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http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/18/world/americas/ryan-lochte-rio-olympics.html  –  In the realm of the weird and wacky, a hot-off-the-presses account from our ‘paper of record’ in which the Times presents the surface of a story that is definitely ‘going viral’ now, about U.S.A. Olympic swimmers who told tales–apparently false, go figure–about Rio thieves when something more mundane was happening instead, the upshot of all of which, almost certainly, will be a certain set of insights concerning ‘American exceptionalism’ in an apparently new guise, along with some data and inferences about the Olympics, wild parties, and probably quite a bit more that is mundane and routine, like young athletes, who caused damage to property, making up a story to cover their asses.

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Thailand today commemorates National Science Day; in an ongoing and all-too-frequent occasion of Syrian conflict thirteen hundred thirty-two years ago, Ummayad battlers solidified their control of the region in a precursor to Shiite and Sunni factionalism, in which Ibn al-Zubayr lost his life and control over what is now Syria to his clan’s enemies; five hundred forty three years after that point in time, in 1227, a male infant came into the world in Mongolia who would soon enough lead conquests far afield as Genghis Khan;twenty-six decades subsequently, in 1487, Christian Spanish forces under the leadership of the Marquis of Cadiz successfully completed the Siege of Malaga and laid the basis of the consolidation of the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula; MORE HERE

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Admittedly in some ways as a part of a process of inculcation and indoctrination, Americans love their heroes, occasionally miraculous and almost superhuman in the vein of Lincoln, much more frequently a cardboard cutout of greatness, a mere representation of integrity and intelligence rather than its embodiment, in the end a commingling of the necessary charisma and certainty to induce otherwise decent folks to accede to operations and policies that as often as not eviscerate and exploit their own humble lives and almost always viciously victimize alien others, distant enemies whom the powers that be of the real ruling classes, standing out of sight behind the designated mighty leader, the new ‘Fuhrer,’ have selected to bear the brunt of imperial wrath and opportunistic plundering, courtesy of the steady direction and potent persuasion of the elite’s chosen champion for the masses to follow.

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“Very few of the South African students’ organisations have elicited as mixed a response on their establishment as S(outh) A(frican) S(tudent) O(rganisation) seems to have done.  It would seem that only the middle-of-the-roaders have accepted SASO.  Cries of ‘shame’ were heard from the white students who have struggled for years to maintain interracial contact. From some of the black militants’ point of view SASO was far from the answer, it was still too amorphous to be of any real help.  No one was sure of the real direction of SASO.  Everybody expressed fears that SASO was a conformist organisation.  A few of the white students expressed fears that this was a sign to turn towards militancy.  In the middle of it all was the SASO executive.  Those people were called upon to make countless explanations on what this all was about. MORE HERE

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http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/features/robin-williams-a-history-in-15-jokes-20140813  –  A selection of fifteen appearances over a span of thirty-five years of the stand-up artistry–an apparent combination of psychosis and relentless self-criticism, in combination with often cheap political shots–that made Robin Williams’ one of the most volatile and powerful voices in the history of performance, a total of plus or minus ten hours of material that covers the widest possible social range and in so doing shows up as stilted lies, all of which only become funny in their revelation as bullshit, a substantial proportion of the mythos about freedom and religion and sexuality and relationships that pass for received wisdom among more established, which is to say ‘establishment,’ sources, one sort of point of view about the problems and prospects of society that, if they wanted to stray off the beaten track that Rolling Stone here magnanimously makes available, scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens might combine with an altogether different sort of artistry and perspective about the human condition, as for instance Sergei Eisenstein produces in his monumental work , The Battleship Potemkin, set as it happens, in 1905 Ukraine where this pre-revolutionary upheaval took place.




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WRISSLit Mag Confidential

An Electric Literature posting by an editorial assistant of an iconic lit prize who sheds light on the publishing, editing, and short story process:  “This is obvious, but WOW, a ton of people are writing short stories! And a ton of magazines are devoted to publishing them. Which means there are people willing to read and select and edit them and there are universities and private entities and donors willing to fund their publication. For a form whose death is continually prophesied, the story is doing pretty damn well.”


Media Collaboration in Africa

An IJ Net article that contextualizes a nexus for successsfuly navegating infrastructure and other challenges when journalists seek to collaborate with journalists in Africa: “The dramatic increase in mobile phones and internet connectivity across Africa in recent years has created new opportunities for reporters to collaborate on cross-border projects like the Panama Papers. But despite these new opportunities, Africa continues to pose unique challenges to journalists.”


Ruining Pot for Profits

An Alternet article that discusses recent developments that bode ill for all those seeking to benefit from nature’s perfect remedy, in regards to pharma’s efforts to manipulate it, most likely with ill effect, for their own gains: “While much ink has been spilled over the last few days regarding DEA’srefusal to recognize marijuana as a medicine and its unwillingness to reclassify it under federal law, far less attention has been paid to a separate decision by the agency to create, for the first time, a “clear legal pathway” for pharmaceutical companies to engage in cannabis-specific “drug product development.””

GENISSCold War Phenomenology

A 21st Century Wire look at a movie that in many ways represented the acme of Cold War paranoia through a masterful use of different psychological, philosophical, and filmic techniques: “In using the term ‘occult’ I refer to it’s original meaning of ‘intentionally hidden’, while the term ‘plot’ does not refer to script, but to the structure of an act the motion picture imitates. The ‘act’ denotes meaningful action or interconnected set of actions. Therefore, to assimilate the act means to mimic the inner logical structure of real or possible events caused by intelligent agents.

Furthermore, this analysis is not concerned with praise or the critique of the original film nor the sequel. The scope is, in a way, both broader and more focused. It has a twofold aim: firstly, to depict meaningful patterns Carpenter employed to create unique sense of dread and bleakness and, secondly, to point out some of the implications such approach to motion picture creation can have – and indeed has – for media filtered reality of contemporary society; the society which more or less perceives itself as a picture in motion.”