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A pair of briefings from The Atlantic about first the struggles that Rio encounters as a result of police death squads and a gangland style police state generally and then about conundrums  of the housing situation for all concerned, both of which meld well enough with another duo, this time from TeleSur, the first a persuasive contention  that Dilma Roussef’s impeachment was a coup against the Brazilian people, the second a call by a leader of the Workers Party to light a working class fire to transform Brazil’s society.

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Two thousand three hundred fifty-four years ago, more or less, an army of Macedonians under the leadership of a second ruling Phillip routed a combination of fighters from Athens and Thebes, thereby enabling Macedonian oversight for a soon-to-be expansive Alexander; a hundred twenty-two years onward from that martial juncture, in 216 BCE, another battle unfolded in the Second Punic War, in which Carthaginians under the aegis of Hannibal defeated Roman forces that consuls were leading against the North Africans; MORE HERE

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A core principle, and arguably the most critical of the five of them, that governs reading and writing and understanding and using the English language is that ‘Context Is King,’ first in the narrow sense that comprehensible writers always seed the interpretation of their texts with grammar and construction clues—simple context cues—to assist reading comprehension, and second in the broader sense that the exigencies and necessities, the conflicts and contradictions, and especially—and especially lacking in the present pass—of the world from which a narrative grows are the soil and light and air and other influential elements that ultimately determine what a story or expression means; the upshot of this tenet of mastery in English is that no students, no citizens, no actors or thinkers or creators whatsoever can, in order to take care of their own collective interests, successfully deconstruct a textual reality in such a way as to have a developed capacity to produce powerful analyses, plans, and actions from it unless they as readers have in fact grasped the uppermost import of contextual conceptualization that they must deploy in every conversation or document or other language-based access to knowledge itself.

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“Many years ago, when I was young and still believed that the world could be shaped according to our best intentions and hopes, someone gave me a book with a yellow cover that I devoured in two days with such emotion that I had to read it again a couple more times to absorb all its meaning: Open Veins of Latin America, by Eduardo Galeano.   MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAY"gabriella coleman" OR "mercedes haefer" OR "anon panda" anonymous OR hacking OR hacktivist impact OR danger OR power OR threat documentation OR research OR documentary OR investigation analysis OR explication = 15,200 Results.

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


From Vice News, an absolutely fascinating briefing, a little over twenty minutes, about the ongoing work–or from the government’s duplicitous point of view, threat—that the collective Anonymous continues to purvey in its protest and activism against corporations, governments, and the Church of Scientology, an interlude that indicates that all the prisons on the planet will not stop this resistance to profiteering and plunder and imperious imperial arrogance–a conclusion of course that fits seamlessly with a contemplation of the life and labor of Aaron Swartz, whose stance for access and human rights are better-known posthumously than during his tragically abbreviated life; moreover, an assessment that parallels precisely what any number of documentary interludes about Edward Snowden conclude, that this still-so-young whistleblower is a hero whose insights and warnings we should heed if we don’t want to end in a heated radioactive crush, a point, meanwhile, that Member of Parliament and grassroots journalist George Galloway also echoes eloquently in any number of performances as when he insists, first, on reality, honesty, and actual analysis about the existence of such vermin as the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria, and then persists with an irresistible demand that ‘Westerners’ take responsibility for the systematic fostering and creation of these Frankenstinian monsters, dire straits indeed that ought to induce a lot more hacking and defiance on the part of broader and broader swaths of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, not a lessening of disobedience when our very lives depend on ‘rocking lots of boats.’


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PBS MediaShift hosts webinar on podcasting [Worldwide]

The hourlong webinar will cover the basics of capturing and editing audio at 1 p.m. EDT on Aug. 31.


Essays should be aimed at a general readership and should be non-technical. No footnotes or citations are allowed.

Submissions should be no longer than 2,000 words.

Essays may have been published before provided you have the necessary permissions to re-publish.

Our first annual flash creative nonfiction contest is now taking submissions. Submit up to two flash creative nonfiction pieces of no more than 750 words each. If you include multiple pieces, please include them both in a single file (.doc or .docx). The deadline to submit is August 12, 2016.
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pascal maramis – flickr


The Points Guy (thepointsguy.com) is looking to hire a freelance weekend editor to write, edit and schedule content each Saturday and Sunday–and possibly after 6pm on weekdays. The editor in this position will be publishing directly to the site with minimal assistance, so knowledge of travel/points/frequent-flyer programs/credit cards is a must.

Ghostwriter & Coach Needed for Senior Executive at National Nonprofit

C-level executive at a nationally known nonprofit is looking for an ongoing relationship with a ghostwriter and/or coach to help her craft better presentations. Audiences include wealthy donors, top executives at foundations, companies, etc.


Wifi Woes

A useful Activist Post by folks who are monitoring the safety of a technology we all take for granted: “Maybe it would be important for readers to take a few minutes—I’d even say advisable—to watch and listen carefully to a video crash course in microwave energy radiation, i.e., RFs/EMFs.  By watching this video [16.11 minutes], which discusses appliances and Smart Meters, in particular, plus some of the science emerging regarding microwave energy radiation negative health effects, you can take measures to safeguard yourself, children and family members, including pets.”

WRISSRedemption of the Passive Voice

A Chronicle article that gives new view on an old grammar rule:  “In an earlier Lingua Franca post I grumbled about writing advisers who vilify the passive as if it were a dangerous drug (despite using it copiously themselves in private). Warnings against the passive have in fact been getting increasingly extreme for about a hundred years (for the evidence, see my article “Fear and Loathing of the English Passive“). So when I encounter a book that’s a bit better than the average, as I recently did, it’s only fair that I should comment. The Handbook of Good English (1982), by Edward D. Johnson, also known as The Washington Square Press Handbook of Good English, is a bit more sensible on the topic than most works addressed to the general public in the past half century.”


Hacking and Politics

A Just Security post that looks at the active role that information acquisition and access, even if gotten under ‘unlawful’ means, plays in democracy and in politics: ” At this point it is impossible to overstate how massive digital information has become a foreign policy tool and at times, a weapon. However, it is still a relatively unprecedented case of “the use of these [cyber] tools for covert political influence against the United States during a presidential general election.” The question, then, is how should the international community view these types of leaks, aimed at steering a political situation in a certain direction? Surely, such leaks could constitute a prohibited intervention by a foreign power, but as this piece demonstrates, cyberspace exacerbates certain difficulties with the norm of non-intervention.”


The Parties Divided

A New Geography article that contextualizes the deep changes that the American parties are undergoing: “The nomination of Hillary Clinton has been secured, but the future of the Democratic Party is far from certain. Despite the patina of unity at the end, the Democrats, like their GOP adversaries, seem divided as to their future direction. Each party is being pulled to the extremes by an increasingly unruly base which regards its own establishment as a cesspool of corruption, influence-peddling and naked opportunism.”


Humanitarian Massacre

A Global Research Centre post that looks at the toxic counterterrorist role of the empire in the disaster of the Middle East: “The US counterterrorism bombing campaign under “Operation Inherent Resolve” does not target terrorists. 

Quite the opposite. Both ISIS-Daesh and Al Nusra are protected by the US led coalition. 

The forbidden truth is that the counterterrorism campaign is directed against the Syrian people.

It’s a massacre of civilians “with a human face”. It’s nonetheless a criminal undertaking perpetrated at the highest levels of the US government, in coordination with America’s allies including France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.