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World Hepatitis Day today celebrates human advance against this disease; in the city of London four hundred seventy-six years back, England executed Thomas Cromwell for treason; one hundred fifteen years later, in 1655, across the English Channel, Cyrano de Bergerac lived out his final chapter; two hundred twenty-two years prior to the present pass, both Robespierre and Saint Just lost their heads in Paris; exactly a decade more along the temporal arc, in 1804, a baby boy took a first breath en route to his life as anthropologist and philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach;  MORE HERE

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world time watch clockMany are the estimates of humanity’s prospects now that foresee storm and doom rather than any sort of clement fruition, an unfortunately obvious empirical observation that ought to make us howl with hilarity or sob at the inherent tragedy of such a prevalent point of view: inasmuch as we scratch even the merest molecular surface of what logos and technos and Eros make possible—with a real knowledge of the cosmos, actual machinery and process-orientation that can fit us seamlessly into nature, and an unquenchable desire to join together for mutual benefit, in other words—we could quickly, as in overnight with the right attitudes and protocols and interactions, live richly and elegantly and ecstatically with each other, at least much of the time, and always and forever, as long as the sun burns steadily a hundred forty million kilometers away, exist in sustainable balance with the Gaia goddess of ecology and Earth that form the soil from which we grow.

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“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you…. I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense. … I cannot rest, I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me it is a stronger desire than ever.” – Beatrix Potter

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

A World of Discovery documentary about the Bikini Islands as an instance of a community’s purposeful and utter destruction to serve the agenda’s of the Modern Nuclear Project, which at the time of the Crossroads series of nuclear tests, the first of dozens that turned the atoll into a toxic radiation sink, was more or less completely under the aegis of the United States, whose policies gave the hundred sixty or so residents no choice but to relocate and accept the compensation package that ‘Uncle Sam’ proffered, till now, when despite still dangerous levels of radiation the daily dose is not regularly lethal, a demonstration of the decades and centuries of danger and death that accompany the standard operating procedures of the Nuclear Fool Cycle, a contention that a Retro Reports segment    examines in relation to the atomic veterans, and their families, who have now for sixty years suffered cancer, heart disease, genetic disorders, birth defects, and other echoes of the “ace in the hole” that Harry Truman so delighted in using against the Japanese in order to bully the Soviet Union, both of which efforts at explication of atomic itineraries appear completely congruent with a more current concatenation  of nuclear imbroglio that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation brought to light as the secret schemes of the Pangea Corporation to bring most, or even all, of the world’s nuclear waste to ancient bedrock at the edge of Australia’s vast arid interior deserts, machinations that an unknown whistleblower made public, setting off a firestorm of oppositionand therefore leaving humankind still exposed to the growing and, presently, insoluble difficulty of nuclear poisons that will remain capable of killing everyone on Earth for decades, centuries, or even millennia.nuke nuclear explosion holocaust


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Poets on the Coast

 La Conner, Washington
Event Date:
September 9, 2016
Application Deadline:
July 31, 2016
E-mail address:

The sixth annual Poets on the Coast weekend writing retreat for women will be held from September 9 to September 11 at the Country Inn in the historic river town of La Conner, Washington. The retreat offers a workshop, one-on-one mentoring, craft classes, and yoga for women poets. The faculty includes poets Kelli Russell Agodon and Susan Rich. Tuition, which does not include lodging or meals, is $395. Lodging is available at the conference hotel for $119 to $179 per night. A limited number of scholarships are available. The registration deadline is July 31. Visit the website for more information.



The Holes in Wall Collective Creative Residency Program is designed to span across many mediums and designations of creativity. We invite people across disciplines to engage with their practice and share collective space. Twenty-nine acres of woods, fields, pond, pool. Barn with studio space, worktables, rehearsal and workshop open space. Four bedroom cabin with full kitchen, living room, screened-in porch, working desks. Location New Jerusalem, Pennsylvania. Subsidized rates down to $35/night.


Art Aia- Creatives-In-Residence is a cultural center, a creative residency , located inside a farm in the Friulian countryside of Northern Italy, near the town of Sesto al Reghena in the province of Pordenone. The accommodation rental and studio fees vary according to the type of creative residency. If funding permits, an allowance for housing and materials may be available. No deadline.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Las Vegas Review-Journal : Assistant City Editor (Las Vegas-NV) – 07/08/16
URL: http://www.journalismnext.com/jobdetails.cfm?jid=9500

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is seeking an assistant city editor who is adept at serving both digital and print audiences. We’re looking for a smart leader who can plan and prioritize, quickly assess stories and edit well on the fly in a digital-first environment. We need a mature journalist who knows how to teach a rookie one minute and backstop a seasoned pro the next. The pace is fast and sometimes furious in a great news town.

WEKU – Eastern Kentucky University : Station-Based Reporter for Regional Radio Collaboration (Richmond-KY) – 07/07/16
URL: http://www.journalismnext.com/jobdetails.cfm?jid=9495

WEKU Public Radio at Eastern Kentucky University is seeking an experienced journalist with exceptional radio and multimedia skills to become part of the Ohio Valley ReSource. This regional collaboration includes our network of stations in Central and Southeastern Kentucky as well as six other partners in Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.



Cognitive Behavioral Aspects of Trump

A fascinating Evonomics post that contextualizes the reasons why Trump popularity is so mixed, but pervasive, by a writer who brings an interesting theory as to what emotional reasons people use to choose their leaders: “Half of India’s population — 600 million people — is under the age of 25 and as access to the internet improves, the overall audience will grow. A huge number of people — again, we’re talking hundreds of millions — are now connecting to the Internet on increasingly affordable smartphones, and they are demanding content that represents their lives.”

WRISSGeorge Bernard ShawShaw

A Marxist Internet Archive portal to all of the iconic playwright’s work that deals with politics and social justice: George Bernard Shaw Reference Archive


Partnering With Media in Southeast Asia

A Nieman Lab that looks at the ways that Western media can succeed in partnering with media outlets farther ashore, and the reasons why this would be attractive, if hard: “Half of India’s population — 600 million people — is under the age of 25 and as access to the internet improves, the overall audience will grow. A huge number of people — again, we’re talking hundreds of millions — are now connecting to the Internet on increasingly affordable smartphones, and they are demanding content that represents their lives.”



More Dem Election Hijinks

A Salon piece that looks at the pathetic but most likely effective red herring that the Hillary-stained Democratic party is tossing out there by throwing the Russians in for good measure: “Is this a joke? Are you kidding? Is nothing beneath your dignity? Is this how lowly you rate the intelligence of American voters? My answers to these, in order: yes, but the kind one cannot laugh at; no, we’re not kidding; no, we will do anything, and yes, we have no regard whatsoever for Americans so long as we can connive them out of their votes every four years. “



Mythology and Humanity

A Waking Times look at what it means to be human, and at what losses have occured when we collectively decided to overcome our myth mind for our modern mind: “Individual selfhood came at a great cost. In fact, it could only come about when the previous gods had faded from human consciousness. And yet from this came the emergence of self-consciousness, the focus on individual selfhood, and the possibility for self-transcendence through individual inner work. That is, to take the path back toward a cosmic, sacred communion through self-volition and individual choice. This path back to the gods (the sacred source) does not imply ‘going out’ there – to reach them in some realm beyond – but rather suggests allowing them back into the human psyche. This means receiving the sacred connection once again within the inner life/self of the human. We could phrase it as bringing the sacred impulse back down into material life – the re-sacralization of the material plane. It could be said that human destiny is to know the infinite without leaving the finite – both exist simultaneously and both are necessary.”