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diversity people society facesWith just a modicum of imagination, one can imagine the scene, an epic comic premise the antics of which would highlight the cretinous craziness and willful ignorance of, apparently, most or nearly all human beings: passively watching a ‘stage’ and sipping their ‘soft-drinks’ and fumbling with their greasy concessions while they farted discretely, an ‘audience’ of a thousand or some equally round and readily recognizable number would sit, the members of which would be roughly one sixth Chinese, one sixth South Asian, one sixth African or members of that continent’s Diaspora, another sixth similarly situated Europeans, and the remaining third other Asians, indigenous peoples, and samples of the various ‘blended’ cousins who make up the balance of humanity; their attention would focus on a small clique of other cousins who would wear garishly rich attire and drip gold and jewels from their wrists and necks and anywhere else that one might conspicuously drape grandiose and gaudy displays of wealth, a ‘smart-set’ who would form sort of a panel, approximately one percent the size of the audience, or a little less, all of whose participants would conduct a fierce and relentless debate, or perhaps more of a debauched frenzy of disagreement, between a single one  of their number and all the rest, the substance of which would come down to this—the majority faction would drown out the lone proponent of logic and social justice, “We can’t possibly share in order to sustain human life, much better to induce mass collective suicide among those dolts out their and at least know that we exited on top; properly scripted, all of which could provide a healthy sort of hilarity and entertainment to serve up as the survivors of the initial blast waited for the effects of radiation and nuclear Winter to kill them off.

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SEARCHDAY"free tuition" germany OR europe OR asia OR africa OR "south america" "best practice" OR optimal OR "socially useful" OR "socially necessary" analysis OR documentation OR assessment OR investigation = 44,300

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

From 1964, in a New York City studio the day after Che Guevara’s voluminously applauded speech to the United Nations, an interview with the calm and confident, ebulliently good-humored and furiously cigar-smoking Minister for Cuban Industry in which he showed his subtle political intellect and grasp of diplomacy and nuance, his immense good will, and a rock-solid revolutionary integrity, all in all a marvelous chance to see at least a glimpse of some of the realities of history instead of relying on propaganda and horseshit as a substitute, an exercise of use for all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens that would also serve similar purposes in relation to another segment  of the long-running program, recorded five years prior in Havana and letting Fidel Castro reveal his own sense of humor, intense intelligence, and insistence on the triumph of the ‘will of the Cuban people’ in the immediate aftermath of mass-murderer Fulgencio Batista’s having absconded with himself and as much of his ill-gotten-gains as he could transport off the island to the Dominican Republic, where another U.S. dictator welcomed him.




The Maryland State Arts Council’s annual Individual Artist Award (IAA) recognizes the importance of artists and their works of excellence to the cultural vibrancy of Maryland. Each year, awards of $1,000, $3,000 or $6,000 go to Artists from across Maryland who are selected through an anonymous process by an out-of-state jury on the basis of artistic merit alone. Deadline July 22, 2016.


Next Application Deadline: October 1, 2016. Each year Millay Colony invites over 64 visual artists, writers and composers to our campus for a residency inclusive of private bedroom and studio as well as all meals. No fees are charged for these residencies. Residents are chosen anonymously by a panel of jurors. The application process is competitive and The Millay Colony accepts residents solely on the basis of artistic merit. Our admissions policy does not discriminate with regard to race, sex, sexual preference, religion, marital status, disability or nation of origin. We do not require references.

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pascal maramis – flickr



The Travel Section will not publish articles that grow out of trips paid for or in any way subsidized by an airline, hotel, tourist board or other organization with an interest, direct or indirect, in the subject of an article. We buy all rights to articles and will not purchase a piece that has been published elsewhere. The date of the trip on which an article or query is based should be given on a separate line at the top of the manuscript. A brief resume should accompany both articles and proposals. No submission should exceed 1,500 words. Backpage essays should be between 1,200 and 1,400 words.


Although the majority of OnEarth content comes from staff writers and freelancers with whom we have long-standing relationships, the print magazine and OnEarth.org will consider narrative features, groundbreaking news stories, and thoughtful opinion pieces about important environmental issues. Our publication covers the full range of the contemporary environmental landscape, including science, public health, technology, culture, business, food, and politics.


Truth of Race and Police 

A TeleSur look by an organization that cares about, reports on, and tackles the realities of police confrontations being disproportionate to a victim’s race and economic class: “Blacks and Latinos are disproportionately arrested for driving with a suspended license and failure to appear in court or pay a traffic fine. From 2013 to 2015, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department made 4,391 FTA/FTP arrests and 19,108 arrests for driving with a suspended license. African-Americans — 9.2 percent of LA’s population — made up 32.5 percent of FTA/FTP arrests and 33 percent of suspended license arrests; Latinos — 48.4 percent of the city’s population — made up 55.2 percent of FTA/FTP arrests and 52.2 percent of suspended license arrests; while whites — 26.8 percent of the population — constituted 12.3 percent of FTA/FTP arrests and 14.8 percent in suspended license arrests.”

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A Bookhaven blog post that relates the legendary meeting betweent the legendary Muhammad Ali and the great Marianne Moore: “She made a confused, pleased gesture and then had a sip of her tea. He ordered a bowl of beef soup and a phone. He announced that if she was the greatest poetess in the country, the two of them should produce something together — “I am a poet, too,” he said — a joint effort sonnet, it was to be, with each of them doing alternate lines. Miss Moore nodded vaguely. ””


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Truth, Reality, and Objectivity

An LA Progressive post that addresses the sobering reality that little of what we perceive as truth or fact seldom is – a especially important thing to consider in terms of mediation: “Imagine having a cell phone app that would give your position on a given subject with respect to True North and tell you how much of what you believe about life is yet unproven and how much is objectively grounded. If, before we could leave our homes, each of us had to nail down what we know and believe based on hard evidence as opposed to arbitrary claims, most of us would never be seen in public again. The gap between what we think we know and what we can prove is so large that just acknowledging the reality gap is troubling.”