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CC BY-NC-ND by Spartacus007
CC BY-NC-ND by Spartacus007

http://thehill.com/homenews/house/291324-liberals-rally-to-sink-obama-trade-deal  –  Another in the ever-growing litany of stories that reports either outright falsify or so distort that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens will struggle to understand them, in the event an account of how members of Congress who are ‘liberal’ are somehow supposedly rallying to defeat the Trans Pacific Partnership, at the very same time that all sorts of documentation exists, such as here from Common Dreams, that Barack Obama is playing the part of both President and ‘Party Whip’ to rally Senators to pass the act before the 2017 inauguration so that Hillary Clinton does not have to undergo the embarrassment of pushing for its passage in contravention of her promises on the matter, all of which inflames massive outrage among so-called ‘progressives’ who have as of yet failed to analyze what this TPP creature is, and how and why it came to be, so that their complaints and fury have little impact in stopping its becoming a further fetter on democracy and boon to profiteering and plunder.

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Vermont on this date commemorates Bennington Battle Day; when an early Han Emperor, Ai of Han, died without issue, Wang Mang seized control and two thousand seventeen years ago had his minions declare him Marshal of State; three hundred thirty-eight years ahead of today,the English poet, author, and bon vivant Andrew Marvell exited the earthly scene; twenty-seven years later, in 1705, the estimable mathematician and natural philosopher Jacob Bernoulli, from a well-known family of numbers geniuses, solved his final theorem; MORE HERE

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No doubt, desserts, whether justly, and deservedly, or otherwise received, stem in no small measure from one’s choices and actions and so on and so forth, a litany of causation and responsibility that nobody can ever completely controvert, at one and the same time that, on average and in the ongoing and overall scheme of things, fortune or fate or whatever one wants to call the ‘luck of the draw’ more than anything else determines each individual event’s development and outcome, so that if one could ask for anything at all, providence would be a dandy selection from the cosmic menu: anyone who completely rejects such a notion might consider the dinosaurs, which in the course of a few moments one fine day, through no fault or error of design of their own making, received a death blow that they could no more have foreseen or forestalled than a human fetus might elect in advance to arrange for billionaire parents instead of impoverished paupers for ma and pa.

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Testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, June 12, 1956“THE CHAIRMAN: The Committee will be in order. This morning the Committee resumes its series of hearings on the vital issue of the use of American passports as travel documents in furtherance of the objectives of the Communist conspiracy. . . . MORE HERE

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Via TruthOut, which has prepared a powerful briefing against Chevron-Texaco’s plunder of the people and environment of Amazonian Ecuador, one of those plus or minus forty minute experiences that so packs in the facts and images of depredation and crimes against humanity, in which cancer-stricken mothers accept their own deaths so that their cancer-ridden children can receive the treatment that their meager incomes permit them to obtain, that watching till the end is painful, seeing through the veil of tears is difficult, and the call to action is irresistible, a viewing that is also possible through a YouTube portal that features many other items along the same line, one of multiple recent expressions of documentation and storytelling that reveal the horrific fate that awaits humankind under the rubric of profit maximization, a fate moreover, which, as noted by a work  from Patagonia Films that Ecowatch presents, is not immutable, even in the case of the most basic issues of farming and food where finance and industry seem to have such an unshakable grasp on operations, and yet a fate that, as a video link in a recent essay from Earth Sky News makes clear, has even more unexpected traps and travails than those that are as obvious now as the indigenous people’s suffering in Ecuador, in the event a moving movie about the military waste that the U.S. stashed under the Greenland ice sheet–nuclear, biological, and general pollutants all together–that will within a relatively short period of melted glaciers again sit out in the open air, ready to spread death and destruction wherever winds blow and waters flow, the aggregate of which, of course, scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens ought at the very least to notice with a certain self-interested regard.


student writing arm


SisterSong will be presenting a complimentary RJ 101 & 102 training in Charlotte, NC on August 18, 2016 at 10am. The training will the co-facilitated by Monica Simpson, Executive Director and Reia Chapman. Please RSVP below! Location will be provided upon registration. Lunch will be served.


We are pleased to announce the 2016 Tinderbox Poetry Journal contest. There are no limitations in form or content; we are interested in everything from traditional forms to free verse to lyric essay to flash fiction. Contest opens June 21 and closes August 21. The winner will receive $500 and the runner-up will receive $250.

