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http://whowhatwhy.org/2016/08/08/snowdens-cryptic-tweet-triggers-media-storm/  –  In the context of an Earth on which Blade Runner and Mona Lisa Overdrive and Ex Machina and even the more ancient He, She, & It seem much more like documentary work than hyper-speculative fiction, a new lead into what underpins some significant parts of this ‘Brave New World’ from none other than an inaugural avatar of our collective matrix, Ed Snowden, a report about a tweet that hints at disappearance or even dissolution, a dark or even final absconding, speculation that fits neatly with just released musings  from TechDirt about Snowden’s subsequent provision of explanation and oversight in relation to new hacker-released materials of National Security Administration Hacking Tools, a definite case of Huxley’s, and Shakespeare’s, awed ruminations about this ‘Brave New World, that has such creatures in it.’

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Pixabay Image 694730Everywhere today that likes a touch of mystery celebrates Black Cat Appreciation Day, while Argentina today celebrates the liberator San Martin; in a continuing Balkan theme of resistance to empire one thousand thirty years ago, Bulgarian fighters overwhelmed Byzantine armies at the Gates of Trajan; four centuries to the day thereafter, in 1386, the ruling classes of Albania entered an ongoing pact with Venice so as to resist Ottoman incursions; four hundred sixty-seven years ahead of today, a huge battle in Cornish England crushed an uprising against the nascent Church of England and the cultural aspects of a switch to religious vernacular from Latin; MORE HERE

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At best, the grotesque notion of a ‘self-made’ individual is insane; more likely such a viewpoint amplifies a facile falsehood, in a fashion that is at once opportunistic in its narcissism and nakedly hypocritical, in order both to blame individuals for their own woeful dilemmas and to avoid the necessity for anyone at all to countenance the sorts of collective action that would deemphasize or even deconstruct the core concept of being a being who had created himself in the first place, again a lunatic perspective indeed, at least till some one among us can inseminate, impregnate, carry, bear, and rear itself out of nature’s swampy stew, where in reality, especially among the naked primates, interdependence and mutuality and give-and-take, and not self-satisfied self-centeredness, reign supreme, a requisite reliance on something like a Golden Rule standard that utterly explodes the perception of a person as an individual creation.

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“This is unusual for me.  I have given readings and not lectures.  I have told people who ask for lectures that I have no lecture to give.  And that is true.  It might seem strange that a man who has dealt in words and emotions and ideas for nearly fifty years shouldn’t have a few to spare, so to speak.  But everything of value about me is in my books.  Whatever extra there is in me at any given moment isn’t fully formed.  I am hardly aware of it; it awaits the next book.  It will – with luck – come to me during the actual writing, and it will take me by surprise.  That element of surprise is what I look for when I am writing.  It is my way of judging what I am doing – which is never an easy thing to do. MORE HERE

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In the aftermath of the passing of Fidel Castro’s ninetieth birthday, a mere handful of the more or less millions of au courant recollections about this revolutionary giant, a portion of which criticized or detested him and all that he stood for, but the overwhelming majority of which either praised or at least begrudgingly acknowledged his powerful contributions to humanity and history, here, in any event, a reprint in Counterpunch from Fidel himself, which originally appeared as the emeritus leader’s weekly column in Granma, a briefing that provides an interesting comparison with other overviews of the facts and meaning of this aged strategist’s lengthy life, such as an article MORE HERE

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From Film Archive, a look at a Douglas Kellner and cohorts interview with Emile De Antonio–whose Rush to Judgment about the Warren Commission and In the Year of the Pig about the murder and mayhem that the U.S. fostered in Southeast Asia are arguably two of the top ten documentary films ever–which in this more prosaic discourse results in one of the most educational and fascinating conversations about politics that has ever been available anywhere, the parameters of which include the career and business and Central Intelligence Agency bona fides of George Herbert Walker Bush and his family, the electoral processes of the United States in relation to elevating a former “head of the secret police” to the Presidency, and plenty of critically important facts and information about the Bush family and the history that Bush senior made or lived through, all of which suggest that this item ought to be at or near a number one viewing priority for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, which, in the event, such social and political actors might then supplement with such material as a recent Information Clearinghouse excerpt   from a Vladimir Putin presentation about geopolitics and morality and the hypocrisies of the United States, or with such journalistic video as a newly available Mint Press News interview  with Cindy Sheehan about the state of resistance to empire today, both of which hearken back directly, in multiple ways, to much that De Antonio was saying twenty-eight years ago, just a few months before he unexpectedly dropped dead from a heart attack in front of his New York City residence.




