8.04.2016 Daily Links

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An anomalous report from the Times, given the plus or minus 99% rejection of the thought of a Donald Trump Presidency by all visible members in what we could call ‘The Club of the Ruling Class,’ that famous group about which George Carlin famously said, “and you’re not in it,” an assessment here, in the event, of a yuuuge upward spike in Trump’s fundraising, news that seems even more especially unusual inasmuch as one result of a combination of high-level hegemons’ outright rejection of the Donald and his own flawed character and candidacy has been an unending litany of recent disastrous reportage about his life and ties, about his achievements and failures, the final aspects of all of which will undoubtedly be that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens will want to stay tuned and pay attention.

                    This Day in History                  

Today in the United States celebrates the Coast Guard; soldiers of the Roman Empire one thousand nine hundred forty-six years ago began their destruction of Jerusalem’s Second Temple; fourteen hundred eighteen years before the here and now, Chinese imperial forces received orders to conquer the Korean peninsula; six hundred eighty-nine years prior to the present, in the First War of Scottish Independence, James Douglas led a raiding party that nearly succeeded in assassinating Edward III; four hundred thirty-eight years before the present pass, a succession crisis in Portugal occurs when King Sebastian of Portugal dies at the hands of the Moroccans; one hundred fifteen years later, in 1693, an event that lovers of fancy alcohol will celebrate occurred when Dom Perignon purportedly invented champagne by perfecting the techniques to create sparkling wine; MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

Even in the fog of fatigue and the fight against funk, as every system seems to gravitate toward entropy and dissolution down the universal drain that sucks life along in spiraling gyrations toward the bottom of the sink, the joy and gift of awareness will ever remain the potential—even as the span of one’s arc from birth to death is barely a blip in the march of history—to notice enough, to ask useful questions enough, to foster relationships apt enough, to ponder and plot plans potent enough, that one’s consciousness can simultaneously experience glimmers of comprehension about the working of the world and join with others in mutual struggle to achieve objectives that permit the survival and thriving of humanity, instead of acceding to the mass collective suicide that we are rushing toward in our enervated cluelessness, when just a little attention to knowledge and wisdom and justice might yield a vastly different result.

                  Quote of the Day                       
“Many years ago there was an Emperor, who was so excessively fond of new clothes that he spent all his money on them.  He cared nothing about his soldiers, nor for the theatre, nor for driving in the woods except for the sake of showing off his new clothes.  He had a costume for every hour in the day, and instead of saying, as one does about any other king or emperor, ‘He is in his council chamber,’ here one always said, ‘The Emperor is in his dressing-room.’  MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


From a blogger’s YouTube channel, a bit more than twelve minutes from a press conference that Vladimir Putin hosted at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum earlier this year, in this interlude a down-to-earth, completely unrehearsed, utterly genuine and believable response by Russia’s President to the looming threat of actual warfare between Russia and the United States, a danger of catastrophic, ecocidal proportions about which the collected journalists of the so-called ‘mainstream’ monopoly puppets had said not one real and pertinent thing over the past period of time, a silence and concomitant propagation of horseshit propaganda that Putin acknowledge and even laughed at, while he was deadly serious–honest and clear and yet thoroughly concerned, as a human being, at the prospect of nuclear war–about what the end result of the course that Hillary brags about continuing, or amplifying, must be, which is a likely destruction of most of the Earth, in regard to which, in turn, because of the hideous crap that here passes for journalism in these matters very, very few people are aware, an ignorance of the scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens that also worries President Putin, and not just in America but also in Europe where he shrugs and laughs about U.S. advice to its allies to ‘hang in there’ with the sanctions against Russia, an utterly masterful presentation that not a single establishment politician in the United States could even begin to equal, while such legerdemain is only ‘par for the course’ for the diminutive genius who leads Russia, as he makes obvious in a more recent evisceration of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria when the journalist–whom Putin oh-so-graciously points out is famous in Russia–asks Putin a question that falsely quotes the President about Donald Trump, an ‘error’ that Putin proceeds to turn into a brilliant exposition of ‘real politick’ that every scrappy scribe all round the world should consider very carefully.


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Workshop on essay writing offered [Spain]

Participants will explore the best examples of the genre and learn the keys to produce conclusive, well-supported essays.


Dappled Things currently holds two annual contests, the J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction and the new Jacques Maritain Prize for Nonfiction. The prizes have no reading fee and winners receive cash awards and publication in the journal. For more information about either prize, please see below.

The fourteenth annual Dogfish Head Poetry Prize for the winning book-length manuscript by a poet residing in the Mid-Atlantic states (DE, MD, VA, PA, NJ, NY, WVA, NC and District of Columbia) will consist of $500, two cases of Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Beer*, manuscript publication by Broadkill River Press, and 10 copies of the book (in lieu of royalties)


Thomson Reuters seeks reporter [UAE]

Journalists with at least three years of experience can apply for this position in Dubai.
American Diabetes Association

United States – Virginia – Alexandria. The American Diabetes Association seeks a Health Journalist for Diabetes Forecast Magazine, published since 1948 and with a circulation of more than 500,000. This position also develops related content for the association’s websites, special issues, and educational and marketing materials.



Police Surveillance

A Portside post by informative folks who put together data that reminds readers of the realities of police surveillance they live with on a daily basis: “While the bulk of the attention by movements for change is on national and international privacy and surveillance policies, we too often tend to ignore an equally disturbing threat: local police surveillance.

In most major cities of the United States (and many throughout the world), we are under almost constant surveillance: street cameras, police surveillance equipment, spy cams in stores and other frequented places, capture of data and email, capture of cellphone data. Most of us know this and, because it’s become a way of life, we tolerate it.”


Prison Lit

A fascinating Chronicle piece that discusses the role of literature, the seedy elements of society, the glamour of junkie culture, and the ways that these intersect: “It was at this time that I discovered William Burroughs’s Junkie (original subtitle: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict). I knew literature didn’t always have to focus on rich people, or even the middle classes — I’d encountered the noble poor in Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and Thomas Hardy, and I’d read about the not-so-noble poor in George Orwell and H.G. Wells — but until then I’d never read literature that involved the kind of people Burroughs writes about. I loved horror stories but had read only the kind that elevate ordinary nastiness, making it lofty and supernatural. Junkie does just the opposite, grinding your face in the dirt.”


The Bellicose Dems

A Counter Punch posting that contextualizes the daunting future that we are facing with the war-like undertones of the current election results:  “If anyone had doubts about the increasing militarization of the Democratic Party under Clinton and her loyalty to the war machine, the party convention speech of retired Marine Gen. John Allen leaves little doubt about where she will take this country. Brought on stage with a military drumbeat and an entourage of military officers and veterans of Middle East wars, Allen began barking a “patriotic” message about national security, while the faithful below him, and Allen himself joining in, bellowed the chauvinist chorus, “USA, USA,” while waving “USA” placards and American flags throughout his speech. It looked like the warmup to a beer hall putsch.”



Returning to the Past

A Guardian article that views the similarities in regards with world crises, financial meltdowns, and social crises that tie the current moment to the calamities borne of the Great Depression: “As daunting events come thick and fast amid increasing public racism and xenophobia, the similarities with the buildup to the second world war are real, but we can take hope from a few key differences”