The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts offers from fifty to sixty juried residencies per year to visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists from across the country and around the world. The Center does not discriminate on the basis of disability, sex, age, race, religion, or national origin. Application deadlines are March 1 for July – December residencies and September 1 for January – June residencies annually.


Technical Writer (New Bern, NC) hide this posting

compensation: to 65K(DOE)+relo,401k,full health
employment type: full-time

Technical Writer
Consumer Durable ProductsInternational manufacturer of consumer electro-mechanical products for the home environment is seeking a technical writer with the ability to develop, write, research, and coordinate the creation of manuals and related material.
Will track and update current literature. Coordinate translation and publication of all technical documentation. Create drawings and layouts for fascia panel printing variants.
drama theater theatre acting actorThe Theater Offensive Boston MA
The Theater Offensive (TTO) seeks applications for the position of Managing Director (MD). The successful applicant will hold a leadership role in an innovative, growing, racially diverse, queer cultural organization, tightly focused in Boston’s neighborhoods. TTO also plays a strong part in national cultural organizing and dialogue.


Hyper Local Media Potential

A Poynter look at a journalistic initiative to give local media a chance to succeed in an increasingly hostile, uncertain, centralized environment:   “DeRienzo eventually left the Register voluntarily rather than preside over further cost-cutting by the newspaper’s corporate parent, Digital First Media. But when he was looking for his next act, DeRienzo never forgot the Independent, and the role it played in the community.

Now, DeRienzo is executive director of Local Independent Online News Publishers, a nonprofit focused on the education and sustainability of local news organizations across the United States. The organization, which now has about 140 members nationwide, has been growing steadily over the years — at a rate of about 10 percent annually — in part because of the cutbacks to local news organizations, he said.

WRISSEmoji Language

A Lit Hub posting that, using the example of three excellent recent books, explores the malleability of language, in the context of emojis and other language innovations: “Chaucer once complained of the “gret diversite / In Englissh and in writing of oure tonge.” Yet, for that narrowminded lament, Chaucer would have failed my college English class. This is because the “Englissh” of Chaucer’s time is in a way, not much different than our own. In English, mob-vulgarities are the rule rather than the exception. Text-messaging teens wield more power than Harold Bloom, and that is the way it should be. Like with Zambra’s cheating test-takers, the meaning is not in the answers, but in the community that is created in the process.”


Copyright Abuses and Music Part Two

A first-part Rolling Stone  report that looks at one of the more sad cases of copyright overreach that has intersected with rock and roll legends in the recent past, but which pointed to an eventual victory for the iconic plan: “Page’s testimony, transcribed below, made for some of the trial’s most riveting moments. The guitarist was asked to compare “Stairway to Heaven” with the Mary Poppins song “Chim Chim Cher-ee.” At another point when Malofiy asked how long a riff was played in concert, Page said, “I don’t have a stopwatch.” And when the attorney observed that Page “had a gift in his ability to play guitar,” the musician deadpanned, “Well, yeah,” to laughter in the courtroom. In more serious moments, the band members described how they wrote one of rock’s most enduring songs. The whole thing came off like scenes in a movie.”


Nuclear Diplomacy

An MIT Technology Review offering that explores the fiasco of nuclear power as it unfolds a diplomatic nightmare: “Once considered a vital part of Britain’s clean-energy future, the beleaguered Hinkley Point nuclear plant project looked further than ever from becoming reality this week as a row erupted between the three countries developing the massive facility: the United Kingdom, France, and China.”

GENISSSetting a Precedent for Whistleblower Prosecution

An Atlantic article that looks at the past prosecuting of whistleblowers, an all-too-current phenomenom, with ties to the past: “For all the recent public discussion of the war on leaks, absent from the discourse is the largely forgotten story of the first leak prosecution—United States v. John C. Nickerson Jr. The case—predating the Pentagon Papers trial by more than 15 years—turned Nickerson into a national hero. Newspaper readers were riveted by his story—a story replete with Cold War intrigue and a cast of characters that included former Nazi rocket scientists, a widely read syndicated columnist, top military officials, and a nationally renowned defense attorney. “There are occasions when in a single human drama all the conflicts of an era are concentrated,” wrote a columnist for The Washington Post and Times-Herald in 1957. “The Nickerson trial seems likely to be one of those.””