7.24.2017 Day in History

Today in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia is Simon Bolivar Day; in Netherlands, five hundred thirty years ago, aficionados of beer and free trade struck against a ban on imported beer and ale; three years less than half a century subsequently, in 1534, explorer Jacques Cartier claimed the Gaspe Peninsula in present-day Canada for France; three hundred sixteen years before the here and now, another Frenchman took credit for founding a trading post at Fort Pontchartrain, which became the city of Detroit; eighty-two years later, in 1783, East across the Atlantic and almost all of Europe, the Kingdom of Georgia and the Russian Empire signed the Treaty of Georgievsk; two hundred fifteen years prior to the present pass, novelist and writer Alexandre Dumas was

Robert flickr Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo - Easton Press Edition
Robert flickr Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo – Easton Press Edition

born; twenty-one years henceforth, in 1823, Chile abolished slavery; one hundred seventeen years back, Brigham Young led almost 150 Mormons into the Salt Lake Valley, on the site of today’s Salt Lake City;  ten years subsequent to that juncture, in 1857, a Danish baby boy entered our midst who would mature as the Nobel prize winning writer and storyteller Henrik Pontoppidan;  a hundred fifty-one years prior to the present,Tennessee became the first Confederate State to reenter the union under the terms of Reconstruction; not quite three decades afterward, in 1895, a baby boy was born who became British writer and critic Robert Graves; seven hundred and thirty-one days beyond that, in 1897, a baby girl came into the world whose fate was to become the tragic adventuress of aviation, Amelia Earhart was born; three years further along time’s road, in 1900, the infant female who grew up to become Zelda Fitzgerald came into the world near Birmingham, Alabama; yet another year hence, in 1901, the soon-to-be acclaimed author O.Henry completed his three years prison sentence for embezzlement; seven years precisely thereafter, in 1908, noted Salvadorean poet Vicente Acosta died on his 41st birthday;

“1 pano machu picchu guard house river 2014” by Chensiyuan

three years later still, in 1911, Hiram Bingham rediscovered the ‘lost city’ of Machu Picchu; ninety-five years ago, the Council of the League of Nations approved a draft of the British Mandate of Palestine, which came into full effect just over a year later; seven years nearer to now, in 1929, ten years before the formal outbreak of World War Two, the Kellogg-Briand multilateral treaty took effect, renouncing war as an instrument of foreign policy; eight years even more proximate to the present, in 1937, Alabama dropped rape charges against nine young Black men—the Scottsboro Boys—whom it had been trying to execute for sexual assault against two White women; sixty-seven years ahead of today’s640px-Atlas_V_551_at_Launch_Pad_41 light and air, Cape Canaveral first began operation as a center of rocketry; two years beyond that conjunction, in 1952, a male baby drew his first breath en route to a successful career as filmmaker and screenwriter Gus Van Sant;nine years later than that, in 1959, Vice-President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev participated in a ‘kitchen-debate’ at the opening of an American exhibition in Moscow;  a decade and a half closer to today, in 1974, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Richard Nixon could not retain his secret tape recordings concerning the Watergate break-in and its aftermath, no matter how dapper he appeared in the kitchen debates; twenty-six years back, Nobel literary laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer drew a final breath; twenty-two years later, in 2013, acclaimed thinker and sexologist Virginia Johnson had her last gasp.