7.28.2016 Naked Links

Here readers will find, with brief titles to introduce them, a crop of yesterday’s most interesting and evocative articles and ideas.

CC BY by ToGa Wanderings
CC BY by ToGa Wanderings


Rothschilds’ $100,000 Per Plate Hillary Shilling

An SOP, Kind-of-Radical Memoir of the Sanders Campaign From the Get-Go
A Pair From Public Integrity About ‘Conventional’ Influence Peddling
Paul Craig Roberts on Europe as Uncle Sam’s Fiefdom
H.G. Wells’ The World Set Free, 1913 Novel of Atomic Bombs & Nuclear Power
A Half Century’s Retrospective on Minerva‘s Science & Society Ruminations
A Grassroots Energy & Economics & Entropy Overview
CC BY-SA by joelogon
CC BY-SA by joelogon

An Introduction to Hillary’s Behind-the-Scenes ‘War Planners’

A Rationally ‘Liberal’ Take on Police Violence in Historical Perspective
Radical Economic Analysis of ‘Helicopter Money’
Mediated ISIS Accounts & Stupefied Critical Faculties
A Take on Gladio & Europe & Paying Some Attention
Elite Ivy Education & Ideologies & Memories of Race
Data Out of Context = Noise
Citizen Rejection of Imperial Leadership & Its Technocratic Imprimatur
A Chilcot & Iraq Summation
humpty dumpty fictionBuilding Audience Through Serialized Fiction
Selected E-mails From the Democratic National Committee Hack & Leak
VaxXed Makers Threaten Libel Suits Against Scientistic Detractors
Jill, Off-the-Cuff & Powerful at the Democratic Convention
British Tridents & Megadeath
Omnipresent Surging Uncertainty
Musings About a Russian-Turkish ‘Super Alliance’
A Power Interlude of the Underground Press
"Church of the Saviour on the Blood at Night, St. Petersburg, Russia" by neil_barman - Flickr.com
“Church of the Saviour on the Blood at Night, St. Petersburg, Russia” by neil_barman – Flickr.com

Hillary’s Blame Game With Russia

Media’s ‘Translated,’ & ‘Translating,’ Future
An Undeniably Toxic, Not to Mention Authoritarian, 5G Agenda
An Invitation to Conjoin Podcasts & Blogs
Competing Ideologies: Solidarity & Individualism
Philippines at Crossroads & in Crosshairs in Disputes With China
Loneliness on ‘the Left’