7.15.2016 Day in History

Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, Piacenza 1691–1765 Rome) - Ancient Rome
Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, Piacenza 1691–1765 Rome) – Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, pre-republic and pre-empire, two and a half millenia ago, holy rites dedicated the wolf-raised children’s Temple of Castor and Pollux; a hundred twenty-six decades farther along the temporal arc, in 756, in the ongoing An Lushan insurgency against the Tang Dynasty’s center-of-civilization upheaval, the rebels murdered multiple members of the family of the emperor, who acceded to the demands of military advisers to order the execution, or ‘suicide’, of his top adviser; nine hundred and seventeen years prior to the present pass,Christian crusaders culminated the initial European imperial project with the climax of the Siege of Jerusalem and seizure of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; half a century subsequently, in 1149, the initial European imperial project temporarily consolidated its presence in the Levant with the dedication of the same reconstructed church; two years less than six decades closer to now, in 1207, England’s troubles with the Catholic church first reached crisis dimensions with King John’s expulsion of the monks of Canterbury, who supported the Pope’s favorite, the archbishop there; six hundred thirty-five years ahead of today, rebel John Ball paid the ultimate price for his role in leading the English peasants’ rebellion when King Richard II oversaw his execution by hanging, drawing, and quartering; just shy of three decades onward in time, in 1410, the combination of Poland’s and Lithuania’s ruling classes and their attendant armies delivered a crushing defeat to the League of the Teutonic Knights; seventy-two years thereafter, in 1482, the final Nasrid Islamic ruler of Southern Spain assumed his mantle for a final decade of the Granadian caliphate; a century and a couple of dozen years past that, in 1606, the baby boy opened his eyes who would rise as the magnificent, if troubled, genius of representation and painting Rembrandt; two and three quarter centuries back, a capable Russian explorer first sighted, and claimed for the Russian Empire, the lands that are now part of Southeastern Alaska; forty-eight years hence, in 1789, in a further unfolding of the evolution of the modern age, Gilbert du Motier in some senses betrayed his class as the Marquis de Lafayette in assuming revolutionary command of Paris and then the National Guard;a decade after that point in time, in 1799, a representative of the Napoleonic imperial project in Egypt discovered what people would term the Rosetta Stone, which provided a key to understanding hieroglyphic Egyptian; seven years henceforth, in 1806, across the Atlantic and a fair proportion of the North American continent, Zebulon Pike embarked on his exploratory survey of the planes and mountains of the U.S.’s recent acquisition of territory from France; two years beyond a quarter century beyond that passage, in 1834, Spain officially ended three and a half centuries of murderous ‘inquisitive’ intrusion and nonsense; a thousand four hundred and sixty-one days afterward, in 1838, back in North America, Ralph Waldo Emerson delivered a Harvard Divinity School commencement address that would have landed him deep trouble with the Inquisition and caused shock and outrage among Protestants when he basically said that Jesus was just a man; another ten years further along, in 1848 a male infant came to the French-Italian Pareto family who would grow up as the acclaimed bourgeois economist Vilfredo Pareto; an additional decade still later on time’s arc, in 1858, a baby girl was born whose destiny was to work as the suffrage and women’s rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst; twenty-two years more proximate to the present pass, in 1870, revanchist Georgia became the final member of the Confederacy to ‘reconstruct’ itself into the Union; a hundred twenty-seven years back, a volcano in Japan’s Fukushima

"Fukushima I by Digital Globe" by Digital Globe - Earthquake and Tsunami damage-Dai Ichi Power Plant, Japan.
“Fukushima I by Digital Globe” by Digital Globe – Earthquake and Tsunami damage-Dai Ichi Power Plant, Japan.

