8.01.2016 Daily Links

                  Thought of the Day                   

ten commandmentsFor the first installment of every month, a sober reflection on the current pass might repeatedly yield Ten New Commandments for us to ponder, perhaps to follow: 1. The Golden Rule Reigns Supreme.
2. All Children Receive Priority.
3. All Who Work Are Welcome.
4. All Who Work Are Equal.
5. All Who Work Have Responsibilities & Rights.
6. All Who Work Receive Benefits & Provide Support for Others.
7. All Who Work Own Everything That Labor Transforms.
8. All Who Work Are Family.
9. All Beliefs, Congruent with the Golden Rule, Are Welcome.
10. All Other Matters Are Negotiable.

                    This Day in History                  

Today is Canada’s Civic Day and Statehood Day in Colorado, as well as the earliest day on which International Friendship Day can fall, in the event coming this Sunday on the first Sunday in August, while throughout the English speaking Caribbean on this date, a tumultuous celebration of Abolition Day takes place; MORE HERE

         BREAKING NEWS RIGHT NOW          

http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/37062-courts-strike-down-voter-restriction-laws-that-target-black-people-with-surgical-precision – From Democracy Now! via TruthOut, a celebration of the obvious conclusion that the entire point of the ReDemoPubliCratiCan’s Republican wing’s electoral tactics has been the disenfranchisement of as many voters as possible, since regular people in increasingly tiny numbers will tend to vote for a Ted Cruz or his ilk, in the event worthy of a celebratory response on the basis of a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals panel that swept away the particular expression of such noisome practices in North Carolina, in its decision citing the “almost surgical precision” with which the Tarheel State’s statute had targeted counties and areas with plentiful Black voters, a story that has received ongoing coverage since the opinion issued last week, from such varied outlets as Fusion , the Washington Post , the estimable New York Times , Portside Labor , the Chief Organizer’s Blog , The Guardian , and many, many more, the sum total of which both displays the hope against hope that still inheres in a system of law and stare decisis and so on and so forth, and demonstrates the inadequacies of such hidebound and glacially paced avenues of transformation when the future of humanity, and of all the scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who are some of its members, hangs in the balance over issues that require immediate attention.
                  Quote of the Day                       
“The social world is accumulated history, and if it is not to be reduced to a discontinuous series of instantaneous mechanical equilibria between agents who are treated as interchangeable particles, one must reintroduce into it the notion of capital and with it, accumulation and all its effects.  Capital is accumulated labor (in its materialized form or its ‘incorporated,’ embodied form) which, when appropriated on a private, i.e., exclusive, basis by agents or groups of agents, enables them to appropriate social energy in the form of reified or living labor.  It is a vis insita, a force inscribed in objective or subjective structures, but it is also a lex insita, the principle underlying the immanent regularities of the social world. MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


On the surface a suspect, almost bizarre, amalgamation of ideas that the author, a masterful scholar by the name of Jay Dyer has organized around an examination of popular culture, especially the novels of Ian Fleming–whose family background in the highest levels of banking and petroleum extraction and whose own work as a psychological operations specialist with the British Navy inform his work in tangible and verifiable ways–and films that deal with space and aliens and spies, in the process of which unfurling of plot and theme the presentation makes clear the plausible thesis that links are obvious, and possibly crucial, between political governance and the cultural propagation of propaganda in service to those governing agendas, altogether an hour at once entertaining and enlivening, both provocative of seditious ideation and evocative of creative conceptualization of our lives that might otherwise be unavailable.


student writing arm


British Czech and Slovak Association

The BCSA’s 2016 writing competition is now open. Fact or fiction – both are welcome. A first prize of £300 and a second prize of £100 will be awarded to the best 1,500 to 2,000-word pieces of original writing in English on the links between Britain and the Czech/Slovak Republics (at any stage in their history), or describing society in transition in the Republics since 1989. Topics can include history, politics, the sciences, economics, the arts or literature.


Deadline August 31, 2016. Grand prize $1,000 and publication in The Writer. Limit 2,000 words. Our second-place winner will receive $500 and publication on our website, writermag.com; our third-place winner will receive $250 and publication on writermag.com as well.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Freelance Writing Position (remote) hide this posting

compensation: $12.50 – $16.50 / hr
employment type: contract
telecommuting okay

Expertise (https://www.expertise.com) is a Seattle-based company that is changing the way people connect with local professionals. We are building a product that finds and features some of the best professionals throughout the country, from lawyers to veterinarians to tutors.

Part-time standardized test and academic tutoring positions available (New Orleans) hide this posting

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st charles Ave at Gravier st

(google map)

compensation: $60/hr to start
employment type: part-time

Highly respected national tutoring group has upcoming part-time openings in our new New Orleans office for qualified tutors. High quality tutors are our companies most valuable asset.



True Community Engagement

An Atlantic look at a group of hardy, community-minded folks displaying a sane, cooperative, and financially more forgiving approach to raising families: “None of the adults feel pressured to have jobs that would pay a whole mortgage. Nagle, a Yale graduate who used to work as a paralegal, recently quit her part-time job and started managing and booking bands with her partner Martell. One of the other adults is in school, another has a small business that makes baby rattles, another is a teacher at a charter school, and another works around town doing odd jobs. Everyone knows that if they have a financial emergency, they can borrow from other community members. They look forward to the day when they pay off the mortgage (it’s in Nagle’s name), and just have to pay for taxes and upkeep. Then, they might not have to work at all. “People going the nuclear family route definitely don’t have the same quality of life,” Martell told me.”

WRISSDatabase Closing the Gender Gap

The following resource will put readers and writers in touch with a wonderful group of women writers, artists, designers, and all sorts of creative professionals: “If you are holding a conference and want to reach out to female speakers, if you just moved to a new city and want to get in touch with other colleagues, if you want to let people know about an open call, if you want to let other professionals know about a job opening…. Whatever your reason, feel free to browse below.”


Hyperlocal News

A Nieman Lab article that looks at the great advances made in delivering important news to local communities throughout a truly sustainable model: ““The calling card of the organization is that it provided all this great news for insiders. But it’s also just great news. We’re the ones at the planning commission at three in the morning, we’re the ones watching the city website for memos that are coming out on everything, you name it,” Kanin said. “We can get pretty wonky. But we want to continue to do as much of that as possible.””


On the Seductiveness of Change

An Ian Welsh posting that looks at the volatility of the elections and the presented uncertainties from the vantage viewpoint of change needing to happen: “This is the calculus behind Trump. It will be the calculus behind the next nativist populist if Trump fails or fails to deliver.  The more people there are whose lives are trash or who see themselves in inevitable decline the more people there are who are willing to take a flier on something, anything, which will upset the current way of doing things.

This is much of why Sanders, a Socialist, did so well. It is why Brexit.  It is why Jeremy Corbyn in England. It’s why so many Scots want to leave the UK, or Catalonians Spain.”


Living in the Prison State

A sobering Anti Media article that describes the large extent to which Americans lives are subject to the prison industrial complex: “Over the last several years, the United States has earned the troublesome accolade of being the most incarcerated population in the world. Nearly every fourth person behind bars globally resides in the U.S. While a new report from the Bureau of Justice, a faction of the DOJ, indicates the number of American inmates recently increased, change might be coming — however slowly. In spite of this potential, the report also details how serious the problem has been — for at least two decades.”