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A typically incisive breakdown of breaking news from Information Clearinghouse, via Moon of Alabama, regarding recent mayhem and bloodshed and “amateurish” rebellion, a huge benefit of which is a string ofTweets from on-the-ground reporters, a service to humble readers that the denizen of MoA augments in his site’s updated post , one upshot of which for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens is the recognition that the most likely sources of the action against Erdogan might indeed be Islamic followers of Fetullah Gullen, Kemalist secularists in the military’s officer ranks, and of course, the estimable ‘wannabe Sultan’ himself, but thus far evidence of whose operation this truly was are not accessible in the public sphere, though the outcome will indubitably entail increased concentration of power around Erdogan and amplified repression against all others.

                    This Day in History                  

In ancient Rome, pre-republic and pre-empire, two and a half millenia ago, holy rites dedicated the wolf-raised children’s Temple of Castor and Pollux; a hundred twenty-six decades farther along the temporal arc, in 756, in the ongoing An Lushan insurgency against the Tang Dynasty’s center-of-civilization upheaval, the rebels murdered multiple members of the family of the emperor, who acceded to the demands of military advisers to order the execution, or ‘suicide’, of his top adviser; nine hundred and seventeen years prior to the present pass,Christian crusaders culminated the initial European imperial project with the climax of the Siege of Jerusalem and seizure of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

Either culture is a common right that operates of, by, and for the people, or it will be an upper-crust and petty-bourgeois sinecure that permits only the pointless promotion of ‘entertaining’ nonsense while the most precious necessities of knowledge and wisdom disappear behind higher and higher ‘paywalls,’ an inescapable process that serves monopolists’ desires, as real creativity and productivity declines to the vanishing point, for more widespread and ever higher rent extraction from the falsely labeled ‘intellectual properties’ that plutocrats sanctimoniously claim as theirs alone to promote and control.

                  Quote of the Day                       
“We, the undersigned, are scientists of different countries, different creeds, different political persuasions.  Outwardly, we are bound together only by the Nobel Prize, which we have been favored to receive.  With pleasure we have devoted our lives to the service of science.  It is, we believe, a path to a happier life for people. MORE HERE

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http://www.spyculture.com/writer-no-hands-tom-secker-pearse-redmond-opperman-report/ –  Another must-listen two-hour session with the Anglo-American mavens of the Spy Culture project, who freely acknowledge that they are indulging in speculation about The Writer With No Hands, a choice that they fully justify as they pull circumstantial facts from both the googlesphere and their own substantial investigative networks to present a credible case that, once again, police state imprimatur and intelligence ‘oversight’ have thoroughly interpenetrated monopoly media, to the point that any semblance of objectivity or critical distance has disappeared entirely from establishment outlets of every type and brand.


student writing arm


Granada, Spain
Event Date: July 28, 2016
Application Deadline: March 15, 2016

The 2016 Cambridge Writers’ Workshop Summer in Granada, Andalucía Writing Retreat will be held from July 28 to August 5 at the Hotel Guadalupe in Granada, Spain. The retreat features workshops, craft seminars, and time to write for poets, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers.


PEN America

Curatorial Director of PEN World Voices Festival

PEN America stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect open expression in the United States and globally. We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world. Our mission is to unite writers and their allies to celebrate creative expression and defend the liberties that make it possible. Founded in 1922, PEN America is a rapidly growing organization with more than 4,300 members and a wide range of literary and free expression programming.

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compensation: DOQ
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Production Automation Corporation (PAC) is a distributor of products and services for the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries. We are looking for a full-time technical copywriter to work out of our Eden Prairie, MN office to help create original content for our ecommerce website.
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pascal maramis – flickr


3. Southwest Fly Fishing is a regional fly fishing magazine for the Southwest, including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah, and occasionally Mexico and Southern Wyoming. They pay $300 to $500 for features. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

4. Eastern Fly Fishing publishes articles about fly fishing destinations in the Eastern half of North America, “from the Midwest to the Northeast to the Deep South, including the Caribbean and the eastern half of Canada.” They have a strong focus on photography. They pa $300 to $500 for features. To learn more, read theirsubmission guidelines


Feminist Mystic

An Atlas Obscura post that introduces readers interested in the intersection of spirituality and social justice to a very early-on liberated religious figure who not only managed to maintain autonomy all her life but who also fought the patriarchy and the Church’s backward values: “Recently, groups of progressive nuns have become increasingly vocal in their opposition to the patriarchy and regressive social views of the Catholic Church. However, few have ever openly dressed down their church elders, or called a world leader a “juvenile fool.” This honor is held by Hildegard of Bingen, the brash and brilliant medieval abbess, author, herbalist, composer, prophetess and visionary who ruled her own monastery of Rupertsberg, high on a hill in rural Germany.”

Bleak Robotic Future

A KERA podcast brought by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists whose guest speaker, a notable professor, exposes listeners to the frightening prospect of killer robots: “As artificial intelligence becomes more refined, autonomous weapons systems could soon become a reality. This hour on Think, in light of recent advances in autonomous robot technology, we’ll talk about the ethics of reducing human involvement in war – and whether we should preemptively ban these machines. Our guest is Michael C. Horowitz, associate professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania. His essay “Ban Killer Robots? How About Defining Them First” appears in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.”


WRISSLanguage Acquisition

A New Yorker piece that looks at the joys and challenges of language acquisition: “I had read books that weren’t books, and I had read them using everything but my eyes. From that invisible “reading,” I had pressed my world onto paper. As such, I was a fraud in a field of language, which is to say, I was a writer. I have plagiarized my life to give you the best of me.”


Western Propaganda Role in War

A Consortium News piece that looks at the role the media plays in keeping Russia’ s image as The Enemy so as to further along the dangerous cause of  imperial overreaching: “Are NATO and the U.S. preparing for war? The public should be asking hard questions to our political and military leaders as they waste our tax dollars and risk global conflagration. And, enough of the nonsense about Russian “aggression” when the evidence indicates it’s the U.S. and its allies that are destabilizing other countries, escalating a new arms race and promoting conflict instead of diplomacy.”


Colonial Puerto Rico

A New York Times Op Ed piece that exploses the bleak prospects and outraged disappointment that this purportedly ‘free associated state’ now must contend with due to recent legislation: “Dissenters advocating statehood warned that “self-government” was a mirage without a vote in Congress, or for president. Still, Congress never showed interest in accepting a bicultural Hispanic state that had more workers than jobs.

There were occasional nationalist uprisings. But Puerto Ricans have never been good at rebellion. Instead, we jabbered away about our politics. And every few years we replayed the same referendum: Statehood? Independence? Stay autonomous?”



Felines and Divorces

A droll and fascinating look from Atlas Obscura which sheds light on the converging nature of marriage, divorce, gender roles, and feline domestication, and the ways that these phenomena intersect: “Unfortunately for cats and their passionate owners, the furry pets were sometimes blamed for the breakdown of marriages, even by pairs who had likely weathered tensions for years. In 1913, the Los Angeles Herald reported that a man from Milwaukee asked for a divorce after his wife Tillie threw a growler of beer at his head—for the misdeed of stepping on a cat’s tail.”