8.02.2016 Naked Links

Here readers will find, with brief titles to introduce them, a crop of yesterday’s most interesting and evocative articles and ideas.



community eat dinnerFROM MONDAY
Communal Living in the Here & Now
Bourdieu’s The Forms of Capital
Incisive Electoral & Social Insights
A Summation of the DNC Hack & the Russian Boogeyman Explanation
Eternal Relentless Surveillance
Kurdish Women As Revolutionary Agents
A Panama Truth-Commission About U.S. Invasion
3% Under Prison System = a Twenty-Year Low
Silence Greets Possible End to Fascist Drug Wars
A Technocratic Assessment of the DNC-Hack
Roots of ‘Reading the Riot Act’
Brutalized Children As SOP
Alan Reid
Alan Reid

A Radical Critique of a Reliance on Voting

Bombs Don’t Improve Schools Here Or in War Zones
New Syria Attack Again Naked & Hypocritically Self-Interested Aggression
Amnesty International’s Documentation of Turkish Torture
A Simple Science Interview Primer
A New Monopoly Media Aggregation Venture
Hyperlocal Austin Nonprofit News Model
A Cold War Social Protest Artist’s Life & Work & Insights
A Technocratic Take on Making Colleges Better
A Conventional Reality Orientation
Glacial Growth As the New Economic Norm
network computer internet webWiFi Radiation on the Increase Despite Cancer & Other Health Impacts


Multicultural Imperialism

ReDemoPublicCratiCan Implosion
Junkie As Prison Engagement Course
War’s Imminent Approach
Improving ‘Diversity’s’ Weakness As Description Or Goal
The U.N.’s Ongoing Globalist Agenda
Essays As Perfect for the Present Tense
The Guardian Weighs in on Turkish Reporters’ Detention
A Rational Turkish Conclusion: ‘Uncle Sam’ Did This
fire, catastrophe, holocaust, nuclear, nukeNuclear Provenance at Incirlik
Privatization As Public Plunder
Onsite Nuke Waste Dangers
Russo-Turkish Alliance Threatens NATO
Anti-Democratic Western Realities
‘Emancipation Day’ & the Caribbean Working Class
Democratic Party’s Push for Confrontation With Russia
Hinckley Point Protocols & Hidden Agendas