of the dimly perceptible universe, a trip that is a guaranteed roller coaster ride to imaginative sorts, and, on the other hand, a twenty minute trek  into a woman’s having the grit and wit and the Zen to sit with herself and insist that she would by age thirty, if no other matrimonial ceremony presented itself, by God and with gumption “marry herself” and mark the day as a necessary and powerful solidification of her relationship with her own psyche and inner life.




TODAY’S URBAN PARENTThe purpose of the magazine is to:
Provide and distribute information to parents and families about various issues that have an impact upon their child’s educational, social, emotional, and physical development. To empower parents with the skills and information so they are able to support their child’s educational, physical, social, and emotional development. To inspire families to live up to their potential which will have a positive and lasting impact on their community.
pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr

Bosch Fellow – Funded Professional Development in Germany

The Robert Bosch Foundation and Cultural Vistas invite US professionals to apply for the 2017-2018 Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program. Bosch Fellows act as consultants in their field of expertise at leading public or private institutions in Germany.  In addition, Bosch Fellows participate in professional seminars, where they travel to meet and exchange ideas with key figures across Germany and Europe. Fellows are from the fields of public policy and administration, foreign and security policy, urban and regional planning, business, journalism and communications, law, or cultural and arts management (ex. museum, theater, orchestra).


A New Hope

A Common Dreams article that looks at the folks who dare be optimistic about a future in which the people truly take back the reigns of government from all the sold-out losers who have ruined it: “But what we’ve seen in this election — and in the elections of 2008 and 2012 – is that Americans are catching onto the game. They are working harder and losing ground. They suffered through the Great Recession, and have witnessed the wars without end and without victory. They’ve seen their kids graduate from college and come back home burdened by debt.  Poor people of color are in many cities more segregated and in worse condition than they were in the Jim Crow South.  They are casting about for a change.

Trump is too much the buffoon, too unstable, too risible and too bigoted to be the agent of that change. But unless the establishment cuts a much better deal with the bulk of Americans, we’ll keep on moving.”

WRISSWriting Faster

An IJ Net post that helps writers find way to improve the speed and efficiency of writing: “From the captions we use to contextualize our photos, the scripts behind our videos, the interview questions we ask and the way we frame our stories, the market value of good writing has not diminished (if anything, in a landscape flooded with hastily strung-together words, the ability to construct a sterling sentence has skyrocketed).”


The Sexy Internet

A Washington Post  look at the evergreen subject matter of sex, pornography, and the objectivization of women as endemic to the internet: “The World Wide Web turned 25 this month. For most of the years since it came online, its destiny and evolution have been inextricably intertwined with nude photos. The sexualized female body has, from the beginning, been the catalyst for attempts to regulate what’s on the Web, ultimately shaping what the Internet looks like today.”


Wage Triumph

A Beyond Chron look at the historical dimensions of a recent labor wage raise triumph in California: “Governor Jerry Brown recently signed legislation boosting California’s minimum wage from $10 to $15 an hour — a 50 percent increase that made the state’s minimum wage the highest in the nation. The hike will be phased in over six years, then automatically adjusted annually to offset rising costs of living.”

GENISSWelfare Doldrums

An Atlantic post that analyzes the dire state of the poor through the lens of a program, legacy of the Clinton years, that did little to solve the crisis: “Ronald Regan brought the image of the infamous—albeit mythical—welfare queen into the national consciousness. Bill Clinton probably owes his first term in office to his promise to “end welfare as we know it,” and possibly his second to signing the reform into law. Both politicians railed against AFDC’s so-called “perverse disincentives.” TANF offered states a lot of flexibility to innovate, to allow a flowering of new ideas to help the poor. But that’s not what the country got. Instead it got a new kind of welfare queens: states. States, not people, are using TANF to close the holes in their budgets. It is states, not people, who are falling prey to the “perverse disincentives” of welfare.”