7.12.2017 Daily Links

  A Thought for the Day   

Considering things fully, I am drawn to those who seek the truth but flee, basically in terror, either from anyone who insists that he has delved its utter essence, or from everybody who maintains that her point of view is the only defensible one: such arrogant certainty about intricate complexities that are dynamic and ever-changing must always be wrong inasmuch as total accuracy about All-That-Is can only ever happen if the erstwhile accurate purveyor has a one-to-one identity with the entire cosmos under consideration, not only an obvious impossibility but also a fatuous absurdity the sole operative purpose of which seeks to maximize the reach and lucre and imprimatur of those in command and claiming a monopoly on accurate assessments of the real in the first place.

  Quote of the Day  

No Man is wise at all Times, or is without his blind Side.

 This Day in History  

In what is now Northern Israel eight centuries and twenty-six years ago, the European fighters of the Third Crusade, the so-called ‘Leaders’ Crusade’ to reconquer Jerusalem and more, accepted the surrender of Saladin’s troops at the city of Acre; just shy of twenty-eight decades forward in time, in 1470, another instance of Mediterranean butchery, warfare that appeared religious but always boiled down to power and plunder, unfolded as Ottoman forces captured the island of Euboea off of Greece, from which they administered much of their control of Greece for the next three hundred sixty years;  MORE HERE

     Doc of the Day    

1. Erasmus, 1533.
2. Pablo Neruda, 1971.
3. Buckminster Fuller, 1975.

4. Malala Yousafzai, 2014.

Numero Uno“It is both than elegant proverb, and among all others, by the writings of many excellent authors, full often and solemnly used, Dulce bellum inexpertis, that is to say, War is sweet to them that know it not.  There be some things among mortal men’s businesses, in the which how great danger and hurt there is, a man cannot perceive till he make a proof.  The love and friendship of a great man is sweet to them that be not expert: he that hath had thereof experience, is afraid.  It seemeth to be a gay and a glorious thing, to strut up and down among the nobles of the court, and to be occupied in the king’s business; but old men, to whom that thing by long experience is well known, do gladly abstain themselves from such felicity.  It seemeth a pleasant thing to be in love with a young damsel; but that is unto them that have not yet perceived how much grief and bitterness is in such love.  So after this manner of fashion, this proverb may be applied to every business that is adjoined with great peril and with many evils: the which no man will take on hand, but he that is young and wanteth experience of things. MORE HERE

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  Nearly Naked Links  

Arundhati Roy – https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/outside-language-and-power-the-mastery-of-arundhati-roys-the-ministry-of-utmost-happiness/

Catastrophizing Future – https://aeon.co/essays/why-do-we-assume-the-future-will-be-short-blame-the-bible

Israel PR Campaign – http://mondoweiss.net/2017/06/campaign-americans-favorable/


 Interesting People Places Things of Note 

Rednecks Ready for Revolt

A Shadow Proof look at a resurgent and exciting movement: “Redneck Revolt recruits predominantly poor and working class white people away from reactionary politics. The organization advances an analysis of their class condition and white supremacy’s role in upholding the wealth and privilege of a small, white elite.”

 Writers Tools Issues 

The Benefits of Journalism

A Thrive Global article that shows readers and writers why a thriving journaling or diary habit can help a scribe’s creativity and skill grow: “But you don’t have to be creative, scientist or an innovator for this practice to be worthwhile.

Journaling helps you prioritize, clarify thinking, and accomplish your most important tasks, over urgent busy work.

Thinking in writing has this magical quality of clarifying your thoughts.”

 General Media & ‘Intellectual Property’ Issues 

Non-Profit & Commercial News Partnerships

An American Press Institute look at how new media partnerships between commercial and non profit entities work: “In the last decade, nonprofit news organizations have emerged with a model that depends on creative partnerships. At the same time, most commercial newsrooms have seen deep cuts to staffing and resources, leaving them in search of ways to sustain the quality and depth of their journalism.

These forces are pushing many commercial news organizations to be less concerned with competition and more open to collaboration. Increasingly, they are embracing partnerships so they can access nonprofits’ expertise and do great journalism that would be difficult, if not impossible, otherwise.”

 Recent Events 

Eternal War Is Increasingly UNreal

A Tom Dispatch post that looks at the mysterious and unreal quality that war has to folks in this country who are shielded from its ravages by design: “I’ve been teaching college students for over a decade. I now face students who have lived their entire conscious lives in a country we are told is “at war.” …  Theirs, then, is the strangest of “wars,” one without sacrifice. It lacks the ration books, the blackouts, the shortages my parents’ generation experienced during World War II. It lacks the fear that an enemy army will land on our coasts or descend from our skies. None of us fears that war will take away our food, electricity, water, or most precious of all, our Wi-Fi. For us, if we think about them at all, that set of distant conflicts is only an endless make-believe war, one that might as well be taking place on another planet in another universe.”

 General Past & Present Issues 

General Unified Theory of Everything

A fascinating Atlantic look at a fascinating essay that helps explain the evolutioanry basis for all things: “In “The Energy Expansions of Evolution,” an extraordinary new essay in Nature Ecology and Evolution, Olivia Judson sets out a theory of successive energy revolutions that purports to explain how our planet came to have such a diversity of environments that support such a rich array of life, from the cyanobacteria to daisies to humans.”