7.17.2017 Day in History

world time watch clockEverywhere on Earth today is the World Day for International Justice; in a related development one thousand eight hundred thirty-seven years ago, a dozen residents of Scillium, a Numidian Roman province that is likely currently Tunisia, became martyrs when they die at the hands of authorities for the crime of practicing Christianity; showing the flexibility of their aims, eight hundred fourteen years in advance of now, members of the Fourth Crusade diverted their attention from the Holy Land to storm Christian Constantinople and take sides in one of Byzantium’s conspiratorial, internecine rivalries; five hundred eighty-eight years before the here and now, a seventh King Charles ascended to the French throne thanks to a successful campaign that Joan of Arc had led in his behalf; two hundred forty-one years ago, Congress learned of the war or words; two hundred twenty-seven years ahead of today’s dawn, the political economic thinker and critic Adam Smith took a final look around before departing this realm; three hundred sixty-five days later, in 1791, the recently appointed Lafayette ordered his French National Guard detachment to fire on radical Jacobins in Paris, killing plus or minus fifty unarmed people in the process; three years hence, in 1794, sixteen Carmelite practitioners, mainly nuns, sang sacred hymns as they marched up the stairs to the guillotine that took off their heads near the end of ‘the Reign of Terror;’ forty-seven years hence, in 1841, Punch or The London Charivari, a British weekly magazine of humor and satire, was founded in London; twenty-nine years still later, Wild Bill Hickok killed a soldier; eighteen years later, in 1888, a baby boy was born in Ukraine who would mature as the Israeli Nobel Literary Laureate Shmuel Yosef Agnon; a year further along the temporal path, in 1889, across the Atlantic in the U.S. a male infant entered our midst whose destiny was a career in law and narrative as Perry Mason creator Erle Stanley Gardner; and five years subsequently, in 1899, Japanese businesses participated in incorporating NEC as the first joint venture with outside capital; eighteen years later, in 1917, fighting in the streets of Petrograd, Russia, led the way for future revolutionary acts;  ninety-nine years back, in a bloody hail of bullets, Bolshevik operatives executed many members of the extended family of Russia’s royal clan, the Romanovs;  fourteen years after that bloodbath, in 1932, Communist and Nazi operatives battled n the streets of Germany prior to Hitler’s ‘election’; four years further on, in 1936, toward the Western end of Europe, fascist Spanish militarists rebelled against the Republican government and initiated the civil war on the Iberian Peninsula; eight years beyond that point in time, in 1944, the United States first deployed napalm in bombing runs in France, and hundreds of war workers died in massive 640px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-H27035,_Potsdamer_Konferenz,_Churchill,_Truman,_Stalinexplosions at Port Chicago near Oakland, California; a year later, in 1945, the ‘Big Three’ leaders , Truman, Stalin, and Churchill, met at Potsdam, Germany, to ‘order’ the future of Europe and elliptically threaten the Soviets with the newly confirmed power of atomic weapons; a decade further along life’s path, in 1955,  seven thousand miles away in Southern California, Walt Disney opened his first paean to consumerist fantasies at Disneyland; four years still more proximate to the present day, in 1959,  iconic singer and songwriter and promoter of social equality Billie Holiday breathed her last;three years subsequent to that conjunction, in 1962,  the United States conducted its last atmospheric nuclear weapons test in Nevada; five years hence, in 1967, Jimi Hendrix dropped out of the Monkees’ opening act lineup; a year exactly later, in 1968, seven thousand miles southwest in Iraq, Ba’athist rebels first took charge of the government there; in another anti colonial development eleven years further along, in 1979,  Sandinista rebels drove Anastacio Somosa from power in Nicaragua to a temporary refuge in his second home in Miami; half a dozen years still nearer to now, from now, in 1985, Northeast back across the Atlantic in Europe, France and Germany inaugurated the formation of the ‘neoliberal’ market-driven EUREKA network to improve European competitiveness; eleven years afterward, in 1996, Portugal and its former colonies established a network of Portuguese speaking nations; seven hundred and thirty days later on, in 1998, the International Criminal Court established worldwide jurisdiction to try  genocide and other crimes against humanity;  eight years to the day henceforth, in 2006, Mickey Spillane, the popular spinner of mystery yarns, had his last day on Earth; eight years still closer to the current moment, in 2014, thus-far unapprehended killers shot a Malaysian Airlines flight out of the sky over Eastern Ukraine.