7.21.2017 Day in History

Today in Singapore is Racial Harmony Day; unaccountably, in Ephesus, two thousand three hundred and seventy-three years back, arsonists destroyed the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; three hundred seventy-two years ahead of the current moment in time, in Qing Dynasty China, the royal regent mandated that all Han Chinese men both remove any hair that covered their foreheads and braid the rest of their locks so as to mimic Manchu comportment and fashion; exactly one year less than three centuries ahead of today’s dawning, Austrian, Venetian, and Ottoman functionaries signed the Treaty of Passarowitz, which, portentiously, placed Serbia in Austrian hands; just a year beyond a half century and a half decade subsequent to that parlay, in 1774, Russian and Ottoman

Ottoman Empire postage stamp Double M flickr
Ottoman Empire postage stamp Double M flickr

representatives ended the Russo-Turkish War with an agreement that left open the potential of Russian intervention in favor of persecuted Christians in Ottoman territory and declared Crimea an independent region; twenty-two years henceforth, in 1896, Scotland’s ‘national poet,’ Robert Burns, ‘went…astray’ one final time; two decades closer to now, in 1816, a German baby boy was born into the world who would migrate to England as Paul Reuter and open the world’s first newswire service that took his name as its moniker; a century and fifty-two years precisely prior to the present pass, ‘Wild’ Bill Hickok killed an opponent in an open gunfight in Springfield Missouri’s central square, the first recorded incident of this ‘wild West’ and contemporary U.S. pattern; eight years hence, in nearby Adair Iowa in 1873, the James-Younger gang orchestrated the first successful train robbery in history; four years subsequently, in 1877, further diego rivera work labor East in the U.S. Pittsburgh workers struck in sympathy for Maryland railroad employees whom ‘National Guard’ goons had murdered for daring to form a union, which action in Western Pennsylvania also elicited vicious retaliation from the State’s ‘protective’ forces; a hundred twenty-four years ago, a German family brought an infant boy into our midst whose fate would be to see and write about the cruelties and epiphanies of fate as Hans Falluda; half-a-decade later, in 1898, Western Virginia’s Carter clan welcomed Sara into the fold, who would mature as an iconic singer and songwriter of the Carter Family Singers; three hundred sixty-five days afterward exactly, in 1899, one male infant came along whom destiny designated to win the Nobel Prize in

"Oldmansea" by Source.
“Oldmansea” by Source.

Literature as Ernest Hemingway, while another boy took his first breath on his way to poetic and narrative acclaim as Hart Crane; three years past that juncture, in 1902, workers and technicians in the employ of Willis Carrier launched modern climate control with the first prototype of an air conditioner; North in Canada nine years still further along the temporal road, in 1911, a baby boy uttered his first cry en route to a life of criticism and insight about media as Marshall McLuhan, and David Lloyd George delivered his mansion house speech;  ninety-two years prior to the present pass, John Scopes received the verdict of his jury—that he was guilty of the crime of teaching evolution and would face a hundred dollar fine as a result; eight years beyond that conjunction, in 1933, a male child entered the world in typical fashion who would grow up to become storyteller and critic, John Gardiner; eleven years later on, in 1944, Klaus von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators against Hitler’s life faced their executioners in Germany, while a boy child was born who would grow up to champion human rights and social justice as the all-too-shortlived Senator Paul Wellstone; four years more proximate to the present pass, in 1948,another baby boy came forth, in this case bound for a life of drawing and humor as Garry Trudeau; the next year, in P24031-09a.jpg1949, the U.S. Senate ratified the North Atlantic Treaty and set the stage for much of the following six and a half decades of politics and empire; five years further down the road, in 1954, the United Nations partitioned the recently war-torn Vietnam half a world away into a communist North that had defeated their French occupiers and a neocolonial South, with many dire implications for the lives of Indochinese residents over the course of the next two decades; a year later, in 1955, Eisenhower presented his open skies plan;  an additional year later, in 1956, a baby boy shouted out for the first time on his path to a life as the mystery writer, Michael Connelly; three years more adjacent to present day wonders, in 1959, President Eisenhower commissioned the Nuclear Ship, Savannah, that has since become a floating, irradiated shell that doles out to visitors a year’s worth of radiation dosage in a day or so; three hundred sixty-five years further along time’s path, in 1960, Germany passed a controversial Volkswagen law; seven years yet closer to our moment in time, in 1967, South African Nobel Peace Prize recipient Albert Lutuli exited this sphere with an agonal gasp; three years subsequently, in 1970, Egyptian workers completed the final pieces of the Aswan High Dam puzzle on the Nile River; another further three years after that, in 1973, Israeli Mossad agents murdered a waiter in Lillehammer, Norway, whom they falsely identified as one of the killers who had afflicted Israeli athletes at Munich the year before; four years beyond that travesty, in 1977, Egypt and Libya indulged in four days of mass murder under the guise of warfare; five years ahead of today’s ticking clocks, journalist and thinker Alexander Cockburn exited the world, additional evidence, as if it were necessary, that time waits for no one.