San Francisco – October 6, 2016, 6:00 PM PDT – October 6, 2016, 8:00 PM PDT

Join Kevin K. Kumashiro, dean of the USF School of Education in a discussion about how the upcoming election can impact the future of public education. Dean Kumashiro is a leading expert on educational policy, school reform, teacher preparation, and educational equity and social justice, with a wide-ranging list of accomplishments nationally and internationally as a scholar, educator, leader, and advocate.


Cosmonauts Avenue Fiction Contest

The winner will receive $500 and publication in Cosmonauts Avenue. Details below!

Deadline: August 15, 2016

  • Stories should not exceed 4,000 words and must be previously unpublished.
  • We accept (and encourage) entries from all ages and countries.
  • All entries should be in a standard typeface and 12pt font.
  • One story maximum per entry.
  • A $10USD reading fee must accompany each entry.
  • Winners will be notified in early autumn.
  • Multiple entries are permissible, as long as they are accompanied by separate reading fees.
  • All stories will be considered for publication.
  • The final judge will read manuscripts blind.
  • Submit online via Submittable.

On Second Thought Magazine is currently seeking submissions for their upcoming annual collection of essays, poems, and stories showcasing writing from or about North Dakota.  Payment for these pieces is $250. They are also seeking submissions of scholarly essays, for which they’ll pay $750. To learn more, read theirsubmission guidelines


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Job Opportunity: Full-time Community Organizer

Job Opportunity: Community Organizer

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About ONE DC

ONE DC (formerly Manna CDC) was founded in 1997 (renamed Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC in 2006) in the midst of rapid neighborhood change. Our work centers on popular education, community organizing, and alternative economic development projects. Stemming from a deep analysis of race, class, gender, and power, our approach to community development addresses the structural causes of poverty and injustice in Shaw and throughout the District of Columbia.


Vaccine Moratorium

An Activist Post article that looks at the work of organizations seeking to bring attention to  the need to further study vaccines and their potential risks: “The primary reason for a moratorium on the vaccination program is the fraud and downright deceit involved in what I call “tobacco science” exercised by the CDC and FDA in approving new vaccines for licensure going back to the 1950s with the polio vaccines, and now even more prevalent than ever, I think, with regard to the horrible state of children’s health with childhood Autism obviously from the MMR vaccines, plus other serious chronic diseases in childhood not experienced demographically before the current craze to vaccinate right out of the womb. Add to that the serious health effects, including deaths, from the HPV vaccines given to preteens and teenagers.”

WRISSDigital Humanities Imperils Humanities

A Point piece that examines the challenges and drawbacks of the new digital reinterpretation, digitization and anti-interpretive nature of Humanities studies, and highlights what is lost in that approach while exploring the evolving characteristics of humanities and literature studies: “Most importantly, Allington et al. argue, DH has “tended to be anti-interpretive.” In place of the interpretation of literary texts, digital humanists “archive materials, produce data and develop software.” These are the entirely legitimate tasks of historians, computer scientists and social scientists, but they make DH an odd fit for a scholarly endeavor which, almost all teachers and students would agree, is focused on interpretation. Why should humanists be asked to do what can be done better by others? And why should they be asked to stop doing what they do so well? How, in short, did digital humanities come to be seen as the humanities at all?”


Hazardous Olympics Coverage

An IJ Net posting that gives advise to journalists and writers planning to cover the Olympics in Brazil: “The lead-up to the Games hasn’t been without its controversies. The Zika virus,Brazil’s preparedness, water safety for athletes,archaeological disputes and human rights concerns have all cast a pall over the event. That means there’s no shortage of stories for journalists to pursue outside the athletic events — but at the same time, this year’s Games offer up a series of unique journalistic challenges.

So what should journalists know and understand before heading to this year’s Games?”


GENISSThe Importance of Historians

A Chronicle look at the advising role that historians play in education, society, and the body politic: “But who needs who? Is it the state that needs the historian, or the historian the state? For some time now, injunctions for what Allison and Ferguson describe as a “new and rigorous ‘applied history’” have been aimed less at the republic than at the historical profession. A couple of years ago, another Ivy League pair, David Armitage and Jo Guldi, called upon colleagues to man up: Ditch the micro, embrace the macro, think big, and get relevant. Their summons, The History Manifesto, was a clarion call for historians to get with the digital age and pivot to policy makers, activists, and entrepreneurs who need help. Armitage and Guldi tapped into some collective anxiety about the future of historians. It’s not just Beltway amnesia that’s at stake. The crusade for relevance could also save a profession that has seen dwindling undergraduate majors and course enrollments year after year.”