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In a world that has all manner of huge, tangible, relentless problems that threaten people’s individual and collective existence–leaving aside nuclear war and climate change, one might cite toxic food, murderous and thieving police, lying jobs reports, many families’ tenuous grip on their material existence, epidemics of ‘depression’ and self harm, ubiquitous war, and the list goes on–and in which, therefore, delving the expressions that contemplate popular culture may seem trivial, a handful of items of unfolding events that do just that, first of all, from TruthDig, a look at the Olympics with a decidedly critical lens, the ‘bread-and-circuses’ trope not altogether ludicrous not matter how trite, in the context of which reports of Arianna Huffington’s ‘resignation’ from her eponymous ‘progressive’ media extravaganza–packaging a combination of recycled monopoly reportage, titillation, and merely plausible pop pyschology–are apt to review, a standard ‘mainstream’ report from CNN via The World’s Wealth, as well as something more elegiacal   from The Guardian that extols the divine Ms. H’s ‘disruptive’ tendencies; a set of overarching news items that fit with more particular hot-off-the-presses developments, such as two pieces from Rolling Stone, the first  a haunting new release of a music video that showcases the talent and storytelling of Christina Grimmie, the brutally and bizarrely and, quite likely pharmaceutically, murdered young singer whose loss is one of those incalucable ‘external diseconomies’ of a life ruled by monopoly capital, the second a briefing about Leonard Cohen’s new album, upcoming in the fall and produced by his son, the title of which speaks volumes–You Want It Darker–the aggregate of which material from the eruptions of the current instant, meanwhile, all ought to elicit examination by scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens of what a Global Research writer characterizes as ‘Project Mockingbird, 2.0’ in relation to the ongoing streaming reportage that typify today’s  24/7 SOP-mediation cycles.

                    This Day in History                  

Today is both International Elephant Day and, through the United Nations, World Youth Day; in Egypt, six years shy of two thousand fifty years ago, the Ptolemaic queen, Cleopatra, took her own life, purportedly through the asperity of an asp bite; nine hundred seventeen years prior to today, the last battle of the First Crusade took place, a ‘Christian victory;’five hundred thirty-six years ahead of today, after the Ottoman victory at the Battle of Otranto, the victors beheaded plus-or-minus 800 Christians for their refusal to convert to Islam; two centuries and fifty-one before this exact moment in time, the British East Indian Company imposed a treaty on Mughal rulers that effectively installed imperial rights over India in favor of British commercial interests;  MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

The writer’s job, supremely egotistical if not egomaniacal, will ever consist of insisting that everyone who has risen to the level of literacy should listen in, listen up, and pay attention to what he is producing; perhaps on occasion the bar over which he wants to hurdle is a little lower, so that instead of commanding that everyone attend his words and thoughts, he will merely mandate that a billion, or a million, or even only a thousand or so others should tune in and ponder his meandering attempts to master meaning, but even that smacks of such arrogance and narcissism that the wonder is that not every single scribe becomes a suicidal lush who would drown his sorrows before he embarks on his thankless, Sisyphean task of begging for notice and acclaim.

                  Quote of the Day                       

“Shortly after the atomic bombs were exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki1, Albert Einstein made this statement: ‘The time has come now, when man must give up war.  It is no longer rational to solve international problems by resorting to war.  Now that an atomic bomb, such as the bombs exploded at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, can destroy a city, kill all the people in a city, a small city the size of Minneapolis, say, we can see that we must now make use of man’s powers of reason, in order to settle disputes between nations.

GWB : 0930-1250 North Atlantic Council (NAC) Summit. Prague, Czech Republic
GWB : 0930-1250 North Atlantic Council (NAC) Summit. Prague, Czech Republic

In accordance with the principles of justice we must develop international law, strengthen the United Nations, and have peace in the world from now on.’ MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

From the genius investigators, clever critics, and film aficionados atClandestime Radio, a nice and lengthy interview with Robbie Martin, Abby Martin’s brother and producer of the three part documentary, A Very Heavy Agenda, which in itself deconstructs the behind-the-scenes networks and dynamics and agendas that have been governing the post-9/11 world, a huge project that in turn grew out of the producer’s desire to understand and account for the subversion of and attack on RT, where his sister worked till purges pushed her and others out of the network, an exchange that in powerful ways reveals the real structures of contemporary media and culture, in much the same way that apparently from nowhere dawn’s rising light uncovers even the strangest, most difficult landscape in which one finds oneself, a discussion that is merely one of many recent outputs regarding and insights into the realm of intelligence and media, as for example an interview  with Jay Dyer and others about COINTELPRO and other matters of critical data in this region of realpolitick and what analysts call ‘the deep state’ and such, material in aggregate that every scrappy scribe and all stalwart citizens ought to parse carefully and as completely as possible, unless they care neither about their civic effectiveness or, in the end, or about their survival.