Prefecture erupted, killing hundreds and causing what should have been concern among future nuclear planners; four years subsequently, in 1892, a male child entered the world in the usual way in Germany whose fate was to develop philosophical and social scientific radical acumen as Walter Benjamin; a dozen years to the day later, in 1904, the iconic Russian playwright Anton Chekhov acted out his final scene, only forty-four years old; a hundred five years back, in Germany, the 1910 edition of Clinical Psychiatry first described a specific mental degenerative condition as Alzheimer’s disease; six years hence, in 1916, and seven thousand miles or so West, the Pacific Aero Products Corporation came into existence, soon enough to assume the name of one of its founders, Boeing; another year more in today’s general direction, in 1917, upwards of fifty thousand lumberjacks struck for an eight hour day, and a male baby opened his eyes in England who would rise as the esteemed establishment chronicler and thinker, Robert Service; seven hundred thirty days even closer to this moment in time, in 1919, an Irish-English household welcomed an infant girl who would mature as the social radical thinker and writer, Iris Murdoch; another three years after that conjunction, in 1922, half a world away in Japan, radicals on that island realm formed themselves into the Japanese Communist Party; five years onward, in 1927, in more inchoate radical developments back in Europe, Vienna’s police fired into a large crowd that protested fascist murderers’ having received acquittals for killings earlier in the year, an incident that claimed the lives of more than eighty demonstrators and resulted in five police deaths as well; three years thereafter, in 1930, a baby boy was born in nearby France who would grow up as the famed thinker of deconstruction, Jacques Derrida; three hundred sixty-five days nearer to now, in 1931, across the Atlantic, a male infant uttered a first cry en route to a life as Clive Cussler, a composer of muscle bound imperial thrillers, and the organizer of the Share Croppers Union, Robert Gray, faced fascist assassins in Cap Hill, Alabama; a decade and a half after that moment, in 1946, a baby girl gave a first cry whose life would unfold as the crooner and songwriter, Linda Ronstadt; a single year further forward in time, in 1947, a female child was born who would move from her passion for music to theguitar music art performance life of a scribe and storyteller, achieving acclaim as a translator, progenitor of Flash Fiction, and more; two years later still, in 1949, an infant boy entered our midst who would develop as a writer of fiction and teacher of literature, Richard Russo; three hundred sixty-five days subsequent to that ‘entry,’ in 1950,a baby girl was born to modest means who would learn the twin lessons of the ease of loving rich men and the facility with which clever mediation could mislead people as she rose to the life’s work of Arianna Huffington; another three years beyond that juncture, in 1953 in Haiti, a little male child took a breath whose fate was to become the priestly leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide; just seven hundred thirty days after that, in 1955, almost ten years past the ‘experimental’ annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, eighteen Nobel Prize winning scientists and thinkers signed the Mainau Declaration, calling for the elimination of all nuclear weapons;four years beyond the passing of that day, in 1959, company owners and the U.S. Government responded to a massive steel strike by

importing large quantities of iron products into the United States for the first time, crushing the United Steelworkers of America’s attempt to carve out a role for proletarians in the disposition of the production process; a dozen years yet nearer to now, in 1971, revolutionary cadre in Japan formed that country’s Red Army, and, in an apparent paradox, Richard Nixon announced his intention to visit and seek to ‘normalize’ relations with ‘Communist China;’ four years henceforth, in 1975, a historic cooperative venture in space joined astronauts and cosmonauts of Russia’s Soyuz and America’s Saturn Programs; another period of four years onward through space, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter spoke to his ‘fellow Americans’ about the sense of enervation and ennui that were afflicting this land of ‘go-getters’ with the “malaise” that he never actually used in his remarks;still one more fourteen hundred sixty-one days on time’s march to the here and now, in 1983, a foretaste of current French carnage occurred when Armenian militants launched a terror attack on Paris’ Orly airport that killed eight people and left scores injured; not quite two decades still later, in 2002, in Pakistan, the country’s Anti-Terrorism Court sentenced to death one of the killers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, handing down long prison sentences against additional conspirators; a year more along the temporal road, in 2003,AOL Time-Warner simultaneously dissolved the Netscape presence on the Internet and allowed the formation of the Mozilla Foundation, and, several thousand miles South in Chile, the renowned and powerful author Roberto Bolano died; after three more years had passed, in 2006, the social media powerhouse Twitter first took wing.