Artists in Residency program in Italy open [Africa]

Nonfiction writers and videomakers, among others, can apply for a four-week residency at the Bellagio Center on Lake Como, Italy.

Deadline: 09/30/2016


SAJA reporting fellowship accepting entries [South Asia]

Freelancers and staff journalists in any medium with at least five years of journalism experience and fluency in English can apply for the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) fellowship.

Deadline: 09/15/2016


Story is interested in narrative of any shape and kind we can get onto the printed page. Surprise us with traditional and experimental forms of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We love short fiction, but we love hermit-crab essays, hybrid forms, research, lists, and charts too. Submit work that fits the theme, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Submissions for online issues should be a maximum of 2,500 words.


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War on Drugs Is the Problem

An impactful article from Aeon by an insightful neurologist who dares to question the inevitability of the long-running and often-disproved usefulness of the War on Drugs ideology and its more offensive practices beyond the obvious social and policy failures, by addressing a fatal flaw in the very physiological nature of the issue: “What this finding, and others like it, make clear is that lawmakers are not neuroscientists. By way of proof, they have designed a war on drugs that fundamentally neglects our new insights into how the brain orchestrates addiction at its very core. Since addicts will go to incredible lengths to reinforce the contexts in which they consume drugs, we literally could not have devised a worse system, which reliably produces awful contexts to become addicted to. Taken together, what our new findings make clear is that the war on drugs reinforces the very criminal context it nominally aims to prevent.”

WRISSUseful Video Software

An IJ Net post that shares with scrappy scribes some great, easy, user-friendly and powerful video software that all can use: “Engaging and interactive journalism is still possible even without an extensive knowledge of coding. But how?

We’ve taken the guesswork out, scouring the internet to find the most accessible tools to create multimedia content. Below, you’ll find a collection of completely free applications that will do all the work for you — no coding required.

This week: video.”


Cooperative Approach to ONline Connectivity

A New York Times piece that introduces readers to a new-old idea that was perfected in the early days of electric access and now helps many rural communities access the internet: “Electricity came late here but transformed life on the farm. It provided bright light to study by and freed families from the tedium of washing clothes by hand and cutting wood for the cook stove.

Last December, Mr. Creason saw a new addition to the utility pole erected by his father that may be just as transformational — a subsidiary of his local electric cooperative, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, hung a fiber optic cable on it. That enabled Mr. Creason and the 120 residents of Zena, Okla., to pump high-speed internet service into their homes for the first time.

“The cooperative is doing it again, but now the light bulb is the internet,” said Mr. Creason, 82″


A Turn to Fascist Right

A World Socialist Web Site piece that looks at the radical about-face that many so-called ‘left leaning’ intellectuals and culture makers in Germany are taking when faced with the painful contradictions of today’s imploding world, a phenomenom that mirrors what is occurring elsewhere in Europe and America: “Augstein’s rightward evolution is no isolated case. It is symptomatic of the members of an entire section of the privileged upper-middle class who formerly understood themselves as left and liberal but who now give their full support to the state under conditions of deepening social tensions and the return of German militarism.”

GENISSClimate Change Ushers Nuke Waste

An Earth Sky article that looks at one horrific consequence of global warming in the form of the release of long-buried and long-forgotten toxic wastes into the environment, thanks to rising temperatures: “Greenland ice is melting. This week, as a new map showed where Greenland’s bedrock ice is still solid and where’s it’s now melting, an unrelated study said that – as the ice melts – toxic and radioactive waste left behind at a Cold War-era hidden military base in Greenland could be released as early as 2090. The journalGeophysical Research Letters published the study on August 4, 2016.”